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  1.  Wow.


    I would consider this one of the best action films of 2009, it is good to see that a franchise such as GI Joe hasn't been ruined with its conversion to the big screen. The film contains action throughout and a storyline easy enough to follow which will keep you gripped, some of the action scenes in this film are of the best I've seen recently and I would highly recommend this film for a watch.

  2.  Give it a watch.


    I was put off watching this film for quite some time due to many bad reviews, however I was glad I eventually thought I would give it a chance, and I'm glad I did. This film will have you laughing as the comedy pairing of Black and Cera works exceptionally well, if you're in the mood for a senseless comedy then this is right up your street and will not disappoint.

  3.  Decent.


    Just your average rom com here, nothing too out of the ordinary. The film contains laughs throughout and your usual soppy scenes for the female audience, I didn't think the film was all too bad and I suppose I would recommend it for a watch.

  4.  Not bad.


    The title pretty much sums up the film, it's about people fighting for money, one in particular who doesn't have much. The concept has been done before and the script is as predictable as they come, I didn't think the film was all too bad, I was in the mood for a simple film which wouldn't require too much attention and I got what I wanted.

  5.  Worth a watch.


    Although I have rated this film 4*'s, I must say I did expect a bit more, the storyline is good and it does grip you, the cast is superb especially Depp and Bale in the lead roles. The action in the film is great, the numerous gun fights with the Tommy guns in particular were a highlight for me, I just felt that something was lacking although I couldn't put my finger on it, this aside I would recommend this for a watch.

  6.  Good.


    I was put off watching this film by various bad reviews I had seen, also the near 2hr 40min runtime was also acting as a deterrant. I eventually decided to give it a watch and I was not disappointed, I thought the story was good, it is complex however if you are paying attention it's not all that hard to follow, I think the general concept of the film is good and fairly original, and the ending I wouldn't have seen coming. I would recommend giving this film a watch.

  7.  Hilarious.


    If you're looking for an adventure comedy then look no further, this film has a great cast and contains plenty of laughs throughout, I recommend giving this a watch.

  8.  Good.


    I wasn't expecting much from this film to be quite honest, from the adverts I saw I gained the impression it would be a girls film. However, after watching it I didn't think it was all that bad, it was quite funny and the storyline was good too, I would recommend this film.

  9.  Decent.


    Nothing too out of the ordinary here, one of your usual run of the mill Rom Coms, there were some funny parts in this film that I did quite enjoy and I felt there was an overall feel good vibe to the film. I would recommend this for a watch.

  10.  Good.


    A good remake of the original version, this film has a slightly less comical side to it but it still provides the odd laugh in the face of horror. The zombie effects are decent and I would recommend giving the film a watch.