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  1.  MGS 5 ground zero


    I could get over this purchase, this should have a complete free download like all it really is, is a demo. It is a waste. One map and a couple of ways of completing it. Boring.
    Don't get wait for the phantom ep as this I would hope is some what better.

  2.  Naval assault


    This no sim as you can never get proper sims on console, pc sims are your only man. Consoles have a very long way to go until you would get anything like a real pc based sim. This game just shows how far the sims would go with the console type controls, the game is alright for just blowing things up with no way near any reality..

  3.  Pat Shortt Is class as usual


    Great acting from Pat Shortt, as usual. Its was a great story and very pro played by pat. Sad and touching ending but class.

  4.  COD 6 MW2


    I agree with one of the review there about we could have done with a bit more like that great AC 130 mission but the drone edition is a good touch. But very short, finished in abot 4 to 5 hours. After waiting months for this edition I was a bit let down but still good game play but very short SP, some people that use the PC yes PC not a console still only enjoy the SP.. A few add ons would be good. drop the steam thing please. This new web needed for game is destroying pc's lagging using more process's. Sorry I could go all day

  5.  MALO


    I also thought this was a very good attempt compared wii fit dvd but I wish they had mix of trainers in there that american voice all the time does your head in, I got to muteing the tv, and just playing tunes of my own. But still some very good workouts..

  6.  Poirot Complete Collection


    My Girl friend and I are mad about Poirot, but at the sixth series I could not believe it, what was in front of me on the TV. Poirot was there churning of the grey cells, and funny Jap and the other lot of the gang not, why destroy some beautiful viewing time by not including the old gang. Shame, pure shame...