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  1.  This game is easily one of the best currently available


    This game is easily one of the best currently available for the WII. Considering the weaker hardware of the WII, the graphics in this game are excellent. The models are detailed and the textures are lush and vivid. Having avoided the N64 and the Gamecube, this game was my first experience of Mario being brought from 2d to 3d and I was totally thrilled with the result that Nintendo have achieved. The comical cartoony look of the game, combined with humourous animations and characters enchant audiences young and old alike.

    The controls are very simple and the game talks you through it step by step, without hindering experienced players. The selection of board games is good, each board with its own playing style and set of rules. The minigames are hilarious and very entertaining in multiplayer, and a nice feature is that you are able to access your favourite minigames without having to play the board games if you wish.

    The only weakness of this game is single player, as I found the COM to be of little challenge, especially in the minigames, so I recommend setting the difficulty to hard once you have got a feel for the game. But remember that this game is Mario PARTY, and the whole point is to play it with other people, and for that entertainment purpose it excels.

  2.  Even die-hard Harry Potter fans may find this disappointing


    I was really looking forward to this game, and was so disappointed once I had played it. Whilst the use of the WII remote as a wand was moderately enjoyable, the method of spellcasting was repetitive and monotonous. The game would frequently refuse to respond to spellcasting, despite performing the correct motions with the wand, and this was especially frustrating during combat.

    Graphics were very poor in comparison to other WII games, and I would say that they are at about PS1 standard. Low geometric detail on the characters, and several areas with very low quality textures combine to give it that very pixelated feel. Despite this, the framerate was noticeably sluggish, once again especially during combat.

    The gameplay drags on, and consists mainly of running around. Yes - running around. This game is 90% running from one place to another, 5% of watching short poorly animated clips from the film, and 5% of spellcasting.

  3.  First I was skeptical, now I am grateful we got one in time!


    At first I was skeptical about this console, thinking that it could never match up to the enormous hype surrounding it. How incredibly wrong I was, when I finally bought one and was showing it off to my family and friends. I have had mine for only four months, and now nearly everyone I have shown mine to has gone out and bought one for themselves too!

    The truly great thing about this console is in its appeal to all age categories and personality types. Even members of my famlily and many of my friends who normally don't like computers and videogames were hooked on the spot by the humble WII Sports. This is a sociable console, which means its enjoyment factor thrives on having large numbers of people to play it, rather than something that you sit staring at alone.

    Critiscism of this console are mainly due to poor graphics in comparison to the 360 and PS3, and indeed this is true to a certain extent. However, this is irrelevant when comparing the consoles in terms of ingenuity, ergonomically designed and user friendly controls, and multiplayer enjoyment. I have owned many consoles, and not one has appealed to so many of my friends and family as this one has.

    So in conclusion:
    If you want a console that will provide endless hours of enjoyment with your friends and family, and you would prefer excellent gameplay rather than fancy graphics - choose the WII.
    If you want a console that you will only play alone or online, and you are obsessed with fancy graphics rather than gameplay, this may not be the console for you.

  4.  Incredibly funny and entertaining


    Anyone who hasn't had their sense of humour surgically removed will find this game hilarious and enjoyable to play. The action is incredibly fast-paced, which means that this game may not be to everyone's taste. When you first start playing, it can be frustrating because by the time you figure out what you are supposed to do the time limit has already expired. After a few tries though, the controls are very easy to settle into. The sheer randomness and absurdity of the minigames has had everyone I know in histerics, and the animated sequences that procede each level are very humourous. I really loved the renditions of older consoles and games, especially the StarFox boss level. Once you have completed the single player, the multiplayer becomes available with four modes to choose from. The handy thing is that the multiplayer requires only one WII controller and yet supports up to 12 players, so I would heartily recommend this to anyone who has recently bought a WII console and only has the one remote.

  5.  Excellent fun for all


    This is one exceptional game that had my friends and I roaring with laughter, and the only reason we stopped playing was because we were so exhausted! The effort that has gone into making this game is immediately evident from the moment you watch the intro movie. There are plenty of events and characters to choose from, and the gameplay is superbly implemented with controls that are easy to learn, and yet still provide a challenging and enjoyable experience. If you only buy one game this Christmas, make it this one - you will not be disappointed!

  6.  Another cheap thrown-together title from EA


    Was hoping for a lot from this game when I bought it, and was very disappointed. The song selection is very small and the tracks are poor recreations of the originals - I have heard better performances from amateur bands at my local pub. I get the feeling that this game was put together incredibly low budget and had very little involvement from anyone who is musically talented.

    Let's begin with the dance-off:
    For a start, the metronome clicks from the WII remote are out of time on most of the songs, I had to turn the remote volume off to be able to get a decent score. Otherwise you spend the whole track trying to listen to the 'tick tock' instead of the song. You swing the remote up, down, left and right in time with the music to fill your boogie meter. Then you can do combos by... yet again swinging up down left or right. You can also move around the stage to collect 1 of 3 types of powerups. This sort of gameplay is only challenging if you are incredibly young or very drunk and is of little interest to either category. My six year old son-in-law played this game with his friends once and was bored and asked to go back to WII sports instead.

    Then there is Karaoke:
    This is very similar to singstar, with the lyrics at the bottom and coloured blobs representing pitch. However there is only one microphone which means no multiplayer, and it is difficult to convince people to sing on their own at parties when they might have otherwise been persuaded to join in with a friend. Furthermore, during parts of the songs you can hear the artist singing, but no blobs to sing along to (and I'm not talking about the Grease track with the option of singing either male or female). The game doesn't recognise pitch very well, and you can basically have one player talking in a monotone, and then another player singing in perfect pitch, and their scores will be very similar.

    Finally the Story Mode and Shop:
    When you first start playing, most of the songs, stages and clothing is locked and you have to purchase them at the shop or unlock them through story mode. Because of the funky cartoony look of the game, they could have put in some animated scenes during the story mode that would have made it interesting (think of Wario Smooth Moves!). Instead you are presented with one background with static character pictures and about 100 words of boring text to read through. In the end I just ended up skipping the text and breezing through the challenges to unlock the feeble number of tracks available in the game.

    My advice to anyone considering buying this game is:

    Another classic rip-off cheaply produced title from the corporation that destroys smaller games companies. R.I.P. Bullfrog.