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  1.  AMAZING..


    Top notch Blu ray player
    Picture and sound are both superb.
    7.1 Analogue output (the main reason I purchased it)
    Tested it with Iron Man, Monsters Inc and Dark Knight and I was litterally blown away by the picture and sound of this player, my previous Blu player was a Samsung BD P1500, And I thought the picture and sound on that was good, But this blows it out of the water.

    My only only gripe.. Its that I purchased it for 149.99 (2 days before the code to purchase it for 99 pounds appeared).

    Can't really say much else about the player other than its simply amazing. Even at 149.99 this player is an absolute bargain. So if you are looking for a new Blu player, you'd be hard pushed to find one this cheap (even at 149.99) with this sort of performance.
    Even using the analogue outs you can hear so much more detail, So if you have an older home cinema amp that doesn't have HDMI audio, but does have 5.1,6.1 or 7.1 analogue inputs then this Blu player is right up your street.

  2.  Superb product


    For the price, these are absolutely amazing, as AmbientSpark has also said, I've had numerous pc speakers, but none have had as much power as these beauties. For 17.99 (at the time of writing this) these are an absolute steal.

    If you need speakers for your desktop/laptop or even mp3 player, you'd be nuts to miss out on these.

  3.  Happy as can be..


    This is worth every single penny.

    2GB on one stick (in answer to the question below me), I'm using it in conjunction with my 1GB and the results are truly phenomenal.

    I can now use nero, play music and use a few other other applications all at once and it doesn't slow the pc down one bit..

    Now my computer is running Vista the way it should be with no slowdown whatsoever...

  4.  Funniest thing on tv BAR NONE


    If you have even the slightest sense of humor, then this will be the best 11.99 you'll spend on a dvd for quite some time.

    Loads of quality one liners (can't really say any as majority of em contain foul language).
    Those of you that don't like this series need to seriously get a sense of humor.

    Just a shame they only made 6 episodes.

    Now.....i'm off to look at the clunge mags

  5.  Whats not to like


    Its about time us blokes got something on here for our personal use.

    Well made and comes in box that say maybe an expensive watch would come in (when i bought this for my brother at xmas, his face was a kodak moment).

    And for a fiver as well. Bargain or what!

  6.  Not to everyones taste.


    But I liked it, Not as polished as say Forza or PGR, but its a good game to play if your bored and fancy some racing in a pimped up tuner car.

    Loads of cars to choose from and loadsa parts to unlock and "tune" them up with.
    Then take it to the streets and race to your hearts content.
    Plenty to do in single player (I think theres something like over 300 races all in all), but the online side is pretty non existent, shame really.

  7.  An absolute corker of a game.


    Yet another one of those games that sooo many people have let slip. highly original idea (ok, so its a FPS, but there is soo much more to it).

    Game starts off quite slow, but once it gets going (i.e. some decent darkness powers), you'll be hard pushed to put it down.

    And for 17.99 as well, are you people crazy, you need to buy this NOW (unless you already have it of course), you'll have not played anything like it (I know i haven't and i have played a "lot" of video games).

    Can't praise this game high enough on how good it is.

  8.  Good game.


    I rented this a few weeks ago and was quite surprised how good it was.

    Although the multiplayer online is pretty non existent, that didn't stop me having a blast on the single player campaign.
    Ok so its not up to the standard of say Ghost Recon Or rainbow 6, but for a penny less than ten quid. I think your getting a bargain. Grab it while you can.

  9.  Glad it came out on 360


    From the makers that brought you GTA comes a game of..blah blah (you know what its about).

    Amazing game that kept me busy for quite a few days and prior to 100% completion never glitched on me once (and that was before the live update to fix the problems).
    Sooooo much to do with the missions, lessons and pranks.
    There's also some truly laugh out loud moments as well (I can't get enough of throwing marbles into the path of anyone chasing you)

    If you love GTA/Saints Row type games then this is the one for you (the only real major difference is that you can't fly or steal cars, but then again, GTA never had a skateboard).

    Worth every penny of the 29.99 it is on here (I paid a tenner more on the high street, and I still think it was worth it)

  10.  Lets do it all again.


    If you loved the first one (on original Xbox) and Lego Star Wars II: The original trilogy. then you'll love this collaboration of the 2 games.
    Although the games themselves are easy (you'll more than likely complete all 6 episodes in a day), But if your going for the achievements then they are gonna take a while so you are getting more than your moneys worth.

    Even though I Finished the previous 2 games on there singular format, I couldn't wait to get my mitts on this.

    If you love Star Wars, then you'd do no wrong in purchasing this (lets face it, most Star Wars games are rubbish). Its just a shame other developers never got it right like these guys have.