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  1.  Super Album


    JME's second solo installment was majorly anticipated as to be a great record (mostly by Jamie Adenuga himself.) And just listening to it explains so much why the artist said that 'this album is epic'. Tracks such as "Over Me" and "Pick Up the Mic" show the projection of his audible persona through his consistently incessant top-notch lyrics. Whereas "Sidetracked" and "Music Ting" display a mellow, more profound sound from the Nigerian-born Grime artist. And above all, "Hospital" makes a lighthearted protrusion into the mainstream remixes, with almost the enitre lineup of Boy Better Know by JME's side, spitting bars over the top of one of Prodigy's hits. JME said this album hasn't been embellished recording-wise compared to his debut, "Famous?" But that's not how it transpires when you listen to it. It's nice to have a properly committed, straight edge, local rapper who puts all of his heart, and his soul into his music. It's nice to have "Blam!"

  2.  Exceeded Expectations & Defines FPS Capabilities


    Pre-Killzone 2 demo: devastating, visual effects; cinematic gameplay and atmospherically perfect graphics. Killzone 2 (full game): sustained demo essentials; edge-of-seat campaign mode and completely dominating online multiplayer. Four years of preparation had evidently appeared through a first kill of the astutely trained Helghast on Corinth River.

    As I had already seen a shocking amount of footage from E3 2005 and later, 2007, my expectations were pretty much higher than when first playing COD 4. Since then, I have read two magazine reviews and played the surprisingly short demo. Even before the full game was on shelves, I thought no game could beat this one. Pre-orders of the game had imminently topped over 1.1 million units in Europe alone. Although, would this PS3-only game be pivotal in enormous, global success?

    Firstly, I came across the campaign mode, which I had already played through (half of the first level). And it was extraordinarily sublime! Whilst changing the controls to the popularly preferred Call of Duty controls, I found the gameplay profoundly exciting and the Helghast similar to the obnoxious COD Nazis - like the reviews had commented.

    The battles take place mostly either in Helghan itself or the ISA space base. Attention to detail is so defining in K2's renaissance as hammering the hostiles with your M8 will leave you as satisfied as hitting an electrical Helghan bug with the butt of your gun. Furthermore, the alternate paths that you can take are endlessly playable - whether stealth-wise or guns blazing. (Though the sneaking may not work in some of the overcrowded, isolated desert bunkers).

    Not forgetting the multiplayer mode, with the Killzone team prioritising the cooperative side within the online play. This mode includes a dozen ranks and seven classes for you to enjoy your simulated K2 experience. It bodes well to most, as five missions including: Assassination and Body count. With 31 other players, you fight through dynamic FPS gameplay and work as a team - whether your a Medic or a Tactician (each with primary and secondary actions such as reviving downed team mates or creating spawn spots) - everyone has a part. The juxtaposition of COD online is very short, though you won't get as easily bored as most Modern Warfare veterans.

    Lastly, the skirmish mode is the extra step further that this game has been willing to take. This includes a maximum of 15 bots for you to play against and with (just like the classic TimeSplitters series) on any of the multiplayer maps. Maybe an addition that will make this game edge ahead in the gaming market.

    What have I gathered from playing this PlayStation 3 exclusive? Well, I have realised what a remarkable game developers are able to produce in these modern times. Killzone 2 is a landmark for future generations of games is substantial in competitive encouragement. It's a shame that it isn't two player, but then again there is always room for improvements. It is only behind Grand Theft Auto 4 and Metal Gear Solid 4 as the fastest moving PS3 game to date. This is the paramount seventh generation game and will endorse quality gaming for future first person shooters. GG's commitment makes World At War look like a radically poor, radically rushed game - proving quality overcomes quantity, once again.

  3.  Ledger: Star Of The Show - Fantastic See


    The long-awaited sequel lived up to expectations and entertained all the way through - every second of tension; agitated to the Joker's next arrival. Although this was a long cinematic, it was the most productive film of it's genre: action-packed scenes and a great cast give it the extra edge a film needs.

    The choice of a bank robbery to initiate the movie was sensible and introduces the Joker in style. As Batman is played by a noble, strong Christian Bale, assisted by the very suave Michael Caine; the 'good guys' are well represented against the psychotic face-painted 'freak'.

    Furthermore, the second disc offers an extra, innovative insight behind the scenes. With the development of the Batman suit and poster art, along with six episodes of Gotham Cable's news program, this is not one to miss.

  4.  Nostalgia Prevails As Sega Welcomes Back The 90's


    It's the kind of game that cures a day of boredom. Your trying to search for a game that you haven't yet completed, but then you stumble across this. You put it in the console and play for hours on end as the Mega Drive's classic addictive gameplay is too good to ignore.

    This time it's in HD! Yes, the Ultimate Collection is back and bigger than ever on a next-gen platform with next-gen 2D graphics. With all the Sega essentials including: Altered Beast, Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, Sonic and many others.

    Apart from the personally sad exception of Street Racer, this collection is absolutely admirable gaming. Relive those agitating final levels of Golden Axe or those debilitating bosses on Altered Beast. Purchase this now.

  5.  Disabled Silent Play = Disabled Play


    Basically, it's a good, solid, atmospherically war-like game; until you look like a prat that is. As soon as I was to play the game, I had to connect my headset in order to instruct my troops, orderly. But, if your an average, non-24/7 gamer, I'd expect an option of mouse use - though, seemingly, this game's entire obnoxious essence is you shouting at the T.V. screen to move your army forward.

