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  1.  I really great psp title


    Although there have been psp games with better graphics etc, this is still one of my favorites. It didn't take long to get into and I was really enjoying myself from the start. It has a lot of really good points such as the sound and gameplay but the thing that I enjoyed most was the story: once I started playing I really couldn't stop because of it. It includes many interesting and unique characters which are developed in the game and a lot of great twists throughout the story. Another thing that I really liked about the game was that it flowed well: I never felt the need for grinding and there were no points that took annoyingly long to get past. Despite this I still didn't find it too easy to get through, there were a lot of parts where I had to think about the next stage in the game. Overall I am really glad I got this game and it deserves 5 stars!

  2.  I was expecting a lot more.


    Overall, i didn't particularly enjoy this game. I felt that the gameplay was fairly repetitive and because of this I didn't find the game very rewarding. I wasn't impressed by the music or graphics and there wasn't really anything that made me want to play the game. One thing that I did enjoy was the multiplayer mode. I played with friends and online and found both modes fun. One thing in particular that I liked about it was the variety of levels that I could play on. If you are looking for a doom-ish shooter then it could be the game for you but I didn't enjoy it.

  3.  This game is amazing!


    The first thing that impressed me about this game was the graphics and sounds: they are stunning! I felt that, at first, the gameplay was quite slow. However, after playing it for a few days it started to kick off as an excellent game. I feel that this game takes a lot of skill to play, it isn't easy to pick up and there are a few parts which are easy to get stuck on but but by carrying on with it i felt very rewarded by it. I have now clocked over 100 hours of gameplay and i still feel like there is a lot more to achieve. This is the best game i have played for the psp and at £10 anyone would be mad not to buy it!

  4.  Well worth the money


    I got this game about the week ago and i haven't been able to put it down since. I would compare it to Pokemon because of the turn-based combat and the general RPG-ness. However, it is far more complex in the ways you fight, obtain new monsters and employ strategy. Other good points include the intuitive controls, good graphics and some nice music. I would give this 5 stars even if it was £30 so at 10 this is an awesome game to get!