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  1.  love it or hate it


    alot of people dislike this game but i love it, the variety of weapons, monsters and locations are amazing and the set pieces are some of the best ive played.If u play with co op u get a real sense of achievement when u bring down a huge monster with your friends

  2.  best phone ive ever owned


    i had the htc touch hd,which was the most complicated phone i have had,i sold it and bought this.The hero is on par with the iphone,loads of apps to download and u can customise the phone however u want.If u want somthing like the iphone and u dont want to pay over 500 squid,buy this.

  3.  surprise game


    im only a couple of hours into this but my so far the game seems fantastic.Really polished, coming down as one of the 4 men of the apocalpse and basically kicking demon and angels bums is very satisfying,so is throwing a car about a mile for it to land right on someones head.

  4.  fantastic


    This game is one of the best games i have ever played.At first its abit daunting cause u havent got much ammo and your low levelled but once u level up abit its brilliant.The map is huge,i explored it for hours looking for different places,i still havent explored everywhere.Story missions are abit short so i reccomend exploring and doing sidemissions

  5.  original game


    only just got round to playing this having owned it for months, and really enjoyed it.If u want to go round blasting enemys though buy call of duty.The guy below said "what type of game is this" its called a platformer,not all games make u shoot people

  6.  very good


    Very easy to fit, screws on the ps3 were abit tighter than i thought but i just used some plyers.have now downloaded loads of demos and videos,highly reccomended

  7.  design flaw


    I recently sold this phone because there is a gap between the keys and the screen and dust was getting in the screen, this bothered me so i sold it and have now ordered the nokia 5800 hopefully it wont have the same problem, shame really cause the e71 is one of the best looking phones i have ever seen.

  8.  cod4


    best shooter since goldeneye, downside is its taking up most of my life online.