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Product Reviews

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  1.  GREAT !!!


    Bargain at £12.99
    I recently bought this as a gift for my girlfriend and i payed £39.99
    The only problem i had with this one was the formatting but apart from that great.
    Play.com need to state its class2 not class4 tho
    Great product!

  2.  Opinion?


    Its basically your decision over what you think is the better game (cod4 or cod:wow)
    In my opinion i prefer this to the previous one.
    The gameplay is imence both on and off line.
    Also the campaign is much much much better than on cod4
    But if you liked cod4 no doubt you will like this,
    Give it a try :)

  3.  Talk About Addictive!


    I recentally bought this game after playing the demo (about 10 times)
    and i have to say i thought it was amazing. Yes it doesn't have amazing graphics but the game play is mega fun, yes it can be abit frustrating at times but arnt all games.
    Deferentially worth buying if you enjoyed the demo

  4.  Great Track List


    All 3 CD's have some great classics, and some great new tracks. Worth every penny!


  5.  Great Movie In HD


    This film is outstanding to start off with, but put it in HD and it becomes a whole lot better. The acting in it is outstanding and to say that it was ament to be based in olden times they have made it look amazing.

    100% Recommended

  6.  Great Mouse!


    This mouse is simply great, it is just a plain simple laser mouse and if your looking for a good decent reliable cheap mouse, then this is the mouse for you.
    Top Product!
    Fantastic delivery as well!

  7.  Great Product


    I have got the Sony Ericsson K800i and i got the not so good earphones with the fone so i was on the look out to buy this thing so i can put any earphones into it and it works great. The other day i nearly bought one of them for £10 without the earphones of my friend so glad i waited and got this.
    Worth every penny!

  8.  I Would Recomend It


    I have to admit when watching this film I did really enjoy it, at points I was thinking how unreal, but I supose something similar could happen. the film overall is fantastic, another great fantastic 'Will Smith' film, like usual. 4/5

  9.  GREAT !!!


    This album is amazing although i think that the arctic monkeys are better in my opinion but great album.

  10.  Got Me Hucked!


    A friend told me about it and said it was amazing and really funny, god he wasn't wrong. Got me hucked after 1 episode and just had to keep watching it, hilarious!