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  1.  Let down by a childish director


    The whole of Anti-christ can be summed up by the opening scene. We see, in glorious black and white a couple making love while their young child moves towards and eventually falls out of the window. It is beautifully shot, wonderfully edited and completely ruined by a single shot of hardcore sex. The shot gave us nothing, it was simply the devilish nature of a director trying to be shocking. And this is the whole film. Beautiful, thought provoking and ruined by a desire to shock as opposed to tell the story.

    So watch it, but try to imagine it with the 30 seconds of controversy taken out.

  2.  Worth Watching.


    As someone who absolutely despises musicals I was wary of seeing this but after hearing about it's problems with West Midlands Police informing cinemas that violence would break out if the film was shown and therefore this film being effectively banned from cinemas, I felt I had to show some support.

    I'm glad I did. Unsurprisingly I disliked the musical bits but this is no way an attack on the performers. It is a great display of talent and the story itself is engaging and it has something to say. Support this film because such low budget British flicks need our support to ensure that similar films can happen in the future. It's a testament to the talent of the actors (all of whom are first timers) and it should not only ensure we see them all again but hopefully give others who are undiscovered the chance to make something similar.

    Support it and you will enjoy it.

  3.  A must purchase


    Anyone interested in intellegent, thought-provoking and entertaining television simply has to purchase this boxset. Every episode of probably the best programme every created (apart from The Wire) along with some bonus footage. Just ensure you bid farewell to your family and friends before embarking on the viewing required to complete all this.

  4.  Has nothing to say and spends too long saying it.


    It's no exaggeration to say that you could easily chop an hour and a half out of this film and still be left with an understandable storyline. There is so much fat on this film that it's like watching Sumo Wrestling through glasses made of lard. The dialogue just goes on and on and on and ironically, nothing is ever said that's worthwhile.

    The film completely fails to have a "point". It's not entertaining, it's not fodder, it doesn't explore any themes and it's not funny. When you remove the "Tarantino" brand from this you realise that you have nothing, absolutely nothing.

    I know this review will be hated by the Tarantino faithful but trust me avoid it. Avoid it like the plague.

  5.  Fantastic film, fantastic transfer


    If you haven't seen Fight Club then it is a superb film and worthy of your collection. However, you're probably wondering what the transfer is like to Blu-Ray. Rest assured, it's great and includes some extras not on the DVD version. Picture and sound is crystal clear.

  6.  Must Have Game


    Obviously I have only had this game for a day and while the plot seems weak the control system, gameplay, level design, physics and sound design are stunning. The quick play of online is just as good. I'll have to wait until I've completed the game and advanced through the online mode before deciding if this is as good as Killzone 2 but it's certainly worthy of being in anyone's collection.

  7.  Must Have


    For those that haven't seen the film well I'll simply say that it is a stunning piece of work.

    However, I reckon most people will want to know about the quality of the Blu-Ray transfer and if it's worth getting. The answer is simply, yes, get it. The transfer is beautifully done. You will not regret adding this to your collection even if you own it on DVD.

  8.  Short but superb



    For those that don't know it was filmed over five days for the pricely sum of £50,000. To give you a clue as to how cheap that is a very very cheap half hour show on TV will cost about that. Yes, this film is rather short, running at 71mins but it's well worth the cost of a DVD purchase.

    The film follows a few days in the life of La Donk (Nicholas) and his overweight rapper buddy, Scor-Zay-Zee. La Donk is working on the road crew for a band called The Arctic Monkeys (referred to by Donk as The Arctical Monkeys) and he is hoping to somehow get his rapper mate an opening slot at one of their gigs. While this is going on his ex-girlfriend is about to give birth to his son and wants her new boyfriend to be the birth partner.

    What follows is some incredibly touching and moving cinema as well as some absolutely laugh out loud moments. More than one I had to remove my specs to wipe the tears from my eyes. The humour is a little crude and you probably wouldn't want to watch it when your mother and the vicar have popped around but it's certainly one for your collection.

    Oh and keep watching the credits.

  9.  Great buy


    Great device. Pairs without any problems, excellent sound quality and a breeze to use. Can't recommend this enough.

  10.  Not sure which continent it's from.


    Korea, and indeed many far east countries, have a reputation for producing exciting, cutting edge and interesting films. Looking at some of the reviews on this site you'd think that Chugyeogja was another of those films. Sadly, it falls short and it does this because it doesn't seem to know which continent it is from. In one set piece we see something purely far eastern which shocks our palette and takes us somewhere which makes us uncomfortable. Then the next set piece sees us fall purely into cheesy Hollywood blockbuster. This flipping continues throughout the film and it means that even the darkest, most far eastern scene is preceded by an occurrence of coincidence so wild it comes out of a Roland Emmerich film.

    If you are looking for far eastern cinema to entertain yourself with then this will either provide a way in by mixing the techniques or it will make you wonder what all the fuss is about. Essentially, there are better examples out there.