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  1.  Pure Class


    I don't normally go for adventure type games, but I enjoyed the TV series and noted the positive reviews for this so downloaded it from Steam.
    The story and characters are the real standout here. From start to finish you get involved, love them or hate them, they are so well written and acted. The story is a kind of parallel to the TV series, with a couple of characters in both.
    The graphics are a stylised comic style which works well, the locals feel atmospheric and brooding, danger is never far away.
    Combat is effective, as with dialogue you have to act fast and make quick decisions which adds to the atmosphere of tension.
    The only negative I could find which has no real impact, is the camera view can mean you are sometimes unsure of the limits of the area.
    I'm sure that 99% of people who finished this game would like me be suprised at how good the characters are, particuly the little girl you end up looking after, Clementine, I doubt you will ever care more about a computer character.
    I won't do a spoiler, but the final episode.....I quote Vinnie Jones from Lock Stock,
    "Its been emotional"

  2.  Fun in the Sun


    It's been a long time coming but the next Far Cry has arrived, and unlike Far Cry 2, this was worth the wait.
    It feels like a mix of the first 2 games, the Pacific Island setting of the first, with the open world mission format of the second, and it works well to create a solid gameind experience.
    The story is good, you and your friends get kidnapped by pirates / drug dealers after arriving on a remote Pacific island, you escape, and have to then rescue your friends with the help of some local rebels, aiming to take the fight to them.
    Their are a few twists, but you know where its going and it keeps you interested.
    The gameplay is great. The Island is well imagined, dotted with villages and compounds, high mountains, rivers, roads and populated by armed pirates or friendly locals. There are a good viriaty of vehicals to get around on, cars, jeeps, trucks, quads, jet skis and boats, and as you liberate villages and compounts you unlock "fast travel" to those areas.
    They have also added a full ecosystem of wild animals, most of which you can hunt, and you'll find you have hunt to to fashon larger rucksacks etc to carry more guns, ammo, money etc, which works quite well.
    There are a lot of side missions to the Main story which you can do at any time, such as assasinations, animal hunts, shooting challenges, and even suprisingly satisfying poker games!
    The weapons are great, you unlock new ones as you go along, and can pick them up off fallen enimies. They feel soild and satisfying to fire and you can coustomise them with attatchments and paint jobs.
    Attacking compounds is great fun. Usually 8 or 10 enemy, you can charge in guns blazing, but if one gets to an alarm several jeeps of reinforcments arrive, so firefights can get intense. You can always go for stelth, scilencers can be fitted to most of you wepons and your default is a knife which performs a kill move if you manage to creep up on an enemy.
    I have liberated many bases from range with my trusty supressed 50 cal sniper rifle, knocking the unsuspecting pirates off one by one. There is often a caged tiger or bear somewhere in the compound, so for more chuckles you can shoot the cage, and watch as the goons run around in panic.
    No real proplems of faults come to mind, there are hand glides at various high points which are cool, and the vehicals are great, but a helecopter some where would have been fun (I still havn't quite completed it so theres still a chance!)
    The enemy A.I is competent, your allies could be more helpful though, they have a slightly annoying habit of turning up after a firefight you've just won and making commets like "i'm the man", which after a while started to grate on me and caused a couple of "friendly fire" incidents!
    The characters are for the most really good, although one character did start to annoy me, so my eventual dispatch of him was well overdue.
    Overall, 4.8 out of 5, a Great game, certainly for me the best multi mission shooter, I prefer it to the linear Black Ops II, and better than the similar, very good (if buggy) Dead Island,
    Well worth buying.

  3.  Brilliant


    I love shooters, this is my sort of game.
    Its one of those shooters with some roleplay, but its so seemless and well thought out nothing gets in the way of the story and action.
    There is also a perfect balance of stelth and guns blazing.
    With key story missions, and additional side missions there is room for replayability here.
    You travel through some memorable worldwide futuristic locations, meeting people, shooting bad guys and investigation who is behind a golbal conspiracy. you have upgrades to buy as you progress which give you, more armour, better ain, stelth, vistion and other cool features. It definatly has atmosphere, and if you've seen harrison ford in Blade Runner, you do feel like you playing him, the designers must have loved that film.
    Overall, fun, polished, quality, its up there with the best.

  4.  Pure Class


    This is a gem of a game.
    Its a first person fighting, shooter, based arounf free running.
    You live in a "big brother" type futuristic city (fantastiv visusls) and as Faith, a female runner, you zip aroud the city, (usually roof tops) unravelling a thriller type story after your sister was framed for murder.
    You have to use your brain to find the path, although its not too difficult, but expect a lot of jumping, climbing, sprinting, diving through glass windows, smashing through doors, disarming swat like cops and shooting them with there own gun....
    It is great fun, challenging, very original, great graphics, and one of those games you don't forget quick.
    I missed it on release but for 5 quid, its an absolute steel.

