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  1.  Reasonable as keyring but disappointing as a gadget - POOR!


    This is reasonable if you just want it as a cool keyring which does something. But as a gadget which is meant to pop like bubblewrap it's very disappointing and waste of money as the sound is too quiet and doesn't sound much like bubblewrap at all. The quality of the item isn't very strong and the pop just isnt very real. The actual chain on the keyring is also quite weak. Buy as a reasonable keyring, but not as a gadget which you want to aslways show off with- as it's disappointing and doesn't really display itself very well. Price is a little too high too. I wouldn't recommend this much, unless you really want it..

  2.  Lots of NOISY FUN - Great howling sound - LOUD AS EXPECTED!


    This does what it says. It's a great gadget to played with on a camping trip or at a local park with friends and kids (or even for your garden if you have a releveantly large garden). The sound it makes is very loud and a great howl which makes you really experience the fun of this gadget as it approaches towards you. I would advise you to play with it on grass or slightly soft ground as it won't get damaged if you don't catch it. It seems to be made with great durability and is a perfect gadget fr anyone. This keeps me occupied with friends in the park for hours. Why not give it a try? Well worth the price. A very interesting gadget at such a low price. Keep it up 'Play'. It would be extremely greatful of you if you could mark this as 'helpful' if you found the review helpful. thanks alot. I really hope that you enjoy this ultimate gadget as much as me too!

  3.  Keep you occupied for very long! Great classical gadget


    This is basically a very well known classical gadget which is also very well known as being very challenging, applying the use of your mind. This actual product is of a very nice and high quality unlike many other cheap ones which are available these days and break very easily. However, this is a very high quality item, which is the actual 'Rubik's' branded one and therefore lasts a very long time.

    Furtheremore, I also enjoy playing on this very much too. It took some time to begin with, to get used to completing this- but then I managed to complete it quite a few times and it's a great gadget for when you are bored or want to challenge yourself.

    Overall, I'd say that the actual quality of the product is very high if you are interested in buying one, however, compared to all the latest gadgets these days it can seem to be a bit boring for some people- but definately a great entertainer to begin with - It's so great that it's known as a classic and still being sold in many places even though it was released decades ago (that shows how good, fun and challenging it is).

    Anyway, with play.com offering this at such an affordable price, what more can you ask for? It's GREAT!



    This seems to be quite expensive, priced at £24.99. However, it's cheaper than high street stores and if you think about it, you're getting a remote controle helicopter for only that price! It looks quite weak and fragile, however, even after many collisions, it's in full piece - working very smoothly. This is slightly hard to learn to control to begin with, but once you've mastered the controls- it's totally awesome and lots of fun.Juts buy it and you'll find out!!

  5.  Great camera for the price - NOT PERFECT BUT VERY GOOD!


    Bought this camera a few weeks ago now- and it's served ,me well so far, with good quality photos/images, as well as the camera itself being nice and compact. A criticism would be that when it's on the night mode, i found it rather slow to load as it does take some time and can be very slightly annoying (but not much of a problem) . I would advise you that if you were going to buy this camera, as it takes AA batteries (and batteries waste very fast in digital cameras), to buy some rechargeable AA batteries which will save on the cost of batteries as well as protecting the environment and being a lot cost effective. Maybe that's just me though, as I basically start taking pictures of anything (so maybe i just use it too much and you may not need rechargeable batteries. By the way, another thing to be aware of is that due to the size of the lens being slightly large even when closed it is quite difficult to find a suitable protective case to carry it around in, as it is classed as a larger compact camera. So far none of the ones I have found have been big enough. Hope you've found this review helpful. Thanks alot.



    This is a good product which offers 8gb of memory and works relevantly fast too. The write speed is quite good as well as the design of the product being quite appealing and stylish- with the use of some great ergonomics to make it handy, portable and easy to carry around. It's a lot of memory for a good, cheap price which is affordable.