    Other than that ludicrous problem, the gameplay is pretty great and everything is viewable: allowing you to see your soldier's precisely ordered attacks. Online play is adequate and pretty much identical to the campaign mode - making it easier to handle.

    So, evidently, this game doesn't bode well with the norm: few reviews and poorly compulsory interface. I wouldn't recommend if you are similar to my likings. But if your a fanatical gamer, this would be ideal for you.

  6.  Relentlessly Resistance


    Resistance 2: an improvement - with tougher game play, rioting deathmatches and co-operative team play. First of all, the campaign is entertaining with constant action, additionally giving you a view of the protagonists slow demise throughout the ten chapters, clustering with levels with intuitive objectives.

    Then theres the online play; the co-operative option allows you and seven other gamers, play through a six level campaign. Complete with parading Chimera, who shoot in a continuously deceptive way - making difficult, claustrophobic circumstance. This is also let's you chose whether to be a soldier, medic or spec ops (depending on your playing style) enabling frontline fighting; team healing and ammo supplying. Whoever you choose may have upgraded weapons and armour.

    The second option of the R2 online play is 'Competitive'. This allows the gamer to play against other R2 players in clans or just in an instant team game. This is the preferable choice as this enables more optional appearance and higher level upgrading. Plus, this is the mode with 60 players in one game, making hectic gameplay.

    All in all, I would recommend this game. It's challenging, gory, rewarding; with great offline and online gaming. In this case, the second one is better than the first one, so go for the sequel, not the prequel.

  7.  Call Of Duty: World(Quite Literally) At War


    Modern Warfare: hard act to follow. Treyarch have stepped up to the plate, once again. Kamikaze attacks; grenade spamming; respawning and storming buildings are the essentials that this game will seduce you with. Newfound air battles have been included in the campaign; gliding through the sky, penetrating Germans as they fall in a ball of flame. Although the theme has jumped back from the modernism of the previous game, this final goodbye to World War II has been an outstanding one. Consisting of fighting in the Pacific and Eastern Europe, you'll be playing as the Americans and the Russians in this WWII epic.

    Co-operative campaign; new, numerous weaponry; improved interface; great graphics and the maintained online multiplayer. Finally, COD has made a two player campaign, playable. This means great in-home, entertainment - with a mate.

    Evidently, old weaponry is pretty much as addictive as Modern Warfare's weapons - flamethrowers and the thompson machine guns, just to name a few. These cause extensive damage and mass violence, leaving you thinking whether that is a corpse or burnt toast. Always a good time for a slash of the knife: the infamous R3 movement - to kill your opponent from close range.

    Also, the interface has improved; meaning the atmosphere is more horrifying, more unpredictable as campaigning against the Japanese gets extremely tiring. Your fellow soldiers will brawl and wrestle with the enemy just to retrieve an item.

    The graphics are additionally, biblically outstanding: blowing up Germans makes further provocative, substantial violence and shotguns now blow off limbs at a short distance.

    Then, of course, the online - famously from game of the year-winning COD 4 - is still top-notch, endless gaming that'll still have that spark of the debuting Modern Warfare adrenaline rushing through you.

    To conclude, this game offers a new experience, maybe not the ultimate (preferred) improvement, but Treyarch have still sustained the grand popularity from the previous game. So, if your a COD veteran and your one whose view of this 'pointless' step-back is inappropriate, then your probably not a buyer. But if your anyone else, this can guarantee pleasing gaming.

  8.  Undoubtedly Fresh, Undoubtedly Metallica


    This album struck me as they chose to promote it at the 2008 Reading Festival; they amazed me. The songs sounded incredible live and as incredible on the CD.

    The album consists of ten songs - fair amount for a Metal album nowadays. 'Cyanide', 'The Day That Never Comes' - just some of the outstanding songs on the album - are pure Metallica. Kirk and James always had that chemistry, and that shows on the record. Lars and Robert coincide with the other two as an unstoppable force of Thrash Metal.

    Still reigning masters of Thrash, Metallica haven't stopped pleasing fans alike. Twenty years Metallica have conquered and in 2008, they conquer once again with a stunning album.

  9. FIFA 09

    FIFA 09


    6 New from  €2.70  Free delivery

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     Great Improvement


    Since the last installment failed as it hadn't improved as much as we needed for a decent FIFA, they have redeemed themselves. This game is at the top with PES; along with all it's licenses, the kits are well-worked and the players are well-named.

    Attributes are more accurate, on-and-off pitch personas are a lot more precise and altogether the game makes you tut at PES's minor improvements. The 'Be A Pro' mode has been made easier and more challenging; views have changed and reactions of the players have realistically changed.

    All in all the game shapes up to be a top seller. Whether it's winning a match against an international amateur or beating the keeping within the loading screen; FIFA 09 is well-recommended, for this year, definitely.

  10.  Shredding, Banging, Singing - What More Could You Want?


    First of all this game was held by the Americans for very long (not willing to give up such an awesome establishment). Now letting it be shipped over to Europe has paid off.

    Although this package has financially bad problems, other than that it has excitingly good gameplay. On the guitar, the drums or even the microphone, Rock Band delivers a next-gen experience the best musical gaming.

    The songs guitar-strum and drum-beat this game to success. As it's been said to be 'easier' than Guitar Hero and maybe as fun. Not releasing this on rival console PS3 might be a regret but I admire the all-new Harmonix for radically changing the gaming world.