  5.  GTA on MARS!


    This game is quality. If you don't own it, at this price buy it now.
    I would describe it as GTA on mars, but with added destruction.
    You start in a mining town on mars, the colony buildings, walkways, roads all give it a goos atmos, with people, cars and trucks minding their own buisness.
    Mars is run by Earth, and has EDF (Earth Defence Force) soldiers all over the place. They have small and large bases over the map, checkpoints, patrols etc.You get missions to complete at your own pace to evolve the story, involving rescuing peoplr, killing the EDF and destroying there infrastructure, you can also go off mission at any time and kill and destry at will.
    The stand out feature is the destruction, and its a lot of fun.
    EVERYTHING can be destroyed, and i mean piece by piece.
    You can crash cars straight into large multi story glass and
    steel buildings, blow holes in base wall, smash the legs off guard towers and watch them crumble and fall, it is cool.
    Its all 3rd person as GTA, take any vehicle, go anywhere, (the maps get bigger as you progress).
    If you want to fight for freedom on mars, blow stuff up, shoot, hack, run over people and cause general destruction and mayhem, look no further. Its worth 25 quid, 5 quid? Buy this now.

  6.  Mental in a good way


    This is one of those games that is definatly worth playing.
    Its more an experience than a game, it is completly bonkers!
    Its a linerar story, fighting game, you travel on a mission (why im not sure) to find some wierd person or thing (the story is borlerline insane) along the way you get into fights with various people or things similar to people, its sometimes hard to tell.
    You punch, kick, and sometimes shoot or bash them until they stop getting up.
    The fights are quite satisfying once you get the hang of it.
    The graphics are good, and the visuals, the locations are pretty fantastic and have to be seen to be believed.
    Its not a long game, and after completing it, I was left thinking what the hell it was all about, but in a good way.
    Id say the people who made this were on some strong medication, it is fun, totally original, and quite, quite mad.

  7.  Not bad, but no you'll forget it in a month.


    RF Guerrilla was brilliant.
    RF Armageddon, is different in that the GTA free roaming is gone, its now a third person shooter.
    There are a lot of good 3P shooters around, this is ok, its solid, but I just felt there was nothing new, and after R.E.G, it was a bit of a letdown. The magnet gun is quite cool, but the linerar gameply is not brilliantly done, there is a distinct "console" feel.
    Saying that its worth 5 - 10 quid.

  8.  Great Cooler


    Overclocked my I7 chip from 2.6 GHz up to 3.6 GHz.
    Chip was running hot so after checking out some reviews bought this.
    Took 10 degress of idle temp, at max I was up to 90, with this doesn't get much past 70.

  9.  Tanks, but no tanks.


    I've always wanted to get into a decent tank game and I had high hopes for this after reading the positive reviews.
    I've played this for a week (yes, only a week) and thats just about all the time i'm going to spend on it.
    The game is overloaded with detail, there are so many WW2 era tanks available, they've even included loads that were never made! There are new guns, turrets, engines to research, crew training to do etc etc.
    The graphics are mediun to poor, I actually think Battlfield 1942 was as good as this, man that was a good game. The maps are uninspiring, and the gameplay is just a bit boring. Drive, stop, hide, drive, shoot a bit, get blown up. For a game overloaded with realism in detail, how come every online battle ends up with you and 20 other people driving round an unconvincing landscape in an assortment of tanks from different eras and countries? It might have taken me a week, but I have come to the conclusion this game is no good, and could actually be rubbish, yes, there, I said it.
    Add to that the massive download update required, and the fact that you actually Buy in game money with real money, forget it.
    Maybe I should have given it a few more weeks, errr, no.

  10.  Emersive, solid, great game.


    Can't comment on "The ending" as I've been playing it every other night for a few hours over a few weeks and haven't completed it yet, already got my moneys worth!
    This franchise offers the closest you can get to playing through an action science fiction film.
    The story and characters are as good as ever, The interaction is kept realistic and minimal, so not too much micro managment. You can spend as much or as little time as you want in between missions walking round your ship chatting to the crew, or zipping from place to place in the Galaxy through the command centre.
    The missions let you choose a couple of your team to tool up, and shoot your way through a space station, ship, city.....etc to find something, rescue somone etc, all in the aim of saving the Galaxy.
    They have great voice actors, with good dialogue, I recognided the bloke from alien as the admiral and the priest from Pitch black.
    In Summery, its a solid well made game, that you can take your time to complete, so is good value for money. It may not break any new ground, but its a game worth playing.