    Obviously, it could have been better my maybe being slightly smaller or having a faster speed, or some special security on it, but it's not the most expensive product in the world. It's great for this price. Isn't it? What more can you expect at such a good price. Really useful product- can be used for many things as such as saving pictures, or school or office work- the list is endless.



    This is a totally awesome product as it can be expensive to buy a 4gb SD card for a camera or any other digital product. But £7.99 is a bargain, with it working well too as it's 'Play' branded. Most digital cameras these days take SD cards and 4GB is a lot of memory and can store many images, data, videos or songs,etc. This is very good for the price and a great product which is really worth the price. Trust me, this is a good deal compared to local shops or high street stores. I hope you find my review helpful and will note it down as being useful.Thanks alot

  8.  Totally improves the gameplay of PS3 - GREAT FOR ALL GAMES!


    These are absolutely fantastic. I just saw them on sale on 'Play.com' and thought i'd give them a try and rather gambled my money on them. However, they turned out ot be exquisite and totally evolved my gameplay as they make the playstation 3 controller ever so much comfortable and easier to use without your fingers slipping of the R2 and L2 buttons as well as making it more stable to hold- giving it additional grip and also improving the looks of the controller when it's placed flat as these act like a stand and help it stand well in an upright position.
    These were so good that I decided to buy an extra pair incase they ever got damaged as these may not be available in the future. This is a very worthwhile investment at only £3.49 with FREE postage. What more can you want? All games seem to be a lot better to play with these on as such as Call of Duty 4, GTA IV, Metal Gear Solid 4, Euro 2008, Fifa 08, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, Grid, Need for Speed, Virtua tennis, Battlefield: Bad Company, etc. Don't know why Sony didn't create the R2 and L2 buttons with these on in the first place. These Real Triggers complete the standard of the PS3 controller as to how good it should be. Well done Giotech. I would highly recommend these to any PS3 gamer.

  9.  Probably one of best games i've ever played - OUTSTANDING!


    This game is totally awesome and is probably one of my best games ever, very closely battling with Call of Duty 4. The game has been well created using stealth very wisely with fighting and action. The story line is also very exciting and interesting , however, the cut-scenes can be too long at times, as there are long cut-scenes and you play for short intervals in-between. BUT, this cannot be seen as being very negative as they can easily be skipped- it just shows the time that has been put into making this game. Many realistic techniques are involved in the game as you can also pretend to die.
    Online gameplay is awesome too. It's just great as you can play as 16 players playing in one match which is something to look forward to. Kojima has given this final chapter some great detail and the game is truly awesome/ace. It's packed with realistic weapons (which there are loads of), as well as the graphics being very clear and sharp too. A fantastic game -No wonder it's ranked best seller ps3 game in most places. JUST BUY IT - IT'S GREAT - BETTER THAN ALL OTHER PS3 GAMES SO FAR!!



    This phone is absolutely fantastic as it's very fast and has a great camera. The quality of the camera seems to be better than the Nokia N95 and Nokia N95 8Gb, due to having an additional Xenon flash which highly increases the quality and brightness of the pictures. On top of that, the sleek appearance of the phone's design and the arrangement of the buttons also makes the phone phone stand out as being one of the most admired phone designs ever made.
    Furthermore, the screen rotating once the phone has been rotating is also an outstanding feature which uses the accelerometer and can be very useful. Memory cards can easily be accessed externally without having to remove the battery of the phone and the battery life is good too. The phone has been well thought of as there's a very aspiring slider on the rear camera as well as there being an exclusive design on the rear of the phone which adds to the quality of the texture and appearance of the phone.
    And, what more can I say? This phone has it all: 5MP camera (Carl Zeiss) with xenon flash, GPS, bluetooth, Wifi, memory card, over 100MB internal memory, accelerometer, great screen, good 3d stereo sound,etc.
    This is an absolutely fantastic phone and would be a great phone for almost everything. Nokia N82 is just the best!!