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  1.  not bad, could be better


    having owned the ps4 since just before Christmas here's what I think so far.
    the console itself is a very nifty bit of kit. graphically it is simply stunning. the games run very fluidly and so far I have not experienced a problem with them. the installs are a little but of a pain but they were starting to do that with the old console anyway so it is really nit-picking at this point. the controller itself is amazing in the hand and feels very well built. the live streaming is a lot of fun and great to be able to see how your friends play the games, having said that the voice commands are very basic with the voice control but that was more quirky than anything else in my mind. not being able to personalise the home screen is a bit of a let down in my eyes. with the ps3 being able to download your own wallpapers whether static or dynamic was something that truly made owning the console your own. also the fact that ps4 is not backwards compatible was a huge let down in my eyes as all of the hard work you have made trying to get your game collection is rendered pretty much pointless (while I realize its a new console it still would have been nice being able to play gta 5 with your mates without having to change consoles over). another thing that is a bit of an annoyance is that at this moment in time the ps4 is not 3d compatible. what I mean by that is that your 3d blu rays will not run in 3d, now sony having made a big thing out of this on the previous console only to leave it out on this one at launch strikes me as a little bit odd. the launch titles are a little weak I have to admit, but no doubt that in time when the game publishers start working their magic you will really see what the console is capable of. comparing it to the xbox one they are very similar machines, the only obvious difference in them is that Microsoft tend to be leading towards and overall multimedia box where as sony is strictly for gaming and nothing else. so, should you get one? at this particular moment in time if you are more than happy playing on the games you have on the ps3 or xbox 360 I wouldn't really bother yourself too much unless like me you just simply had to go out and get it. it's a good little machine but at the price it is and the games out there I would wait until there is a little more to it than what it is right now.

  2.  Very addictive and slightly frustrating at the same time!


    I have followed the fifa series from all the way back from the sega mega drive days and even the pes games. when i bought fifa 12 i found myself getting bored with it quite easily and dritfed to pes, however what they have done is taken the good bits from fifa 12, added a whole new physics of the game in to 13. if you want to just run easily past players, hit those impossible shots in to goal then in all honesty this game is simply not for you. if you want to get that last gasp goal and grind out the results, shout and scream at your tv like a supporter then this game is right up your alley!. why some people complain about the realism of the game really baffles me. i personally love it and find it dragging me more and more in to the game wanting to fight for the goals, get revenge on the team that beats you. the only gripe i have with the game is the new loose ball system tends to favour the game a bit more than it does you

  3.  wicked games only minor problems


    this game is quite easily one of the best games on the ds. if you have the money to buy it then do get it. the only problem i genuinely have with the game is the shoddy music and that when you mix beasts together you have to train them all from scratch again which can become annoying. but if you can deal with only those 2 things then this is a must buy