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  1.  Not bad but too short


    My score is based on if you RENTED this game... It's too short, in my opinion, to be worhy of an all out purchase... I played and finished it in a couple of days.
    To be honest this game is good fun to play... Gameplay is fairly straight-forward with just moving through the levels, killing the bad guys, collecting the collectables and unlocking doors... Even though it's a tried, tested and well worn set-up the parts with stealth and leaving the hotel after having your drink is spiked in Casino Royale add a bit of variety.
    As mentioned in another review each level has it's own trophy upon completion but there are also additional trophies for doing certain things or completing an objective in a particular way.
    The story combines both Casino Royale and Quantum Of Solace and is as engrossing as you probably expect it to be... All the voice cast appear to be there with both Daniel Craig and Dame Judy Dench making appearances voicing Bond and M respectively.
    The graphics are ok, nothing too special... Bond looks like Bond and the places you are look like where they're supposed to but they're not going to make you sit back in amazment.
    There are plenty of weapons to take your pick from and lots of things to blow up... Alongside the weapons you can also 'take down' the bad guys hand-to-hand... As well as sneaking up behind them and doing a stealthy take down. The cover system works fairly well although sometimes I couldn't get Bond to blind fire over it at enemies... Could be the angle I was at, could be a glitch but never the less it didn't really spoil anything.
    I read alot of bad reviews for this game upon it's release and rented it the other day as it was all the library had and I was a bit bored and I'm glad I took the chance on it as I very much enjoyed playing through it but, like I said... This game is definately a rental game and not a game to buy... Rent it, try it and if you really enjoy the online mode then it may be worth £25 but definately rent it first. 4/5 if you rent it... 3/5 if you buy it as the single player story mode is just a wee bit too short for me.

  2.  Good Game


    Let me start by saying that some of the reviews on here are a little harsh... To be honest there are a few things about this game that will annoy you...
    Firstly the graphics are the first thing you notice... They're not great... From the PS3 you can now expect a very nicely polished game and this doesn't look anywhere near as good as it probably should... Especially alongside the likes of Killzone 2 (for example)... This, in my opinion, doesn't really spoil the game.
    The next thing is that there are a few too many, seemingly, pointless loading screens... They don't take too long to be fair but they do interrupt the flow of the game and can be annoying.
    Nextly the God Powers and aspects could probably have been explained better... But I felt with this that as I played I got the hang of it... Maybe thats just me though as I often find that that sort of thing in RPG games takes me a bit of getting used to and I'm usually into the game about a quarter of the way before I really get to grips with them.. But again this shouldn't spoil your enjoyment.
    Finally... The only really annoying thing that will become a frustration is the camera... At times it is shocking how badly placed it can end up... In particular in tight spaces like on of the levels near the end of your quest... I found that it could be difficult to see things and even adjusting the camera didn't help... There were even points where I could see nothing but Jason in this level... Usually this happened in fights.
    Onto the good points... The story is really good... I found myself thoroughly enjoying the cut scenes and found them to be of a reasonable length... I also enjoyed the bits where I could choose my own dialogue (although quite what the difference it made to the story was I'm still unsure... However I still think it was a nice touch).
    There is just enough fighting and action based parts throughout the game for me... Any more and I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much and found myself towards the end (where all you seem to be doing is fighting) becoming a bit tired and bored of it.
    Another thing worth noting are the side quests... I found these to be among the main highlights of the game... Little puzzle type things that broke up the monotomy of wave after wave of fighting.
    The places you visit are nicely done... It's just a shame the graphics aren't good enough to really fully appreciate them.
    All in all I felt there was enough variety in the gameplay (up until the final levels) to keep most people entertained and enjoyed interacting with the locals at my various destinations. I wouldn't reccommend buying this game though as it doesn't really take long to finish it and with no online mode I personally don't feel the need to put it back in the machine now I've finished it... Definately rent it as you'll enjoy the story and the fun gameplay but its definately not worth shelling out masses of cash for

