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  1.  cracking good yarn


    the second film of three was just as good as the first the only downfall is the time till the last one comes out

  2.  a must see film


    how can people say its just ok it was great dam good story and well acted worth buying and well worth watching

  3.  woman in black


    dont bother save your money it was about as scarey as dr who

  4.  the death relic


    ive read all of his books and enjoyed most of them but this one is weak as water poor plot poor story line dont bother

  5.  save your money


    as ive read all cusslers books and have got most of them this is rubbish the fargos in the story are well rubbish its time he retired them and bring back dirk pitt not the son the dad so dont bother

  6.  time to sail into the sunset


    how any body can say this is good is beyond belief i dont usually take any notice of the critics but they got this spot on its rubbish if i could get my money back i would so save yours

  7.  BUY IT


    one of the best films ive seen in ages great story and well acted buy it

  8.  load of tripe


    one of the worst films i have seen this year save your money

  9.  night at museum 2


    DONT WASTEYOUR TIME this is not a patch on the first film its not even funny so any one that does has a poor sense of humour so put your money back in your pocket and save it for a good film

  10.  the shawshank redemption


    Well how can that fool called kuryoso say the sureshank redemption is ok he dosnt know a good film its got everything this film from an ending no one would expect the actors are just great as is the story the shinning donsnt even come close allm uwho have not seen it go buy it now u wont be dissapointed