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  1.  Amazing


    I've only played one add-on so far (Operation:Anchorage Completed ) and I just thought I'd say in the 3-4 hours it lasted I had one 5 minute period of non permanent lock ups apart from that the add-on was brilliant. Well, now that I've got that out of the way I can honestly say this could become my favourite game. After you escape from the vault you can really fo whatever you want explore The Wastelands or continue on with the main story. Exploring the Wastelands is immense, everything from selling all your junk to some Wastelander even stuff like toy cars and motorcycle gas tanks or you can explore the ruins of an old car factory or a crumbling elemantry school infested with Raiders. The main story doesn't take long to get into but I honestly couldn't tell you about it as I've been so wrapped up in everything else. The only slightly irritating problem I have with the game is it sometimes depends a lot on V.A.T.S other than that I highly recommend this game just don't be expecting a FPS.

  2.  Half-Decent


    It's a not bad game but something just doesn't feel right about it. I was hoping for a game like mercenaries or crackdown but it just doesn't have the same feel. It could be that the cities weren't civilized enough and there weren't enough things that were able to be blown up because what's the point of having like 100 weapons if there's nothing to destroy. The graphics were pretty good and the stunt position was probably the best part about the game nothing really ever bet hijacking a jet flying up to the highest point and freefalling out of the jet and (usually) pulling the parachute out at the very last second.Jumping to car to car was a good idea but it was to tricky I think and Wheelman did it much better. Gameplay was pretty good, not bad storyline and takes about 9 hours for you to complete just the story. Not bad game just something missing.

  3.  It's good but...


    it does get very repetitive. I mean dont get me wrong it's still a good game it has amazing graphics, a really good open world to explore and at first pickpoceting,eavesdropping and interogating people can be really enjoyable but after a while it does become a bit of a chore but still the major assasination is fun. That's the thing about this game though you don't have to do the mission you can just jump about killing people. It's a great game but don't expect to be getting a game that you'll never get tired of.

  4.  Different then what i was expecting(but still great)


    I was expecting this game to be a bit like SvR or TNA as i am a wrestling fan. I have never watched this before and at first i was really disapointed but later it started growing on me. It has a over 80 characters to fight with at first I thought that would be bad because if you missed a guy that you wanted to go then it would take you ages to find him again but luckily they split it into sections of weight classes but then again if you have never watched this before it takes a while to get to know whos good. Something thats helpful to get to know whos good is the classic fights mode most games have these sort of things in them but it had a small video at the start which lets you know how this fight came about although the fact that you have to do a certain thing on a certain round is a bad thing because sometimes you might accidentally KO your opponent. Just exhibitions are great fun although if you want to know how to do most of the good moves it takes a bit of time to pick them up but then again I didnt do the tutorial.Finally the career mode is brilliant it is very realistic and has things for you to do on your wait up onto your next fight like spar,train and do some intresting things like writing an autobiography or making an instructional video. Instead of money you have a thing called CRED and the more CRED you get the more sponsors you get or logos to put on your trunks whic earns you more CRED. The only bad thing about career mode is that you need to get long matches to get an award like Fight of the Night but then againg sort of explains why i have no Fight of the Night trophies but 8 KO of the Night trophies. Graphics very good, Gameplay good everything else good. A really great game

  5.  Its Great,But you can lose interest easily


    The game is simple you either love it or hate it. At first it is quite hard because your health is very little but then again the gangs aren't as hard out of the three gangs Los Muertos-Easy,Volk-Medium,Shai Gen-Hard. A cool thing is being able to do free-roam and then go to gang boss locations (If you find them that is). Using certain things like as explosives,driving into people and throwing things at people can improve your skills while as agility you have to find green orbs(usually on top of buildings). Graphics are a bit cartoony and once you complete the game it really becomes just dull and boring but at the time it is a really good game.

  6. Skate 2

    Skate 2


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     Great! (Based on game NOT demo)


    This game is great! I got it on the day it was released and it is brilliant! You start off from being released from jail and then you go out into New San Van and in time you get people to sort of work for you to do things like drain pools, uncapp rails and things(New security mongcorp capps things) and get a guy a little bit like a bodygaurd. The new moves are cool as you can do things like hippy jump over barriers and do hand plants on things. The new city is quite cool but one thing that does sort of bug me is occasionaly ramps are left about in the middle of nowhere. Another great thing is the ability to get ff your board but it can be a bit slow and sluggish but being able to move things around makes up for that. The graphics are really good, brand new storyline and the intentional bails thing is really good because in the last game i was the sort of person who couldn't skate without being knocked down every five seconds but now you can do that while getting yourself into some teeth-gritting position and even better you get paid!Seriously buy this game!

  7.  Don't see what the big fuss is about!


    I don't see what the big fuss is about! I mean sure it isn't as easy to drive tanks but its just making it more realistic really at first you end up doing an easy mission learning how to drive things and shoot people but the second mission is much harder and is actually much harder then a lot of future missions well anyway way you end up getting betrayed and you set out in search of this guy to try and kill him but in order to do that you have to work with factions to find out his whereabouts. You have to do certain things to hire jet pilots,helicopter pilots and a engineer to do things like air strikes,hi-jack helicopters and to steal large loads of cash and fuel and bombs and stuff. You can also just free roam and do things like kill or capture High Value Targets while killing is as easy as just shooting them and taking a photo while as capturin not so easy. Great graphics and storylines great only two annoying things one it would be better if you could kill civillians without being fined and it would be a bit better if you could walk through the smallest little twig but unfortunatley you just walk straight into it and I haven't seen any glitches so far but overall a great game.

  8.  Great!


    I was thinking that this would be the average wrestling game i mean sure it had inferno match and createa finisher but apart from that just the same old raw V.S smackdown... but wow i was suprised first there was a lot more people to play as where as in the old ones there were pretty good wrestlers that werent being included e.g paul london brian kendrick and santino marella but now thats all sorted out and the create a finisher was twice as good as it can last to something like twenty seconds it is good though how you sort of take bits out of finishers and add them into your own.I am ever so slightly dissapointed at how there is no cut scenes in career mode but it is a lot easier to get title shots and move to another brand and the new way on how attribute points are automatically given to your guy if you are using a created person. A new feature is road to wrestlemania where you play as undertake cm punk or another few selected guys like the first ever co-op story mode as batista and rey mysterio which i need to try out also notes are left which are often chalenges which if you complete can lead to you being able to taunting your opponent and hornswoggle jumping out the ring and hurting your opponent.The inferno match can be won far to easily but it is worth it when you see your opponent rolling about in the flames but overall a brilliant improvement

  9.  Alright I Suppose


    The games alright I suppose. Graphics are pretty good for when it was made and the storylines the same as the movie but disapointingly you don't go about wrecking the jungle I mean you play as Kong occasionaly but it is mostly just you playing as Jack. It is pretty cool though playing as Jack though you mainly fight overgrown bugs and small dinosaurs and for boss battles a super crab,T- Rex or an Tyerodactyal or something like that there is the odd puzzle lurking about and instead of using guns all the time you usually use spears or sharp bones its reasonbaly difficult I'm about half way through the game but so far its alright i supposed

  10.  Good


    I wasnt sure about this game at first but i was buying cod+road to victory(which is a brill game ) and it was buy one get one free so i bought it and boy was it good!! You start of as some random guy who wants to be a street racer so u buy a car and u do a free roam around the city until u find a race the prizes can be things like money cars or unlocking new things like wheels etc. U start to get abilitys like slow mo and being able to bash everyone really hard it all starts to fall into place as more competitions start and the prizes get better u end up crossing citys for races. A nice game with good graphics.