  3.  Might be back at WW2 But still good


    Everyone talks about how his game going back to world war 2 is a step back and how it's not as good now we've experienced modern war in the previous game... In my opinion if you don't already own this game and have neglected to buy this due to hearing people say that then you need to ignore them... If Modern Warfare hadn't come out this would be being hailed as a great game and that's that... The graphics are nice, the story is standard to that of a wartime FPS and the gameplay is fantastic... The introduction of the Japansese soldiers makes it quite exciting playing as the marines as you don't know where they are hiding (up trees... in the grass... these guys are literally everywhere) then you get a bit of a fright (well I did!!) when all of a sudden they just appear and run at you! You also get to play as the Russians... in my honest opinion there's not much new here but it is stilll very fun to play!
    The online mode (which I have just recently started playing despite having had the game since it's release!) is highly addictive and I actually have to force myself off of it! The only things I don't like are...
    1) the tanks
    2) the dogs
    These two things ar a constant niggle for me as I don't see why we should have them as there is really no skill involved in the dogs(although getting them is a skill in itself) and they are just really annoying! And there is even less skill in aquiring a tank and shooting with it.
    The other thing that I don't like (and this isn't the fault of the developers) are the people that just find a cosy corner somewhere and hide in it well out the way of the action just sniping at people... Where are your guts?! These things can lead to frustration for me but at the end of the day the overall online play in this is highly enjoyable and reason alone to buy the game as a whole.
    The bottom line is this... If you like FPS games that have a massive online community where you won't struggle to get a game then you should very definately buy this... Although if you are one of those 'snipers' then don't bother because you really shouldn't be playing games online you should just sit in a dark room somewhere out of the way of people who actually play the games right... Forget where and when this game is set because it really doesn't matter and it won't affect your enjoyment of it once you get in amongst it.

  4.  Love It


    Massive fan of 24/Jack Bauer! Got this for Christmas and I have to say looking at this picture does it no justice... the detail is amazing and the 'statue' is really good looking... Very impressed and it now has pride of place on my living room window legde for all the world to see!!... Wouldn't normally write a review for something like this but the picture had put me off buying it and I was fortunate to get it off my secret santa and it honestly looks stunning and I wanted everyone to know so basically... Ignore the picture and buy it if you're a fan of the show!

  5.  ... Wow... Just wow!!


    Hype hype hype... thats what this game had to put up with... I, like most people, had been really unbelieveably excited at the prospect of this game but as it was hyped and hyped and hyped some more you start to doubt whether ANYTHING could live up to it but unbelievably it does! It's a rare thing but this is every bit as good as it has been made out to be for the last 6 months.
    Initially you're dumped in your pod which you can totally customise with the stickers and objects you'll pick up on your travels through the Little Big Planet... You are then shown a few tutorials which show you all the movements and how to do this and that. I think the game would be a nightmare without these as there's so much to do and I personally would be lost without them!
    To get through the single player levels won't take you that long... collecting all the items and actually COMPLETING it will take you ages! The thing is you won't mind replaying them over and over as you'll want all the kit and also the levels are just so good!
    My moon where you create your own levels is a spot of genius as well... Anything you see in the 'pre-made' levels you can actually recreate... what other game allows you to do that?! You have all the same stuff (once you've completed the game fully) that the guys that made the game have... to me thats unreal! The tutorials for this are also indepth and will make the whole thing just a doddle... all you need is a bit of imagination and you're laughing!
    You've then got the user created levels... I've had a look at a few of these and some are pretty bad but you get the odd spot of genius which will make your hunt through the rubbish well worth while! If you can think of it someone has created it
    The best part of LBP though is the multi-player. Everything that is collected while playing in multi-player is given to all the players in the game... so if someone else gathers that Sackperson outfit everyone gets it which is brilliant. It is so much fun to play online with this community as it really is co-op. I was finding that if I got caught behind I was waited on or if I died the other players would go back to the 'respawn' point and let me get back in the game. Truely co-op and a great way to play and so refreshing to see everyone playing as a team... inspiring! You can chat while playing as well and just have a great laugh... this is what online play should be all about!

