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  1.  Fantastic


    I'd actually not heard of Natty before this summer but he performed at my summer ball and I was blown away. This realy is a fantastic, chilled album, perfect for the summer and in general to relax to. "July" and "Bedroom Eyes" are my personal favourites but the album is a completely wonderful experience.

  2.  Good Collection


    This is one of the best compilation albums that has been released in a long time, in my opinion. With modern favourites and older classics, there's true diversity and some wonderful tracks. Easy to listen to whilst working or relaxing, but equally as good to walk to.ect. A must buy.

  3.  Brilliant Effects


    Granted, this movie looks spectacular, especially in Hi-def but the plot and characters are quite weak in comparison. The film itself feels longer than it needs to be but the special effects make it worth watching. It's very similar to "The Day After Tomorrow" but the story is not quite as entertaining. I have to admit that I was amazed by several scenes involving planes, limos and very familiar looking landmarks. This film is horrific but at the same time amazing visually.

  4.  Lovely


    I absolutely adore this; not just heated but as a teddy itself. The scent is lavender and not over-powering and the fur is really soft and cuddly. Not only have I bought myself one but also my Mum has one and she is just as pleased with it. The teddy looks a bit like a spaniel, which was another reason why I ordered it. Makes a lovely gift or just a teat for yourself.

  5.  Disappointed


    I was slightly disappointed by this film. The Devil Wears Prada is one of my favourite movies of its year and so I was excited when this new film came out. It's not even half as good and just feels far too long for the weak plot. From the advertising I thought this story was going to be about the weddings and the dresses and the stories but they had very little to do with it. I also found that Katherine Heigl's acting was actual quite unbelievable and at times, just irritating. It's not a dreadful film, it has it's funny moments, mostly at the beginning but I wouldn't rush out and buy it.

  6.  Kid's Will Enjoy


    For kids, this film will never fail to make them smile. Let's face it, it's all about farting and if anyone could ever overuse the joke, this film could certainly be a contender. It's a sweet little story, with two best friends (one very smart, one stupid, both bullied) being split up and losing the comfort they had. With Rupert Grint starring and looking rather young, he makes a wonderful performance out of a very odd character. Also, look out for Keira Knightly, who has a very very small part in this film.

  7.  Irritating


    This is not a brilliant film and at times I actually found it rather irritating. It's not unwatchable but I do feel that it's more orientated towards children but I think even they might get bored in parts. There's very little plot and the treatment towards the rat would make any rat owner/fan cringe! I found some of the characters highly annoying; the kind that you just want to be quiet or slap with a wet fish...it has the odd funny moment, and by odd, I mean literally. This is a weird film that you can't take seriously. Reminds me of Thunderpants (Rupert Grint) a bit.

  8.  Bad Times


    "Oh dear," is what comes to mind when watching this film, especially as a Hugh Grant film. It's very poor, to be honest. There's very little plot, the acting isn't top-notch and 'cheese' doesn't even cater for some of the scenes in this film. I might be being slightly harsh. The plot revolves around a karaoke singer who gets to take part in the hit reality TV show, American Dreamz (let's face it, anything with a Z on the end has already lost about a third of an audience) and uses her boyfriend (an army veteran) to try and win the audience's attention. It's slow and poor quality, although I've got a feeling if I was a fan of programmes such as 'Britain/America's Got Talent,' .ect, I'd have enjoyed it more. I just personally found it a bit annoying.

  9.  Good


    There's just something so classic about this film. It's a good romantic comedy, with a brilliant cast and feel-good plot. It touches on just about every human emotion but in a clever and not over-the-top way. It's quite similar to "Love Actually" in some ways and just doesn't seem to have dated. Despite the title, this film never fails to cheer me up and is worth watching.

  10.  Poor Sequel


    The first Prince and Me film is considerably better than the second, which is why I'm only giving this box set an average three stars. The second movie uses a new female lead, which completely contradicts the nature of the character that was built up in the first movie. The story in itself isn't terrible but the change of cast ruined it somewhat; the actress just wasn't right for the role. The original Prince and Me is a wonderfully sweet film, good-natured and well acted. The first film is four starred. The second only gets two.