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  1.  Brill!


    Fantastic, loving the bass on them, brilliant....... dont make the songs that i listen too that actually have bass sound so flat anymore :D :D

  2.  Not his best - But still Brilliant!


    Definitely not his best Album, but this is a cracker and is a must if you are into Eminem. This album will be one of the albums of 2010 without a doubt :)

  3.  Superb!!


    I have been using this Flip UltraHD for around 3 months now, and i have put around 9 videos onto Youtube using this camera and the software provided with it, and the quality is excellent and i actually prefer this to the Canon Camcorder i have which is also HD and cost me 800 pounds!!
    Definitely worth the money, you will not be dissapointed :)

  4.  Brilliant earphones


    Sound quality is good with these earphones, and im writing this review now....... Almost 6 months after buying them and they are still going. Buy these instead of the official apple earphones for the ipod, as believe me...... These will last alot longer and are much more value for money

  5.  Ive been slatting this game....... but.........


    Ive been giving this game ALOT of stick since i pre-ordered since i found out that they did not have dedicated servers, but i have to say im really enjoying the online play. ALTHOUGH it is very annoying having different hosts from different countries messing up your game and ping, the gameplay is still very much brilliant. Single player and Co-op's is also fantastic. Im glad i got the game although Infinity ward really do need to listen to the public next time, as they have lost alot of fans and money making big tweeks on MW2

  6.  Brilliant!


    I bought this to use in my Car, as my stereo has an SD card facility, and this 16GB card will store alot of albums and works brilliantly!

  7.  Non Stop Laughter!


    This DVD will make you laugh constantly..... just like his other DVDs do. I went to see Lee in Manchester on this tour, and even now watching the DVD back, i cant help it but laugh........ fantastic comedian, with a brilliant DVD :)

  8.  Great CD, with all her best hits!


    Cant knock this CD, all her best songs on one album. This is on repeat in my car :) :)

  9.  Cant knock this!


    Brilliant care, just the right size for the GO Tom Tom range. Im sure you could chuck this across the room and you know your tom tom will still be in once piece when you open it up. Very stirdy and strong :)
    Good storage case and just what you need when you are out and about and need to pack the Tom Tom away alot!

  10.  Really Good so far!


    Bought 2 of these a few months back after my Nokia battery was completely flat, and used to die within around 5 hours of being charged.
    2-3 months down the line and the one i have been using has been holding up really well. I can now leave my mobile for days before it needs charging again, and i use it often every day, so im certainly getting my fair share of use from my phone.
    Seems like a really good battery, for a brilliant price!!