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  1.  Sometimes, a step too far.


    This is the second Jack Reacher book that I have read (I'm reading them in sequence). Anyone who has read one of the novels from the series will know the style, so I'll spare the details.

    I must admit, I didn't enjoy it to the same extent as the first book (Killing Floor), which is a great start for anyone new to Lee Child books. I found Die Trying a little forced, the plot idea was good, I enjoyed the story. But it was let down by some details, such as picking locks in seconds, staring down dogs to subdue them and destroying items at close range that had earlier been described in some detail to be incredibly dangerous at a much further range. These points in themselves are not especially bad, they just have a knack of pulling you out of the story and questioning the flow of the book. Disappointing speed bumps in an otherwise smooth journey.

    I feel bad to have given this 3 stars, but I suppose it's just a minor blip across a catalogue of fun stories.

    Do read it though, it is enjoyable.

  2.  5 stars for TV series, but...


    An interesting book which was the inspiration for a hit television series.

    The book itself is well written and keeps the reader interested. I actually saw the television series before I read the book, and found there were enough differences to keep even me interested. Though the writing was good and the plot very inventive, I found some of the mechanisms for advancing the story to be unrewarding and misplaced. More of a lean to the paranormal than the television series, which I found a bit weak.

    Personally, I enjoyed the television series more than the book, which I would give 4 to 5 stars, the book i would probably give 3.5 stars.

  3.  A snapshot of a year in Japan.


    Robert Twigger writes an entertaining story of his time in Japan, not falling into what I would assume to be the all too easy form of technical jargon, rather revealing the human side of what it takes to survive such a punishing course.

    It should be noted that this isn't a book aimed squarely at martial arts enthusiasts, I would heartily recommend this book to anyone. It was interesting to read his physcological journey of ups and downs, being absolutely honest about his fears and character flaws. A man writing a book such as this would be so easily tempted to right himself into infamy.

    I myself have never been involved with martial arts, nor do I have a burning enthusiasm for it. Never the less, even I enjoyed this book. A testament to its broad scope.

    I recommend this book.

  4.  Epic


    This stands high in the 'war movie' genre. Its hard to think of anything from recent times that matches this movie in anyway (either foreign or domesic). An emotionally charged fight for survival that drags you along for the ride. There are obvious techniques inspired by Saving Private Ryan, but I would say this is equal. If I'm honest, the acting can be a little hammy at times, and one or two characters arn't entirely believable.


  5. Leon



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    Straight away I'm going to admit that I'm biased towards this film. As it was one of 'those films', the ones that really open your eyes to the power of the moving picture. I watched this when I was younger, it became a bench mark for what I like from a film.

    Everthing slots together so nicely, the sublime acting from everyone (and I mean everyone) the brilliant direction from that cinematic legend, Luc Besson. The soundtrack couldn't have been better (Bravo Eric Serra!). Its a real masterpiece.

    ... I warned you I was biased!

    Honestly though, its a great movie. I hate to give away anything in a review as I feel it takes away from the enjoyment. So I hope you can make that leap of faith and purchase this. I can assure you that you will not regret it.

    My personal opinion is that its probably one of the greatest films ever made, now I know opinion is subjective, but surely my heart felt love of the film makes it worth a look?

    Happy viewing :)

  6.  Gritty


    If your into your Lock stocks and Snatch films then this is for you. Its a very british gangster movie, with all the cockney you can handle. You'll not find any hollywood gunshot squibs or a dribble of blood from the nose, this is a full bore smash fest, and no holding back.

    I'll not give the story away, but you won't be suprised that it is a story of a rise to power for some knuckle head. Unlike films like lock stock you get a real feel for the background of the lead character, Carlton Leach (Ricci Harnett). I've heard the film got bad reviews, which it really doesn't deserve. It's well acted, well shot and great 'lads night in' entertainment. The reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars is that it makes the same mistake as other brit' crime films, it glamourises it, and for me at least. That's a real negative, it just seems so patronising.

    Might not be a blockbuster. But it really does deserve a slot in anyones DVD collection.