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  1.  Greatest War Documentary ever produced


    This series is essential for anyone interested in the Second World War. It gives expert witness interviews and analysis of all major events, ranging from Europe, to North Africa, to the Pacific. It describes the reasons behind the start of war and why various countries became embroilled in the most devastating loss of life ever seen on Earth.

    The subject matter is so vast that the collection itself must be incredibly long to fully cover all aspects and this does so wonderfully. Do not let the length put you off as it keeps the viewers attention at all times.

    Laurence Olivier brings an authoritative narration to the work and at all times this series shows respect to the subject matter, never glorifying, but highlights the terrible tradgedy that befell the entire world during the period.

    I cannot recommend this collection enough and in the blu ray edition, you are going to get as detailed a restoration of the original WWII records as there is ever likely to be.

    With the play price currently under 21 pounds, it is an absolute bargain. Buy it.

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     Sepia-tinged visual masterpiece


    In action choreography and visual depiction, this film is stunning. It has been mentioned at 9.99, it's a bargain but at half that price, it should be in everyone's blu ray collection. People complaining about grainy picture seem to be missing the point of this and probably any war based transfer such as Saving Private Ryan. Appreciate this film in all it's wonder

  3.  Appropriate title for the imagery created


    The story may have some confused and others disappointed, but I found it to be enjoyable and even if it was an excuse for director Zach Snyder to indulge in sexy girls in epic visual battles, who cares.

    At 2 for 10 pounds, this film is less than a packet of cigarettes so at the very least it's worth a punt