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  1.  So far so good!


    I've been looking for a suitable replacement pair of headphones for a while. I rushed into buying my last pair of Sony's and I ended up with a product that felt too plastic like and brittle. Eventually living up to how they felt (snapping). I needed a pair mainly for listening to music and also while I video edit.

    My friend suggested steelseries headphones to me and I did a little bit of research. They really are a pair of headphones that look stunning. Personally I wanted the white ones but I would imagine these look great in any of the available colours. But what about the feel of them? Literally the first time I put them on I was blown away at how comfortable they are! You almost forget you are wearing them at times. The headband at the top acts as a perfect cushion for the top of your mellon. The actual parts that sit over your ears are wide enough and cushioned enough to make any audio experience a really comfortable one. The material would even suggest they would keep your ears warm in the winter? But I've yet to prove that.

    The sound that comes out of these bad boys is truly amazing. Its like sitting in a room and just listening to music, minus the actual headphones. Awesome! The bass levels are pretty good but I felt they could of been a little bit more bassier on the low volume levels. Cranking up the volume does increase bass to a great level, but sometimes you don't want to do that. I think that's the only gripe I've got with these (and it isn't THAT bad, if bad at all).

    If you are looking for headphones though that keep what you're listening to within the confines of your headset, these might not be the best option. If you're cranking the volume, people next to you can hear what's being played. If you don't care about that then you should already have added these headphones to your shopping basket! 4/5 for these for me! Absolutely chuffed to bits. Wouldn't swap them! GO ON AND GET A PAIR!

  2.  Refined and ready to roll!


    With a few of the previous seasons creases ironed out, this is by far the best out of all of the series! Every episode welds it's scum bag bad guy who the A-Team push back against, even though all the odds are against them. Each episode has a wonderful fun theme stitched in it via Murdoch, it just all works! You come away after watching an episode feeling like you've been included in something larger than a tv show (well it was a legacy!). I enjoyed every episode in this season and throughly recommend it to any hardcore fan. As said in my season 1 review, go the whole hog on this, buy the entire season, you won't be making a mistake!

    Ok so a few of the episodes re-use the same town, and the same plane, but who cares? The A-Team wasn't intended for the oscars, it was intended to bring high octane entertainment to everyone! Under the budget they had, they did wonderfully!

  3.  The stuff young dreams are made of!


    I was like so many others, a massive a-team fan as a youngster. I wondered around 7 months ago if it was possible to get the seasons on dvd. I had a couple of compilation dvds with 3 episodes on each, but it just wasn't enough.

    Thankfully play.com held the solution! When i got this season i spent a few days casually working through the episodes. It was time well spent! Great episodes, good fun. Ok the a-team does have extra helpings of cheese, but it's what the die hard fan loves. I recommend this as a must for any a-team fan. Go the whole hog! Buy the entire series and then work your way up. You will not be disappointed. This is the team as their prime!

  4.  A classic detective film


    If you like black and white films, with a noir style to them, and also a bit of murder mystery to boot, this is the film for you. They really don't make them like this anymore. Out of all the films I studied at university in my degree, this is one that has held firm as a favourite. Well worth buying, thank you play.com for stocking it!

  5.  Amazing film


    The trouble is these days, the world is just full of too many feminists, judging by the negative reviews below.

    This film is amazing, its good acting from from the main characters. The cinematography is amazing and the storyline is just right. Before anyone starts harping on at me for not knowing what im talking about, I'm a cinematographer. The myth that is brought in is just light hearted enough for anyone to enjoy. If you aren't a fan of action and prefer something involving hugh grant, stay away from this film. But if you are a lover for real action and a strong willed storyline, go for this. Personally this is one of my all time favourites and I'm even going to get a now defunked xbox 360 HD drive just because I want this film on HD (plus the drives are going cheap now and I really can't be bothered to wait for the blu ray add on drive!).

    In short, get this film!

  6.  A film that changes your outlook


    A wonderfully shot film with a slightly sad yet amazing undertone. The cinematography within the film is breathtaking and indeed makes you want to cut up your credit cards and burn your bucks (if only for 3 hours!). I find it amazing how much deidication was put into this, especially from Emiel in the scenes where he is starving. This should be any cinematographers best friend, it not only serves as an inspirational story but a catalyst to which all film makers can react to. It made me want to get out there and make something equally inspiring. Buy this film, do NOT hesitate!

  7.  Why are people moaning about this TV?!?!?!?!?!


    Firstly thanks for everyone that gave good advice on this tv it really did help me put down the dollar for it.

    But lets get straight to the point! This tv is amazing. It does take a little bit of calibration out of the box but a simple google search can get you an easy to set up guide off a forum or a website. The size is HUGE! It really is amazing and perfect for my bedroom, it means I can sit on my bed and watch any film without a care in the world or the slightest squint to see anything. I had a 13 inch flatscreen before this (kindly donated by my parents so I can't complain) and now it's like I've gone to TV heaven haha.

    The sound I find to be really good, I think the people that are moaning below about rubbish sound clearly need to get some sort of life because if you are that anal about sound you should have a surround sound system anyways. I work with bands (filming them and recording audio) so I'm not an audio novice, I know what's good and what isn't, and this tv really isn't ANYTHING to worry about so don't worry.

    The picture quality is great on dvd's however if you are watching something like The A-team or something from around the 80's era TURN OFF THE MOTION SETTING on the tv because it actually does make you feel slightly sick. It's all to do with frame rates. It makes the footage look like its going faster, yet keeping up with the audio, its surreal. It also makes some shots look like they were filmed now instead of back in the good ol' 80's which is kinda cool but off putting. As soon as I switched that off I was beyond happy.

    The look of the tv is amazing, sleek black with a lovely design. The stand is sturdy and firm. Not only that but you can turn the tv to an angle which is amazing for me because I can link my mac book to the tv now and preview any music videos I make on it. If I didn't have the swivel option then it would be awkward but its clear samsung have thought this out well!

    The delay between channels is a problem for some people. C'mon people, if that is something to moan about you need to get a grip! Go watch 'into the wild' on dvd and feel ashamed at how pety your life is. Just to clarify..... the delay isn't huge!

    In short (sorry I'm rambling) GET THIS TV, DON'T WASTE TIME THINKING ABOUT IT, BUY IT AND START LOVING IT. I'm going to play my xbox 360 on it later but I have high expectations for that! I will come back and report on it as I know gaming is important.

    Thank you play.com, you are without a doubt my favourite and most trusted site!

    I GIVE THIS TV A 9/10!