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  1.  Driving Test Success: All Tests (2008/09 Edition)


    Was excited in receiving this to get stuck into preparing for my theory test but was majorly let down as the disc was a dud... was 100% blank. Wasted more money on the phone call to tech support and the postage back to Play.com for a refund than the cost of the actual item itself... i knew i should of gone for the interactive DVD

  2.  Let's Get Ready To Rumble In 2008


    Greatest SmackDown Vs Raw title to date yet.

    Massive improvement since the 2007 edition.

    Highlights include - Fire, more weapons, better gameplay, Fire, more match types, greatly improved graphics and not forgetting the Fire.

    Disspointing bits include - lack of most the roster's - and not being able to select some people in the WWE 24/7 mode.

    Other than that 4.5 Stars Guaranteed.

  3.  Superbad (2 Discs) (Blu-ray)


    uhhhh can't see what the hype was all about.
    couldnt get into it as much as i was expecting to do but its still ok none the less.
    as for the blu-ray quality there no doubt this is one of the best.

  4.  Scary Movie (Blu-ray)


    WASSSSSUP with this movie that keeps you coming back and watching it over and over again.
    More expensive than the other Blu-Rays but deffinetly worth the extra few quid.
    This HAS to be the messuring stick for all Horror/Comedy movies yet to come.

  5.  Scary Movie 4 (Blu-ray)


    I also agree - not the best Scary Movie but better than number 3 for sure. - Pretty decent upscale to HD for the Blu-Ray release. Just hope number 5 will be better (thats right - number 5 IS planned and in production)

  6.  Firewall (Blu-ray)


    Not to bad of a movie - passes the time when your bored.
    Not the best upsacled Blu-ray out there but it's alright i supose.

  7.  House Of Wax (Blu-ray)


    Totally agree with the guy below.
    More of a mild thriller than horror.
    As for the fire - looks better on screen than the real thing.

  8. Hitch



    21 New from  £7.80  Free delivery

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     Hitch (Blu-ray)


    Deffinelty one of Smith's lamest movies EEEEEEVER.
    Only good point about the film is the somewhat alright Blu-Ray quality. Save your self a few quid and watch grass grow rather than buy this.

  9.  50 First Dates (Blu-ray)


    Only 3 words can describe this movie = Sandler Is God
    as for the movie quality = top notch. full stop

  10.  Chicago (Blu-ray)


    extremly good film - storyline draws you in.
    as for the HD transfer for the Blu-Ray edition = not the best iv'e seen but pretty good none the less.