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  1.  Epic.


    These speakers are epic, and I'm not talking the lame internet overused phrase 'epic' they are literally awesome.

    The bass, is deep, defined, and doesn't distort when turned up, they are playing now, and it feels like I am at a gig, my ears are slightly discomforted - love it.
    For example, I have to now keep my wardrobe door slightly ajar due to the doors vibrating and making a noise. haha
    I did own some Labtec 2.1 speakers which i bought for around 45 quid back in the day, and I thought they were good, but these are something more.
    The right hand speaker has turners for both bass and volume, which is convenient as you don't have to go on your knees to the back of the sub to change the volume like on my old speakers, they also have an audio input on the right hand side speaker, meaning you can plug in your ipod with ease.
    the sound is clear, crisp and loud and fills my room happily.
    a smart buy, especially as they are brought down from 100 to 75, if I was you I would spend the extra 25 quid up from standard 50 quid speakers and get something special.

  2.  Awesome


    Yeah this Hoodie is great, but the wool on the inside goes everywhere, i haven't washed it yet, but i find once you wash anything it looses its color, best to wear a white t shirt the first few wears. What the dude said in the other comment i disagree with, the hood is more baggy than alot of my other hoodies.

  3.  Summery


    Awesome color and style for summer :)
    one fault would be that the sleeves are shorter than any other tshirt i own.
    not too short, but noticeably short
    £9.99 who can complain.

  4.  Yeah - cool.


    I'm normally stuck between a medium and a large, and i was worried when the larges were out of stock, so i went with a gamble, as another customer said that their small was a bit longer than they expected, so i correlated that with the medium maybe compensating a large, and yes :) it fits fine :)
    maybe a smidge tight for the summer, but hey, this shirt is so good, its pushing me to loose a bit of weight to wear it :D
    I'm wearing it now, yes, it is bliming sunning today, and black and sun don't agree with each other, but its worth wearing just to be cool.

  5.  Cool


    Yeah okay, this tee is pretty awesome, it is shiny and i have got many compliments. i was risky with this one, there was only a medium, and im normally a medium/large, so i risked it, but teh size was alot smaller than expected, more gym is needed, at least i have something more to look forward to wear when an ickle bit slimmer. top buy though ;)
    but if your stuck between sizes, go for the bigger of the two ;)

  6.  Nice, but meh


    I have been looking forward to this for ages, and when it came in the post i jumped up and down haha,
    it looks great. new rave and all that. the only thing that made me like :S was that the hood in the picture has a yellow inner which was one of the main reasons why i got it, due to it looked different, however the picture is a dirty lie, the inner of the hood is the same invader pattern as the rest of it, although the neck inner of the hood is yellow, but when it should extend to the rest of the hood, perhaps the hoodie was not finished, i am unsure, but that is the reason for the 3 star, from where i would have probably put a 4 or a 5... hmmm

  7.  Woopa


    This tee is immense!
    the colours in the picture do not give it justice.
    do it. treat yourself to a starbuy.
    Sampie x

  8.  Wiked


    i really like the bright vibrant colours in this, and agree with the dude who commented b4, well in for the summer :)
    i am very happy with it, people have asked me where i have got it ect, and it is a deffo buy, its also only 12.99!
    the only downfall in my opinion, would be that it is slightly see threw =S, in certain light a nipple could be seen, which is good, or bad, depends on how you look at it, i personally like my tee's to be completely non see threw, which is why i went for a 4star rating. but yeah, awesome tee, love joystick junkies. x