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  1.  wii fit


    if you havent got one yet youve got to get one. its a brilliant and fun way of keeping fit i drop my kids to school at 8 and i spend an hour on it everyday. it weighs u and tells u what ur ideal bmi is then u can set a goal on how much weight u want to lose or gain in the period of time u want. the one i love doing best is step arobics keeping in time with the little wii caracters and if u want a right laugh get someone on the hula hooping and watch them wiggle there hips i never knew my husband could move like that lol. well all i can say its a fun way for all the family to exercise i have a sons 15 10 and daughters 11 7 and if the dogs could get on there they would too the way they look. RIGHT A DEFFINATE MUST TO GET

  2.  puyo pop fever


    If your a lover of bubble bobble youll love this game instead of little dinosaurs its little ppl.

  3.  psp


    I bought my older son this when they first came out and bought my younger son the slim version last year. id rate this one everytime i think the slim one is very cheaply made and flimsey.

  4.  ds pink


    I bought my daughter a pink ds and she played on it all the time then my younger daughter was always grizzling that she wanted to play and as kids do they argued so i bought my younger daughter a white one for christmas. then i got the bug i was always playing on theres so then i bought myself one it came in really handy had loads of hospital appointments and got hospitalised a few times and this help keep boredom away best money ive ever spent.

  5.  psp speaker system


    I really think this is a good idea my both boys put music on there psps but i find when the volume is turned up full its not very loud. But with this they can listen to there music and watchthere umds and actually hear them.

  6.  slim psp


    Im not that fussed on this new slim psp my older son had the first one out ok its alot heavier but i think its more solid and sturdier the new one seems really cheaply made and if i had to buy it again id go for the older more bulkier version

  7.  wwe smackdown vs raw 2008


    Bought this for my son with him being a wrestling fanatic i had to get this hes got all the other wrestling games for the ps2 and the xbox and the xbox 360 had to get this one for the psp so he could actually take it out with him. to be honest he spends most of his time on the psp wrestling i swer that its glued to his hands lol.

  8.  gta san andreas


    again if you wn one of the gta cant see much point of buying the others there all pretty much the same like i said it other reviews got the new one reserved hoping its different

  9.  monster rumble


    Another game like the jungle game with the monkeys. where you sit and compete against 3 other ppl hours of fun well worth the money and you havent gotta be a certain age to play this game fun at all ages.

  10.  singstar popworld


    In a way i wish i hadnt bought this game sitting there all nice watching my soaps then i hear my 6 and 10 year old daughters howling down the staires lol peace over. Putting that a side it was well worth the money they play on there for hours i just need a good pair of ear plugs.