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  1.  worthy of the series but..


    I am a casual gamer and number one and two were one of few games I have truly loved, I'll just get through here and start again tomorrow, then you just wanna see a bit more till you realise youve been gaming for four hours. As soon as number 3 came out I had to get it. The beginning and cut scenes are brilliant, the graphics and scenery truly stunning, storyline excellent. I was however very disappointed with the length (completed in 15 hours and I aint a great gamer) and the difficulty level. In the previous games there were parts of massive frustration followed by a genuine feeling of achievement yet there was no part in this game when I truly struggled to get through. The puzzle element was harder at the beginning than end, and puzzles later in the game seemed easy by comparison. The end was a slight anticlimax when there was no true boss to finish off with any difficulty and no scares in the dark or the Jin as I anticipated. The bit running through streets whilst hallucinating, the ship and the plane scenes are gripping though.The enemy AI is not great adding to the ease. I have given 5 stars though as it is a fantastic game, with great story, animation, set pieces second to none and gameplay, truly essential for your collection I think we were too spoiled with first two.

  2.  dte666


    I love FPS games, I loved the first game and to be honest when I started this I thought it was so dark and gloomy and did'nt know where the enemy was at times. I persevered and now love it and hold it in as high esteem as the first. The first Killzone had more diverse locations I find but number 2 really submerges you in the locations. The darkness and downright sneakiness of the AI is good as well. The blood smattering on the screen when you get shot does mess up being able to see but it adds to the panic of being killed so I think it's a great touch. The only negative for me is the lack of variety in enemies but it's a small gripe. I love the weaponry, the difficulty is set just the right side of frustration and I loved using the controller to plant bombs which was a nice if small touch. Turn the sound up though (without granny in the room as theres a bit of swearing) as you more often hear the enemy before you see him. This title is right up there for me with new and classic fps titles i love like goldeneye N64, MOH Frontline & Rising Sun, COD Modern Warfare 1 & 2, Black PS2 and Timesplitters, Resistance 2 & Killzone.

  3.  dte666


    I would rate the first installment as being one of the best games I have played and I had to complete it which I did. Now I have a big collection of titles but am a casual gamer so it takes a lot to get me seriously hooked to play start to finish but this title is probably the best I've played. It's a little like tomb raider adventure wise but there is just the right amount of cut scenes, considering I usually skip them this is the first game I really enjoyed the storyline. Just the right level of difficulty without being frustrated. Graphics are immense considering the amount of stuff going on, big explosions, guns etc but I was really impressed with the control over drake himself. This is a serious must buy and I would rate it my favourite on PS3 closely followed by the first, even my gf who hates games liked it so that's a massive compliment. Hats off to the creators and Im waiting for number 3 to be as good.