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  1.  SuperValue SuperBass SuperQuality


    @7.99, this was definitely a really good buy. Having tried the Ultimate Ears before, I decided to give these a go. At first, I thought they looked cheap but at 7.99 no problems. When they arrived and I plugged it up to my Samsung G SII, I would definitely say these earphones surprised me seriously. Good all round sound, and definitely blocks out sound - I use them for my underground travels. All in all, well worth the price. I will definitely be buying the 220Vi which have the microphone feature.

    Highly recommended purchase.

  2.  Excellent Earphones


    I went through a phase of looking for cheap earphones that do not require planting into my ears. I snapped up two of this earphones from Sony for my sister and I. Really really impressed. Well built, high quality, great sounding earphones. Clear call quality on both my blackberry and iPhone. Mic clarity as well. The perfect earphones for you iphone and oh did I say it comes with a remote. click twice to fastforward, click thrice to rewind. Highly recommended product.

  3.  Worked a dream


    I bought this to upgrade my black macbook's hard drive memory. Worked a treat. Now I have a larger hard drive to fill up.

    Fast shipping from play as usual.

  4.  Works perfectly with NOKIA N73


    As a novice to the world of bluetooth headsets for phones, I thought I would make my entry with this sharp looking one.
    The design is wonderful and it is not heavy at all. It fts perfectly in the ear. Voice clarity is amazing and it has a very nice range. nothing to complain about and the best thing for me is the ability to charge it with your sony ericsson chargers, how cool is that and did i mention it works with Nokia. At 13.49 this is an absolute bargain.

  5.  Simply Quality


    This player is amazing yes you have heard it before. But hwy is it amazing
    1) Sound quality is excellent, the bass and the earphones that come as standard is just perfect. It looks wierd at first but pop it in ur ear and u would understand the ergonomics of it.
    2) The video functionality make the Ipod video redundant. A friend once called it a HDTV screen. Thats how clear the video is on it. This goes for the picture quality
    3)The software is actually good. I do not understand what people mean by faulty but the software is pretty amazing, especially when it comes to transferring album art, its much easier than the Ipod and the album art sticks to the music file even when put into itunes. A simply drag and drop of pictures automatically assigns the picture, simple as.
    3) In terms of size, absolutely light, nothing too bulky, although if u are like me and have large hands, it could prove a weird, again u get used to it.
    4) this really should be one, the battery life is on another level, absolutely long lasting, 5 days without charging and used at approximately 6 hours each day and it still had enough juice left (bout a third)
    4) My sister ditches her Ipod in favour of mine any chance she gets
    5) 8GB might seem small, but I decided to follow Sony's advice and actually use the convert to ATRAC when transferring to player option and i have about 2000 songs which i converted at Atrac 64kbps, and the damn quality remains sounds like a 128kb mp3 quality even better wen u tune the EQ and i still have a whooping 4gb left to play with. how good is that, and i have no problems with the software converting the tracks on my computer to ATRAC why? Because i turn off that options , so to all those that compalin about the software converting ur main music files to atrac, please turn off the option ,its not sony's fault.

    I love this product simply

  6.  Playstation 2 S Pad


    Really is there anything I need tosay about this excellent pad that has served me for ages and is extremely durable. I would know this as I play Pro Evo 5 frequently and when frustration sets in , we all throw the pad and I have thrown mine a lot of times and it still works perfectly...i am not saying throw yours hard against the wall as i did...although it would still keep working lol. Great PS2 pad.

  7. Frank


    Amy Winehouse - CD

    21 New from  £4.32  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.35

     Frank-ly this is an excellent record


    This is Amy Winehouse's debut cd onto the market and it was all we expected from Winehouse following her underground hype. I finally purchased it, and I have been so impressed so far. Her voice,reminicent of an ol skool Nina Simone is more than impressive. She is excellent and holds her weight with whatever track she sings. I think this is an excellent buy and introduction to what Amy Winehouse is about. If you like this then you would surely understand her second album