    Another couple of things that I think should be noted that help make the game that little bit better are...
    1) Stephen Fry... The man, the legend... The game would still be great without him but with him narrating its just pushing it over the edge! He really is brilliant and his voice is perfect for what he's doing in this... A stroke of genius!
    2) You're constantly informed of how your friends are doing... every now and again a little box will pop up (discreetly so not to intrude on your game) letting you know that so-and-so has scored whatever on such-and-such a level. So you know what the people on your friends list are playing and how well theyre doing... When you're playing a level someone on your list has already played their score is displayed so you know what you've to beat. I really liked this feature and it just adds to the feeling of the whole thing being a community thats constantly in touch with itself.
    3) And finally the other thing I like is when you select a level you can read other people's opinions of it in a sort of mini forum... brilliant idea!
    The one down side I think is the constant 'heart me heart me' nonsense that is rife throughout... it really is quite annoying... if people like what youve done they'll heart you... end of story.
    This game is truely inspired... a must buy

  6.  Engrossing


    Let's cut to the chase... this game is brilliant!!

    The main story is very good, the graphics are excellent and the controls are simple and easy to undertstand... however... the thing I like most about this game is the amount of ADDITIONAL things you can do over and above the main storyline... You can literally go anywhere you want... Enter any building, talk to all the locals, get married and loads of other things... I actually spent three hours wandering about talking to people, stealing from houses, buying things and working as a blacksmith... then I remembered I was mid-mission and had to be somewhere!

    Your actions also change the way people feel about you as well as your actual appearance... You decide who you want to be... good guy or bad guy.

    If you've got plenty of time to kill this is definately the game for you. I highly reccommend this and if you don't buy it... well shame on you!

  7.  Well... I liked it!!


    So far I've actually been quite enjoying this game... I don't think it's quite as brilliant as The Sims or as addictive however it is good fun to play... The cell stage is fairly simple... Just swim round eating things that are smaller than you are... You can customise your cell and make it more of an 'eating machine'!...
    Then you head off into the creature stage... I liked this stage... You can go round the place either eating or befriending the other creatures that inhabit the surrounding land... Again this stage you can fully customise your creature changing it's size, shape and can add things to make it more charming, a better fighter, dancer, singer etc... How you choose to do this is entrely up to you... and the decisions you make in how you go about 'taking over' will shape your future generations...
    The next stage is the tribal stage... Again I really enjoy this stage and again you decide how you want to go about being the dominant race... You cannot customise when you get here all you can change is what they wear and the weapons they use... and this is how you develop your skills... So make sure before you get to this stage your creation has everything it needs... I hadn't realised I couldn't customise anymore and neglected to give my guys arms... they still get by ok though!...
    After the tribal stage is the civilisation stage... to be honest I didnt enjoy this so much but I did like the fact that the buildings in your city are fully customisable... you decide on everything in how they look right down to the colour of the window sill!
    The final stage is the space one... I havent got this far yet but I imagine it to be very similar to the civilisation stage from what I've heard... only in space!...
    To sort of summerise I'd say it was worth buying as it is a good, fun game to play but don't expect it to be as much fun as The Sims because they're to completely different gaming experiences but well worth £27.

