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  1.  Brilliant


    Both these films are amazing. They are seriously funny and take good films to a new hilarious standard. Charlie sheen is amazing in these films but no suprise there. A must have as a true and proper spoof.

  2.  WOW


    This game is truley amazing. Graphics are really good but whats better is the effect of there faces when they have been punched several times. There whole ey can swell up depending on the times its hit and you can split there cheeks etc. The customisation is really good and the legacy mode is awsome. The only problem i have with this game is that in the fight now option the fighters dont have belts you can challange for (like wrestling games) but this is not that big a problem but would of made it perfect. This is a must have.

  3.  Not really a superhero movie


    I watched this film and it was not what i expected at all. The film is very dark throughout which is not a problem but there is very little superhero action. This film needs to be more considered as a dark thrller rather than a dark superhero movie. the end is disapointing and not what you would expect but its worth seeing on the basis of seeing the blue guy Dr Manhatton (hes super cool). Its worth a watch but not to buy.

  4.  okay


    This game really annoys me. It had such a chance to be really good with sum gd graphics and ideas but it is to short and very repetitive within the game. Its an adventure game but u cant go where u please and has no real play value after it is completed. Better to rent this game than buy it

  5.  Amazing


    This game is quite simply brilliant. Amazing graphics and rele gd gameplay. A little short but all the halos are so not really a problem. If ur a halo fan and like rts games this is a must have

  6.  the slowest film eva


    This film looked good with the adverts but o my god was i wrong. This film seems like it goes on forever and really is quite bad. To be fair the last twenty minutes or so are alright but there seems to be little storyline and the concept of this film is shocking. One of the worst films i have eva seen

  7.  fantastic


    This is quite simply an amazing film and every 1 shod own it quite simply

  8.  was unsure at first


    When i saw this advertised i thought o dear o dear it looks a bit rubbish. But i was wrong. Tho there isnt much action in it like they would have u believe it has a rele good story line and as long as u dont mind native american spirits etc then this is a good film to watch but it is not worth a tenner. U shod wait until it drops to about a fiver and then it is a good film

  9.  amazing


    This film is truly a brilliant film. It has action romance and conspiracies and combined makes it one of the best films ive eva seen.

  10.  very good


    This game is really amazing. The graphics are really good and the weapons that you can use make it one of the best fps's there is at the moment. There are a couple of problems with it though. One there is only 7 playable levels and they dont take long to complete about 4 hours at a push. And the ai intillegince.....well they dont have any really u shoot them and they stand there while you do it. But those aside it is a top game but i would only recommend it if u have xbox live otherwise it is not really worth it