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  1.  Awful


    Probably one of the worst films i have ever seen. Not a brilliant storyline and the acting was just shocking. Kelly Brook should stick to her day job as she wrecked this film. Gave this film 1 star as i had to it barely deserved that.

  2.  Wow!


    I went to the premier of this on 4th July and oh my god wasn't it amazing! This film left me with my jaw wide open through out the film which deserves much more than 5 stars. It is much darker and the actors are now young adults whos acting skills have vastly improved. Lots of twists throughout and new characters introduced such as Blaze who's one of Malfoys new friends. Daniel Radcliffe exceeded my expectation and great acting from Helena Bonham Carter shes perfect for the character she plays and Tom Felton (Malfoy) is also given a larger role which portrays his character in both a good and bad light. Have to say there is a really annoying new girl actor in it (you'll spot her straight away) who wasn't needed. This is without a doubt the best film i have sat through this year and i think may be one of the best films ive EVER seen. Would 100% recommend to everyone. Can't wait to watch it again next week! 10/10

  3.  Creepy as hell!


    i dont normally get scared by horror films but this one sent shivers down my spine the acting made it feel quite believable and will guarantee you never sleeping with the tv turned on again!. its a fantastically made film and the acting is really good. well worth a watch and for such a cheap price well worth a place in your collection.

  4.  Disappointing


    This film could have been so much better. The acting was cringe worthilly bad. Hope they don't do a sequel to it. Very disappointing film

  5.  Fantastic!


    Lee Evans has to be the funniest man alive. Went to see this tour at Sheffield Arena with my boyfriend and he had everyone crying with laughter, not only was he absolutely hillarious he was a very down to earth man who bonds with and relates well with his audience and also by talking about his wife and kids was lovely. would definately recommend this. absolutely fantastic. Well Done Lee! hope theres another tour

  6.  Surprisingly good


    This film was recommended to me by a friend and i was very surprised how good it was. Not one of the most obviously talked about horror films but i have to say its one of the best. It is a very realistic film which made the whole experience even more spine tingling. It is a similar layout to hostel but has a much better storyline. Would definately recommend a watch.

  7.  One of the worst films ever made


    This film barely deserves one star. I absolutely love jensen ackles but this film did him no justice. I walked out of the cinema it was that bad. I will give it credit for making it in 3d which was a novelty but when the film started it had no interesting storyline and the "gruesome" special effects could have been done better by a child. It was on overated over the top film. Wouldn't recommend to anyone

  8.  Stunning!


    Absolutely breath taking film! Always manages to make me cry despite watching it around 8 times. Would recommend to those who love a chick flick and also people that have lost someone they loved. Must buy!