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  1.  Good Garment, but order size up


    I was looking for a low priced sweatshirt style garment and saw this, it was 9.99 when i got it and must say, that if it was not for the small sizing, i would have given it 5 stars, i ordered largest size and it only just fits, but it is comfy, the build quality is good, design is clear and well printed, so all in all very happy, probably still would purchase at the price it is now, goes well with faded/worn jeans..

  2.  xl is a lot dearer


    Unless you want a size other than XL, your ok, as thats over 11 quid

  3.  Excellent top


    I have bought two of these over the past four months, admittedly from another online shop as they were on sale, but i must admit they are excellent, wash well, and wear well, and are very warm and are very comfortable, i have the size xl, and am about 46/48 inch chest and they do fit snuggly, but its how i like them especially when doing exercise or under a lightweight running jkt

  4.  Good item, good price...


    Good quality item, more than half the price of another internet site, good fit for a size36, only note so far is a bit tighter in the thigh, but very fast delivery, less than 24 hrs,,,,

  5.  Excellent, no let down...


    I initially used to buy this for my Xbox, but after mistakingly buying brotherhood for my PS3, i decided again to stick with the PS3 title again (especially as there is additional content) and well, it will not let you down, there are a lot of additional items and moves this time, even though Ezio has aged somewhat, it is still one of my favourite franchises, regardless of platform, unlike the latest COD, which is a wash out, i am not really one for playing this online, as i dont think it has the same appeal, but the story will keep you going for a good while as per the norm of amassing all the collectables etc...

  6.  Utter Rubbish


    This has to be one of the least funny films i have ever seen, dont waste your money!!!!!!

  7.  Dont waste your time


    Honest truth! wait for this game to come down in price, the single player game, lacks the depth you would expect or would have hoped to expect and can be finished in a morning, Yes! it is a different genre as others like, C.O.D. and Medal of honor, but this is miles behind them.

    Graphically it is poor, as from what can now be put to disc, this is weak.

    The Multiplayer is very monotonous, lacks any form of stragegy and is suited to those that just run around and quick fire shoot, thus requiring no skill on their behalf, and yes you will still find the odd camper, who has played enough to level up, and as is the norm now, been able to build on their weapon(s).

    I was hoping for more from this game, but it was a last minute decision, and i can see why now, so now i have finished it, and done enough on multiplayer, it will be going back to the shop, glad i only paid 12-49 for it.

    Sorry, but dont waste your money. and that's an honest opinion.....

    Only gave it 2 stars for the fact the story, if not short isn't so bad..

  8.  Not so bad!


    I've had this for about 6 weeks or more now, and must admit it is not as bad as some have mentioned, it is easy to pair up, and when used i have got at least 6hr's talk time with ease.

    i bought this because after a year and a half, i cant take the uncomfortable fitting of the PS3 one, i have a large head as i am 6ft 3in, and find that this fits very comfortably, and without any probs of it falling out like the PS3 one, so as a back up or additonal headset it is not that bad, i gave it 4 stars as i bought it when it was on offer, so it ain't that bad..

  9.  Good but not brilliant


    I have been using this for over a year now, and i must admit that it is far cheaper on this site than any other i have found.

    @yummy mummy, the headset is not very comfortable, so i would probably advise that it may not be suitable for a ten year olds ears, especially if small, it can be used in either ear very easily, but after an hour or so it makes my ears ache, and does tend to slip out of the ear if not inserted correctly.

    range is adequate, and charge time is reasonably quick, but as mentioned i have been using mine for over a year, and lifespan is probably 75% of what it was when i got it.

    note that this can be used with any bluetooth device, its not specific to PS3, to which it is marketed for..

    it is small and doesnt take up much space, but i am now looking at getting a more comfortable alternative...

  10.  As other reviews


    As what previous reviewers have mentioned, this game is spot on in every way, i have even had my ps2 dusted off and GT4 being played, just to reaquaint myself with the game, it truly has been one hell of a wait for this to finally be released, at the start it does advise you whether you want to install onto the hard drive to cut down on load times, and gives you a time of about 20 mins, but as someone has previously mentioned, it takes a while longer.
    this is by far the most visually stunning game to date i have played, and i have only been at it for a few hours, and hopefully this will now see me through the slog of upcoming festivities, go and buy it, you wont be dissapointed.....