  8.  Disappointed


    *insert sad smiley here*... how gutted was I when I got this home after having had an internal struggle with myself to spend £70 on it or not to discover that actually it's pretty rubbish!
    I took it as a sign when I walked into my local shop and found it for £45 so I bought it and excitedly put it on as soon as I got home.
    The first thing I noticed was that the gun felt really cheap... It felt like it must've cost pretty much nothing to make yet in theory is costing us, the gamers, about £20 as that's roughly how much dearer this is than other games on the market which is absolutely obsene for the quality you're getting... although strangely I do love the bright orange colour of it... thats weird I know!
    The next thing is the little LEDs that go on top of the telly fell off occassionally... 90% sure I had them sitting properly!
    Next are the parts where you need to walk around... what Time Crisis has you walking around? I don't remember any but I might be wrong... however this is not fun... If I'm playing Time Crisis all I wanna do is take cover and pop out and kill some bad guys before ducking away again... these parts are honestly no fun... at all.
    Then to my dismay the gun or LEDs weren't working. The crosshair wouldn't come up, when it did it was 'sticking' and it wouldn't recalibrate!
    I was getting pretty annoyed but the one redeeming factor on this game is that there are stages where it's proper Time Crisis... 'wait...wait...wait...wait.... FIRE!!!' These bits are fun and I really quite enjoyed them but not enough to pay full price or even the £45 I paid for it... If you want my advice wait til this is in the real bargain bin then grab it cos up till then you'll feel like you've been ripped off in a very big way.
    Avoid this for the time being... hang fire till it's maybe £20-£30

  9.  Compulsive!


    I remember playing the original Everybody's Golf way back when and saw this next to Unreal Tournament in a shop going for a song and figured I'd pick it up. It plays exactly as I remember the original and it's just as fun.
    If you're serious about your golf games then you may want to avoid this like the plague but if like me you like something fun, colourful and that you can stick on after a long day at work, switch your brain off and enjoy then this is the game for you... whether you like golf or hate it (like me!)
    The charactors are all nice looking as are the courses. Everything is big, bright and cartoony and suits this game to a te... I just realised what I was gonna type there and am not going to finish that sentance but everything looks good and finishes the game off nicely!
    Gameplay is easy to get into as, like I said, it's just like the original. Although there is a new mode for how you take the shots which is a bit trickier and I've only played on the demo thats on the Playstation Store and wasn't keen on but I think for more skilled people it might be the way to go to give yourself that extra control and challenge that goes along with it as you definately feel more involved in each shot.
    There are practice courses, tournaments to partake in and an online mode which also offers tournaments.
    Plenty of variety in this to keep you entertained in my opinion and I definately think you should own this but it may not be to everyones taste so download the demo, play it, love it, buy it!

  10.  Surprised!!


    I bought this game as I saw it for £20 and thought I'd give it a go and you know what? I actually really like it!
    The single player is a bit pointless as it's the same stuff as the online multiplayer but with bots... which aren't really that much use to be honest. It also has a pretty shockingly bad story which, if you have read my other reviews you'll know, is fairly important to me when choosing a game... I bought this with that knowledge but had heard that the online play was so good that you don't even need to concern yourself with the single player mode!
    So I bought it, put it on and had a quick offline match the get accustomed to the controls etc then dived straight into the online games! The online play is really very good although I have never felt so much like a newbie in my whole life! I did manage to get a few kills in but the guys on the other side must be pros cos everywhere I looked there they were... didn't help there was only me and one other person on my team though! But I didn't let that get to me and just plodded on and had really good fun playing it.
    Theres plenty of weapons for you to choose from and never having played an Unreal Tournament before I don't know if they are new weapons or not but they're pretty good anyway. Seems you have primary and secondary fire which adds variety to it but I have yet to get to grips with that!
    Another good thing about this is the maps are fairly small from what I've seen so far which means you're always right in amongst the action.
    The graphics look the part and sufficiently set the scene.
    The controls are easy to get to grips with but I think if you wanted to be really good like some of the people you're going to come up against you're going to need to really practice a bit to master everything.
    All in all very enjoyable and easy to just throw in the console and start playing. This game will be taking pride of place next to Buzz in the games I can't stop playing right now! In my opinion you should own this and at the price you can get it some places (£20!!!) it's a real bargain.