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  1.  amazing game


    Best graphics ever seen, feels like your in a real way. a must buy.

  2.  WOW !!!!!


    The game is amazing, i wansn't sure weather to get it after playing the demo, but the full game is just unbeleivible is amazing, the graphics are the best yet i have seen in any game, 1 thing i didn't like about the demo was the camera, but in the full game you can have the camera close like FNR3 and if you do this you can notice how amazing the graphics are! the career is good so far there is lot to it. the create a boxer is awesome endless choices, and you created guy looks like he is a proper boxer from the roster wich is good. doont judge this game from the demo, trust me it is truly outstanding!!!!

  3.  amazing game


    i got this game, and i wasent sure if i would like it, but its so fun, i cant stop playing it, it has pool on it as an extra and all sorts of modes, the graphics are pretty coooool and live is good, its a fantastic game, i wont stop playing untill i clear the hole table in school hehe :) get this game its amazing!

  4.  Amazing


    This is amazing, i played the demo and i was buzzing with the gameplay, its so fun!!! me and a friend have been playing the demo for hours, its so realistic we feel like were having a feel fight, its awesome, it's no button bashing game requirs skill! and the graphics are amazing, better than fight nigt round 3, wich is gooood!!! i think this game might just be better than fight night round 4, but i can't say anything untill fight night round 4 is released, but this is a must have, the best fighter yet!!!!!!!!! beleive me.

  5.  pint & two e


    Shameless, my fav program ever, i love it, and the new sereies has been amazing, very different that the other five, but in a good way, it's much darker! some episodes are really serious and dark, and others are just funny and a laugh, but i love this series, all my fave charcters are in it alot more, mickie plays a big role in this series wich is goood. ever episode has a really good sotry line, there is no filler episodes, its a must have, i could watch this dvd over and over!

  6.  amazing game


    this game is really good, the story is great and funny at times, the graphics are good, not as good as call of duty 5 but still good, the acheavments are really good, and easy to get as you progress through the story! for the price its a bargin trust me!!!

  7.  good game!


    this is a fun game, the career mode is cool and fun. the acheavments are really goood! the graphics,, just average, but for the money it's a good game!

  8.  Amazing!


    This game is relly good, but it's so hard at times, you have to travel like 10 minits to get to the mission and will probly die on the way and have to do it all again lol but its fun haha, the map creater is just amazing, so creative, you can creat near enough anything you can think of, its brill! Online i am not to sure yet i aint played it much, it seem's ok but not amazing, the graphics on this game are just the best i think i have ever seen, better than call of duty!!!!!! For the price get it, but if games wind you up easy and you give up, i dont think it's the game for you. But if not get it.

  9.  Amazing Amazing!!!!!!!!!


    These headphones are just amazing, the quality is great, the desighn is awesome. And they are really comftible and very well made. I was in my dads car with these on , and he had music on really loud, and once i put them on and put music on at quit a low volume, i couldnt hear the music that was on in the car, the sound counciling is amazing, trust me they are way worth the money!!

  10.  wwe one night stand 2008


    One night stand 2008 was a really good ppv, every match was special, there was no times when it got boring, it's worth your money!