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  1.  Masterpiece


    Easily the best history book I've ever read. The writing style is very fluid, the author's personal enthusiasm for the British Empire is infectious, and as a British person I had my ego stroked for around 600 pages.

  2.  Disgraceful


    I loved the Total War series, until it came to Shogun 2. This game was advertised as having an AI system "which obeys the Art of War, and actively reacts to your decisions during battles". It does neither. Worse, it openly cheats - if you send an army at an enemy province, you can watch as the AI gifts itself entirely new, large, experienced, well-equipped armies in said province, and uses them to grind down your invasion force before throwing them out in counter-attack. This cheating literally ruins the entire game, which is unfortunate since the graphics are beautiful. I also find the game over-simplified since Empire - the "rock-paper-scissors" principle is forced upon you with little opportunity for variation. Pirates still exist, and in this game wait until your fleet leaves its home port before spawning a medium-sized fleet and blockading your ports. Pirates blockading ports??? A massive let-down of a game, which has killed the entire TW series for me, and which has ensured that I shall not be purchasing future releases.

  3.  Perfection


    What can I say? The books are beautifully-written masterpieces, and this particular book is the perfect format for them.

  4.  What is this so hyped?


    I bought this because of all the hype and constant cultural references. I had to force myself to read past the first book - the storyline is ridiculous and stupid, there is no discernible plot and the humour is so determinedly random that is fails to be humorous.

  5.  UK version is excellent!


    Yes, there are changes from the book, but nonetheless The Shining is a top-quality film. I would change "horror film" to perhaps "mystery", since you'll spend half the evening after watching it theorising on who Jack is, and if anything was real or imagined.

  6.  Genius


    I was lent this by a friend, and decided I had to own my own copy. King's personal experiences with alcoholism make Jack's own cravings and thoughts eerily effective. Absolutely fantastic book!

  7.  Stunning


    An incredibly thorough, moving, sobering account of almost every angle of the Second World War. Picture and sound quality is excellent too.

  8.  Excellent Jacket


    This is a very thin, yet element-proof jacket. The fabric is very soft, and it is a slimming fit. I found the sizing guide to be perfectly accurate when it came to what size I would need.

  9.  Outstanding


    Excellent picture quality, excellent musical score and generally a brilliant film. Definitely worth the money, despite the questionable fight scenes by today's standards!

  10.  Unbelievable


    This film is in my opinion one of the greatest ever made, and the Blu-Ray transfer of this edition is flawless. This version is indispensible for any Blu-Ray colleciton.