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  1.  Great CD for easy listening


    I dont see anything wrong with this compilation, no Bohemian Rhapsody hardly makes this a poor CD
    There are some great songs classics like Pet Shop Boys West End Girls The Human League Dont You Want Me great songs from Coldplay Oasis David Bowie.

    Yes there are some rubbish songs All Saints and Hearsay would not be my choice.

    Great CD for easy listening in the car.

  2.  Lovely writing and charming illustration


    Lovely writing and charming illustration

    I purchased this for my five year old son who is at the early stages of reading and is slowly understanding how books can show a whole new world of imagination and adventure.

    He loves this book and really enjoys the way the words bounce along, I have lost count at the number of times I have had to read the book to him, but that is no chore I also enjoy the way it rhymes.

    There is a glittery ladybird on each page for your little one to find, hidden amongst the wonderful illustrated animals and landscape.

    Do I recommend? Yes absolutely, It's a lovely book that will be enjoyed for many reasons.

  3.  Another excellent game for the Wii


    The latest from the Mario games, It is not in the same league as Mario and sonic at the Olympics or Mario Galley (but what is?) but still very enjoyable as a two or four player game.

    It is a game that needs to be played a number of times before you can start to really enjoy It, controls are Okay use the Nunchuk It makes the game harder and more enjoyable. you don't really need to do much to return the ball, but you can with a lot of practise effect the way It is delivered, the power shots are okay but not that exciting, nothing that we haven't seen before.

    First time I played it I was easily beater by my little boy who is 5 and I am competitive.

    I can also see this being a good game with a few adult friends with a few drinks.

    They are loads of different types of games, which will take a while to find your way through.

    I enjoy a Wii game that my Boy and his cousin (both 5) can play together, it is a joy to see them laughing , and this game made them both laugh, jump up and down, and be bamboozled all at the same time, Excellent!

    Another excellent game for the Wii.

  4.  Stunning Picture and sound


    I own a Toshiba HD DVD but thought I would treat myself to a Blu-Ray player as the film library is extensive where the HD is no longer growing.

    First Impression was how compact it is, set up is easy, but you may need to change a few setting's.

    The Sony player allows you to change the Resolution that the HDMI (HD) puts out, I have a Sony 46" 1080i, the Toshiba was very good but the Sony knocks it for six, pictures is much better, I put this down to the Blu-ray player allowing you to change the setting's to suit the TV i.e. 1080i, Toshiba HD didn't allow me this option.

    Sound is very good, but so is the Toshiba HD player.

    Only grumble is the menu navigation, I don't like it, but that's a personal opinion that doesn't stop the Player producing stunning pictures and sounds. Only job to do now is start buying more Blu-ray films, I have even subscribed to Lovefilm rentals as their blu-ray library is excellent.

  5.  It's fun, funny and very addictive


    When I first saw the advert for this on TV I was put off, It looked weird and didn't sell the fun that the game is, I also thought you would need a Wii board to get the best from the game.

    My little boy has been poorly , as a treat I purchased this for him, this was after reading the positive reviews.

    What a great game it is, It's fun, funny and very addictive, My little boy and his cousin love it, so do I, the Music game to Ladies Night is brilliant. The boys love every game on it and there are loads.

    Best played as a two or more player game but it does hold it's own as a one player.
    There are a couple of games that you can see would be enhanced with a Wii board, but still play well with the normal Wii controllers.

    I put this game up there with the best Wii game such as the Mario and sonic games It is fun, funny and one the family can enjoy.

  6.  Another Masterpiece


    A long awaited new album

    I always get excited when Joe Jackson launches a new album, one because you never really know what your going to get and second you know a tour is on it's way.

    This album does not disappoint, It's Joe Jackson at his best, no fancy sounds just good musicians doing what they do best.

    The one thing that does stand out on this album is how good musicians Joe Jackson (Piano), Graham Maby (bass) and Dave Houghton (drums) are, the mix of Instruments are truly fantastic, I don`t think I ever previous appreciated just how good Graham and Dave are at what they do, vocally I thought they were also fantastic, I found myself playing not only Air Piano, but Air Bass and air Drums.

    Song's on the album that I thought stood out were Invisible Man, Wasted Time, and Place In The Rain, Invisible Man reminded me of a friend who was back in my CD player, Wasted time reminded me in some way's of Slow song from his Night and Day album that I have never tied of listening to.

    Of course the album get's five stars, but I have been a fan of Joe Jackson since I heard Beat Crazy back when dinosaurs walked the earth.

    The DVD is a nice touch, shows Joe and co live in London.

    If you have never heard or are unfamiliar with Joe Jackson give this a go, I promise your enjoy it.
    I remember when I saw him In Manchester on the Night and Day 2 tour one of the stewards had never heard of Joe Jackson (like most people they think he is one of the Jackson five) after the concert he was speechless at how good he was and I could see him buying a CD from the small stall in the hall.

  7.  Excellent product


    When I purchased a Sony TV this came as a free offer.

    Its great, the DVD player is very good, quality is excellent, I can't say I can notice a massive improvement via the HDMI (HD cable) upscaling, but its still a lot better than my old Sony DVD.

    What make's this special is the Freeview tuner and built in Hard drive, I have had a couple of the Thomson Freeview boxes with hard drives which were good, but the Sony is so much better, the picture used to always drop out with the Thomson, It's a rare thing with the Sony, which means It has a better tuner.

    It's also got a large storage capacity, where as I was always deleting on the Thomson to make more space.
    Very easy to use, all you do is select the menu, (which is like the teletext menu), select the program you want to record, press the red button and that's it, It will start recording when the program starts, how I ever managed with a video recorder?

    It's not the cheapest DVD player, but would give it a consideration, If I need to buy another I would not hesitate.