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  1.  Money's Worth


    I don't usually play FPS games but this game is definitely the best of them this year. The single player mode has both fast paced action along with MGS4 style stealth missions in the jungle.

    Multiplayer modes give the game its longevity and there along with Zombie mode. You can also unlock and extra game called 'Dead Ops' which plays like Smash TV and Zombie Apocalypse. You basically get 3 games for the price of one. Well worth the money.

  2.  For people who like Real Time RGP's


    This game has WoW influence to it and a WoW style of gameplay made very easy on the PS3 control pad. There is alot of questing and exploring which you months of lonevity.

    I've only rented this game so far but I will be picking up my own version soon.

  3. Tekken 6

    Tekken 6


    3 New from  £16.72  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £29.99

     Could have been BETTER


    I would like to start by saying that this game will pleasemost people who have followed the Tekken series. Similar to Soul Calibur 4 You can enjoy customizing your characters and then showing them off online. The Scenario Mode (Tekken Force mode) is quite fun and gives the game more longevity.

    ^_^ Now for the Negative.

    First up, if you expect to be playing this online I would avoid going near this game until a patch comes out for. I found that the best connections were from people who lived in the same country as me. Unlike Soul Calibur 4, the customizations are quite hard to get as you need to play through Scenario Mode or just play hundreds of battles to be able to afford like 2 items (hard work).

    Overall, Offline has more to do and is good value for money and Online is disappointing.

  4.  Best Fighting Game!


    A great Game for any fighting game fan. The Collectors Edition is fantastic. I watched the full feature Anime of Street Fighter first and it very enjoyable. you get to know a little bit more about the new character Crimson viper in the film and the role she plays in the game.(likewise with the other characters)

    The Figures are larger than what I thought they would be. You get both Ryu and C.Viper in their poses (well painted too)

    DLC you get this pack where you can download new costumes for characters like Abel, El Feurto, Zangief, E.Honda and Rufus. Very Cool look online.

    Strategy guide is really for more of an insight into the backgrounds and motives of the 4 New Characters that have been introduced. It's very useful if you want to learn one of the new one's as it gives you a breakdown of their combo's in a well illustrated comic book style format.

    Online is very smooth. No lag so far. Smoother than Soul Calibur 4 and Tekken DR by a huge margin. You can check other people's connection online before you play them as well.

    Longevity. This Fighting Game will last you... Trust me! There are soo many trophies to gain and if you have had enough of the arcade mode, you can do the Challenge mode which is a mixture of time Attack, Endurance and Combo challenges.

    There is a lot more on this game like extra characters and gallery modes and medal collections etc...

    My longest review hehe. In short, get the Collecters Edition if you want to know the story and get into the FEEL of Street Fighter 4!

    Well Worth It!

  5.  Great TV


    I mainly bought this TV for my PS3 and my Mac and I am very happy that I did. For the Price this TV is worth every penny and looks really stylish.

  6.  I played this game til half 2 in the morning!


    Absoultly worth the money. I love the chimera's and gigantic bosses that you have to square up against.

    Online i've played the 8 player co-op and found it very addictive.

    30 Vs 30 death match is very nice as well and by the way there was no lag online ^_^.

    I'm more in to fighting games but i would say this is a really fun shooter on both the campaigne, co-op and online mode.

  7.  Based on the Demo


    This game plays fluently and has a very unique battle system that I would describe as being part strategy and part RPG. I am addicted to the demo the moment and I'm definately going to buy this awesome game. The gaphics are also unique making it stand out of the crowd from other games in its genre. i didn't really hear about this game, I just saw the demo and decided to download as it was free and it turned out to be a must buy game.

  8.  I can die happy now


    Simply the best game I have played to date. I was really waiting for Final Fantasy 13 as my major game but this game is special.

  9.  I'm a PC gamer at heart but this is...


    Incredible console. I was debating whether to get the xbox 360 but the cons out weighed the pros such as red ring of death, paying for wifi connecter/subscribtion etc.....

    When I opened the PS3 i was like a super console. I got GTA4 with it and it looks amazing. Its very easy and quick to set up. ( I even let my little sister set up part of it). Online I gaming I haven't tryed yet but I have used the web browser which works flawlessly.

    I have read comments where people boast about the machine being quiet. Its true! lol I didn't think it would make any difference but its pretty much silent.

    Overall the PS3 just feels special from when you take it out of the box. I would describe it as the James Bond of the 3 Nex Gen consoles.

    At this price, with Metal Gear Solid round the corner, just buy it!