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  1.  Fun and keeps your books tidy!


    Bigger and heavier than you might think. They look excellent, make you smile. Great for any smurf fan young and old.

  2.  Excellent


    Outstanding gameplay. Good graphics. Variation and attention to detail is fantastic. Full marks. 9.99?! no brainer. Been playing for a long time and still loads to do.

  3.  Rockstar do it again


    A must for RDR fans. Brilliant gameplay and had me hooked much in the same way as the first game. The only downside is the ending. Haven't played it since. However will take you between 6-10 hours of gameplay.
    If you have played the original this is a total no-brainer.

  4.  Uncharted Odyssey


    As a big Uncharted fan I love the similarities this game provides. The graphics are high quality and I like being able to combine button bashing combat with stealth. For instance you can collect a trophy by avoiding a group of mech robots rather than killing them. You can upgrade your weapons and abilities along the way by collecting tech-orbs. It isn't perfect by any stretch and the camera angles can get frustrating but a challenging and worthwhile purchase.

  5.  Superb


    Uncharted 1 & 2 are absolutely brilliant. I couldn't put my pad down. The graphics are the best i've ever seen and pushes the PS3 to the limit. This is a benchmark for others.
    Storyline was assisted by excellent voiceovers / acting and kept you interested at every level.
    Roll on Uncharted 3 !

  6.  Ashes Cricket 2


    Very very similar to Ashes Cricket. Not much better to be honest. Dissappointing. However is a good cricket game in its own right. I just expected more of an improvement.

  7.  Incredible


    I have played for a very long time and still only 33% through. There are endless missions (some get repetitive yes but you spot these after a while). Amazing graphics and gameplay.
    I played multi player with a friend and you can do co-op missions against computer bandits.
    Quite simply it's the best game I have ever played. No brainer.

  8.  Very funny


    Very funny film. Craig Robinson is hilarious. You will not regret seeing this. I will watch this again.

  9.  Hard to beat


    Fifa has never beaten the Fifa 96 in my eyes until now. Basically all previous efforts have been poor or frustrating to play. I take it all back with Fifa 10. It is the most fluent and realistic football game i've ever played.
    Manager mode is like championship manager but you get to play with the players you sign, sell the players you dont need and win trophies.
    Commentary is first class from Andy Gray and Martin Tyler, just like watching sky sports.
    Fantastic game, hard to beat. My only gripe is that freekicks are given far too easily for what is little more than a shoulder barge. It's a physical game!

  10.  Excellent


    My long search for a good case is over. This offers good protection, ease of use and access to buttons and doesnt attract dust.