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  1.  very bad.. very annoying


    This has to be one of the most irritating 90 minutes of film making iv watched. It has no plot or story whatsoever. Omid Rad along with Roland Manookian play the most annoying characters in this film. The main charater played by Ricky Grover is so annoying, Everyone shouts too loud theres no funny moments just really silly immature parts. I really am a fan of british gangter films, like snatch, Lock stock, gangster number 1, this is an embarressment to the film industry, theres a reason it never made the cinema, in a word terrible, and dont bye it

  2. NEDS



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    firstly id like to say I had no issue with the accent and I was not brought up in scotland. However the film drags on with little to no exciting bits at all, a complete drag to watch and little to no story line. other reviews have said how the charcter gets led astray and it shows how easily it happens, I disagree. the main charcter goes from one extreme to the other and is not led at all, just decides to be a ned 1 day. really boring film, cud have done so much more but ruined it with lack of actual story and lack of action, just dull.

  3.  Awsome


    Ive played and have all fight nights from number 3, and this is a class above, (no pun intended) the champion mode is sooo good, really realyy good, andre bishop the guy you play is very likable and u expirence life at the top of boxing and as a shamed boxer in prison, rags to riches kinda thing throw in a corrupt promoter, with some awsome cinematic moments both in and outside the ring, plus you still get legacy mode with a created fighter. best boxing game ever made, seriously.

  4.  repetitive aint the word.. oh hang on it it is!


    Good bullet time (tequila time) thats the good out the way. AI silly, gameplay = little imagination no variation, does get boring. to be honest wouldnt recomend it

  5.  GTA who?


    quite simply the best game of its genre, graphics are amazing, you cant help liking the main charcter that you play and care about him and his crew, quality game get it, I got the add on for this game its that good, TWO WORDS to describe this game PURE CLASS.

  6.  on the fence


    Al Pacino u instantly think scar face, dog day afternoon or glen gary glen ross, De Niro you instantly think goodfellas, casino or taxi driver. Both of them = heat (blantently) The point Im making is that all films mentioned had fantastic scripts and storylines that the two greatest actors alive today good get hold of and make their own, Righteous kill cannot be mentioned along with classics made by the pair, the twist is ok, and the script even though poor at times, pacino and de niro pull off their characters well as expected, and its great to see the two interact with each other on screen, However film is very average, but watchable, the great Al pacino and De niro do very well with not a great deal. Put it this way Scorsese had nothing to do with the direction, or script.

  7.  absolute garbage


    really bad acting, no deapth to any of the characters, its like a really bad version of mad max, all these gangsters are so over played by the terrible actors it makes u cringe with embarrassment.
    pradictable boring storyline which is loose to say the least.
    adult hood and kidulthood r far better productions and far more entertaining.
    Stay away from this horrendous, cringable film, i borrowed it from a mate and i will be flinging it back to him sharpish, words cannot describle how bad this flm is. 100 films to miss b4 u die, this wud be in the top five.

  8.  great film


    Good storyline, great training montages alot like a modern rocky which is usually the best bit of films, a great motivator to watch and the main guy is likable which is very important cos u want him to win. good fight scenes as well.

  9.  Good film


    Storyline is pretty good, but never mind that the fight scenes are absolutely awsome, id buy this film just for the fighting brlliant to watch. well cheap as well so buy it.

  10.  what a game


    One of the best games ever made. campaign and spec ops are brill especially on veteran, a real sense of achievement as well as actual achievement points awarded! Online has endless amounts of fun but also fustration. grenade launchers very annoying and know skill needed, run and gun style players kill you even after being shot several times in the chest due to certain perks, but play hardcore game mode and killing becomes alot more realsitic, however my fav game mode is demolition and there is no hardcore mode for it. All in all an amazing game spoiled at certains times on xbox live, but get it brilliant.