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  1.  Great Stuff


    Really enjoy this arnie film, maybe thought it was going to be only so so but i was impressed.

  2.  Welcome Back Mortal Kombat


    This is the real return to the roots of MK.
    Not like the other games ( in my opinion ) that came after MK3.
    One of the main things which made MK was the BIG uppercuts and the low sweeps which are here in bucket loads.
    Loads of classic secret characters and bonus stuff, you can even have some on the old classic MK tunes playing on certain levels!!
    It has one of the best story lines in a game, its got everything there in it and if you liked the first movie well youll just love it.
    If you like your MK1 MK2 & MK3 then just click the buy button right now, it really is that good you wont be disappointed i promiss.
    So what are you waiting for? there are FATALITIES to be done!!

  3.  A really enjoyable game


    Just finished the game and thought id see what reviews its been getting, saw it had 3 out of 5 overall on here with someone giving it 1 star, no doubt they never put much time into it.
    This game to me is an overloooked little gem.
    The graphics are not upto par with alot of todays games out just now but to me it makes up for that in playability & story.
    Outwith the story mode there are a few other modes to play, kinda like challange modes, kill so many people without getting hit, or beat so many in a duel sort of thing.
    Give this a try and give it a few levels to draw you in.
    I aint into giving reviews but this games not getting the credit it deserves.

  4.  A Great Laugh


    Didnt like this guy when i caught him on one of those comedy team tv shows ( i dont think he got to shine ) but i was lucky enough to catch him on Michael McIntyre comedy road show last year and this year which made me get this DVD and it really is a great laugh, i HIGHLY recommend this, and the trailer play.com has on there website doesnt do him justice, mainly because theyve had to cut out swearing etc. So if your wanting a laugh get this or for someones Xmas, its awesome and you wont regret it.
    Nice one Kevin Bridges.

  5.  Bourne Again


    This is not a demo review, review given is of the full game.
    Fun filled, action packed game which i think is very addictive and good all round.
    Based on the Bourne Identity move, but with no Matt Damon in sight.
    With some flash back missions with you being the treadstone assassin doing what he does best.
    The game really makes you feel like your that 30 million dollar killer they keep going on about.
    Great hand to hand fighting thou there could of been more variety in the combo's you can do but its still great fun beating down 3 bad guys at the one time using your special adrenaline moves.
    Graphics are nice, very satisfying sound effects when in hand to hand combat or using firearms, music is just straight out of the movies which makes the mood just perfect.
    Only 11 levels to this game & did feel it was abit short, finished in a night.
    The driving level is a welcomed change, changes the pace alittle which is good.
    Completed this on easy ( trainee ) found it to be a challange, now i have it racked upto hard ( assassin ) with only a a few levels to complete which is much more of a challange with harder hitting enemies and bosses.
    Just love getting those achievement points.

    Seriously worth getting if your into your action games like COD4, Stranglehold type of games.
    No online play just single player.

  6.  Awesome Film, Great Action, Perfect Cast


    An all round awesome action movie, alot like the japanese Battle Royale movies ( also very good thou in japanese with english subs ) some people even compare this to The Running man too.
    This film still pulls it off even thou it is a copy of other films, rent it buy it, just watch it if your into your action, even more so if your a fan of wrestling, just to see Stonecold Steve Austin do what he does best, and he does it big style in this movie.
    The rest of the cast is perfect also, with Vinnie Jones being badder then bad, again thats what he does best, works great with Austin on the screen.

    Alot of great scenes with catchy one liner's, and the soundtracks pretty hot to.

    Hope you all enjoy it as i highly recommend this.