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  1.  Fantastic


    Got red and yellow this morning, ordered 2 more praying I'll be sent blue and pig, odd you can't choose the one you want that's the reason I'm marking it down.

    Product wise however they are HUGE and very soft. Quality.

  2.  Dedicated Collectors - Avoid!!!


    I have every model from the gears of war range in a battle scene on a shelf, and this one looks so totally out of place he's hidden behind all the others!

    When you get it out of the box, it looks likes they have forgotten to paint the yellow detail on the model, it looks so different from the picture given! Only comes with a Shotgun too, no other accessories like most of the other locust.

    I can only see people buying this EXPENSIVE locust if they are trying to buy them all like me, but what a major disappointment. Buy any of the other locust instead of this one, trust me!

  3.  Very nice - Grenades look awesome.


    Nice solid Model, and very generous with the accessories for the price, a Hammerburst, Gorgon, and a Frag come with it!

  4.  Very Good model- adds variation!!!


    Very nicely detailed, the tickers mouth moves up and down, and what this doesn't tell you is that is has 2 discreet wheels underneath it, and if you pull if back, it scurries along your shelf,desk etc etc! Nice touch ;)

  5.  Fairly Decent model - From a collector who has them all!!


    Quite detailed, not so much as say the Cyclops who has moveable helmet, and it's hard to get the flamethrower into a decent position in a battle scene, Comes with Scorcher and Backpack fuel tank accessories. Overall pretty good for the price.

  6.  Very Well made!


    Took an awful long time for Play.com to send this out, but it's definately worth it. I brought the Shiek Statue Months ago as a massive Zelda fan and although not unimpressed it felt a little lightweight, but detailed all the same and i liked the way each model has a personal Number as there are only 2500 of each model made in the world. The Link statue is the same, but feels much more sturdy and well detailed, it's quite heavy (due to the pavement beng made of a stone like material, opposed to link who is more Plastic-like, but not in a cheap way), these figures look awesome either side of my Tv.

    If you like collectible figurines, get this one, you won't regret it!