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  1.  Dire


    read title! up there with driller killer as a complete and utter waste of celluloid - nice cover though

  2.  Awesome Graphic Novel should be a TV series!


    A great Zombie themed graphic novel dealing with people surviving through a zombie filled nightmare battling their own human frailties as well as other survivors driven over the edge and back to an almost feral dog eat dog existence trying to survive!
    One slight drawback is that it is all in black and white but the artwork is great and fits very well with the story thoroughly recommended - especially if you like all things zombie!

  3.  Great band shame its a compilation


    Was really looking forward to a new puressence album but am a bit depressed as its just a compilation album nevertheless have preordered it to support a great british band and hopefully to encourage them to bring out a new album.....soon!!!!
    Only 4 stars one knocked off for it being a compilation :(
    Also why isn't london in the rain on their? Awesome tune!!
    A great intro to a great band if you haven't heard of them which is very probable due to them being ignored by radio 1 et al!

  4.  another naff movie tie in


    poor graphics very poor game design no depth annoying gameplay - you are attacked from all sides have stupid time limits to get extras etc the game while playing is cluttered you can't lock onto a target very annoying as there are usually a dozen things all firing at you from different directions borrowed this from a friend gave it back to him 2 days later got half way through and just couldn't be bothered to try to finish it it was Soooo annoying to play....avoid! even for £8! its being sold for £8 tells you all you need to know!

  5.  Yet another movie tie in rip off


    Borrowed this off of my disappointed mate and am so glad i didn't waste my money - the film is great the game looks to have been thrown together by a bunch of chimps 9 short levels main character looks nothing like christian bale and he doesn't do the voice over!! very repetitive gameplay no real thought needed to play completed in less than 4 hours not good for 30 plus quid!! considering the film only costs £7 for 2hours entertainment!! what if the effort gone into film went into the game!
    If only this was like fallout 3 you could actually explore the Terminator universe doing missions etc but this is very basic point and shoot and frankly 10 years out of date gameplay wise worth a tenner in the bargain bin if you are a terminator fan!

  6.  needs tweaking


    hopefully the guys at bendi boarrd will read this and fi the 2 main glitches
    1 the keyboaard is very idifficult to type with as the keys sometimes don't work or work too well and give you 2 lettters for the prie of one!! or no letter at aall i have typed this without going back and editing it and as you can see ther are a few mistakes not by me but from the board i hasten to add!

    2 no number pad on the end that would of been nice!

    main reason for buying is tto avoid losing keyboards duue to crumbss and drink spills which the board does a great job of doing
    just needs work on the keys and it would be a great gadget have now ordered a saitek eclipse 3 and will try to be more careful with thee crumbss and drinks!

  7.  short and annoying


    would love to give this game a bigger score a nice original idea but the frustrating controls and poor game design robbed it of its stars one thing i hate in a game is having to redo sections over and over again and with this game if you don't jump exactly right you have too..fighting cops is annoying as in order to take their weapons you have to press y at just the right time(a feat in itself even on slo mo) and while you are (agonisingly slowly) disarming them you die being shot by another! for a game that should of been fun jumping rooftops and effortlessly flowing over obstacles you spend a lot of time inside and in ducts and it is very difficult to see where you should go ( a "runners vision" button to give you an idea of routes would be great and useful) got no real feeling of vertigo like i had wiith assassins creed and the environments are very bland and samey i know this was what they were going for but....
    also unlike assassins creed you are very limited on routes it is way to linear. also as it is set in the future it would of been nice for your runner to of been souped up a bit -huge gravity defying jumps would of been fun! and not being able to carry a weapon is aaargh (the hand to hand combat is very basic and hit and miss)!
    also camera angles were annoying nothing worse than hanging from ledges not being able to look around properly for where to go next!
    also in order to make a higher jump you have to have your cursor pointed high which was very difficult as you end up running off a ledge before you jump as you can't judge where you are! even more difficult if trying to wall run and then jump to a higher ledge which means yawn going back and trying again and again and again etc Another minor gripe is the "turn round" (RB) button you press it one and you turn press it again nothing happens WHY? so you have to turn back manually many the time i accidentally hit RB instead of LB and then had to manually turn taking precious time.
    So all in all short and a tadge annoying but a good idea none the less just poorly executed

  8.  if button bashing is your thing.....


    If button bashing is your thing.....buy this but be warned its very repetitive and in order to kill certain bad guys(blood mists) you have to perform a certain number of "cool" moves on them with no break which is hard (for me anyway!) to do you're timing has to be spot on every time which is (yawns) boooring so if you like tekken etc you might like this graphics are ok and you have some sexy female characters bouncing around the screen which isn't hard on the eyes just don't expect too much! I don't get why its an 18 though theres no swearing or nudity and your just slicing up the undead !!

  9.  Great Game but....


    Thoroughly enjoyed this game another rockstar classic!!! just a few let downs the music class level 4 and biology level 5 I could not get past and I found that I grew to hate this game the more I kept trying -I so wanted to get 100% completion! - but as in many games the difficulty is set way too high for no good reason and robbed me of my overall enjoyment of the game. in the music class You have to press the LT and RT triggers in time to the music which is ok until on level 4 they have to be triggered in rapid sequence over and over with little room for error and the triggers are not sensitive enough!Best I got was 83% ( which I thought should be good enough to pass - but no!) the biology class level 5 basically too much to do in too little time. My pet hate is having to redo a part of a game over and over and over. It annoys the hell out of me! but the rest of the game is great fun and very well designed just don't set your heart on 100% completion you will be disappointed!! would of been 5 gold stars except for the classes problem which knocked off a star!!!