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  1.  Ridiculously Underrated!


    I played my way through the Flatout series as and when they were released and although I personally think Flatout 2 was the peak this game is essentially just Flatout 2...but with better graphics! I've recently been reminded of this great series as "Flatout 3" has recently been released, but wait! It's by a different developer and is absolutely nothing like the Flatout I know and love...in fact it's pretty bad. For a fiver you will not regret buying this, trust me!

    P.S. It's a relatively hard game which is a nice change to some of the easy mode crap that's out at the moment.
    Also, if you like this you should look at Split Second which is another hugely underrated game and is immense fun multiplayer with friends.

  2.  Man up


    I've had this headset for approximately 6 months now and I have not had a single problem with build quality or anything else for that matter! I tend to treat my stuff quite well so maybe that's why I've not had a problem. The comments about the cable being very thin are totally fair and the connections are the average cheapo type.
    However treat it well and it's an excellent headset. In my opinion, and in comparison to the PC131 Seinheisser headset I had before the audio quality is very good and the microphone seems decent enough. Comfort is better than the PC131 but you still get that weird ear-hurting feeling after a couple of hours.

    Bottom line: *Excellent* headset for the price, given 4-stars as build quality could be better but otherwise they're great!

  3.  Better than the competition..AND cheaper


    I can't see how anyone can complain about this product, it isn't bullet-proof but it is as hardy as any other normal flash drive. That is, of course, not inclusive of the ones that are marketed as being ultra-durable etc. I had to sigh when I saw people moaning that it only gives 14.9GB of space...please check up on what a "byte" is and why 1x10^9 of them is technically a "Giga" of them, but your computer uses the binary definition, i.e. 1024 bytes = 1MB etc

    Anyway, this product rocks! Worth every penny :)

    P.S. Also, if you wish to use it on PS3s, dvd players etc they usually only accept the FAT32 file system that the stick comes formatted in. However the file size limit is then 4GB. NTFS frees up the file size restriction but loses the compatibility with random devices

  4.  Best package ever?


    As anyone who has ever played this game will know, it is quite simply the best FPS ever. As if that wasn't enough but you get Counter-Strike: Source thrown in as well! Worth every single penny