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  1.  Groundbreaking Concert from greatest band of all time.


    Was fortunate enough to see this concert film on my birthday in IMAX 3D! The greatest band of all time truly push the boundaries yet again with this majestic foray into marrying a concert with a movie narrative.
    Throughout the movie, it leaves the audience in awe of the sheer power garnered by the band's fearless Live performance on the biggest stage ever constructed to date. Some of the stage props are a spectacle all to themselves, and combine that with the narrative performed and acted out by Dane dehaan, you truly have a unique concert film like no other. All the classics are performed here.. One, Ride the Lightning, Sandman.. as well as some gems ..Justice for All.... help make this an historic document in the most decorated and rich history of the most successful and daring heavy metal band of all time.
    The 3D helps to immerse the viewer into Metallica World, and feel the energy and vibe of the carnage that unfolds. The audio is phenomenal, and is mixed into surround sound channels seamlessly. I bought the soundtrack CD after seeing the film, and it has to be the best I've ever heard the band recorded live, or for any live recording! A must for any Rock/Metal fan, and absolutely essential for any 'Tallica fan! I've been a clubber for over 10 years, and this band still continue to amaze me with their pursuit of everything daring, challenging and unflinching. An incredible on going journey and career, truly inspirational to me and my dreams of achieving similar musical success and pursuits. A**** 12 out of 10.

  2.  Classic films treated with great HD picture.


    Ive been reading a few reviews about this boxset, and how many consider the prints to be far from great, but I watched the first three yesturday, and they all looked as good as I hoped, with some great examples of just how good HD can be. The first film was shot on a very small budget at the time, hence one of the reasons why it isnt quite as sharp/polished in HD as the rest of the series, it still shows great improvement over the 2006 HD-DVD release, and has many scenes where the colours and detail are evident. A thin layer of film grain is also noticable, which helps to retain the film's natural look. The second one, shot in a wider aspect ratio and on a much bigger budget, improves on clarity overall over the original,
    as well as colour reproduction, while retaining a layer of film grain.
    Lethal 3 has some excellent detail, especially in the daylight/outdoor scenes, and shows great black levels (1&2 being no exception). As for Lethal 4, ive yet to check it out, so Ill be sitting down with that one tonight, knowing it will be the best of the bunch as far as picture quality goes, as its the most recent (1998) and was shot with HD camera's, as well as a monster budget. The fifth disc, features 4 bonus documentaries that are all new (shot this year) and include some great info and cool moments with the actors/crew. All in all a great addition to any bluray collection, especially if your big fans of the series, I would review the sound quality but havent got my 5.1 set-up at moment, watched them with headphones on! But sound great anyhow.
    Picture Quality :
    Lethal 1 - 3.5 out of 5
    Lethal 2 - 4 out of 5
    Lethal 3 - 4 out of 5
    Lethal 4 - watching it tonight but guess 4.5 out of 5.

  3.  Great transfer, classic 80's fun, Top Cast!


    Silverado was and still is one of my favorite westerns,
    especially when it has a cast that includes so many big names.
    I especially like Kevin Costners character, who is just fun to watch,
    while the roles by Kevin Kline, Danny Glover and Scott Glenn add some great dramatic moments, with a great 'camaraderie' shown amongst the four of them. As for the Blu-Ray transfer, the studio has done the right thing in providing the fans of this 80's gem with a carefully mastered print, boasting some strong colours, fine detail in most shots, especially the exterior one's, where some of the landscapes look even more breathtaking than before.
    The print is also largely free of any dust/scratches etc.. which make's this 1985 (a personal favorite year for films - BTTF, Commando, Rambo II, Rocky IV, to name a few..) movie a great addition to your HD collection. I cant really give much of a review of the Audio as I watched it other night with headphones :) but there's a nice dynamic range, which complements the excellent score, paying tribute to the great sweeping scores of the classic Ford/Hawkes era of western movies, as well as the mix of subtle sounds mixed with the action sequences. Havent had chance to look at the Kevin Costner documentary yet, which he looks back on the experiences of shooting Silverado etc.. also included is a commentary track by historians, and another documentary.
    Overall highly recommended to not only fans of the film, but also one's who enjoy a good western, with a great cast.. plus it's an 80's film, need I say anymore?

  4.  Uncut & very decent presentation....


    Tango & Cash is a film that my friends and myself have watched many times over the years, mainly due to the fact that it's so bad, it's good, lol. Add to that the awesomeness of both Stallone and Russell, and youve got an action classic, with so many killer one liners, and other comedy moments, both intentional and unintentional. We dig this film so much, that it is the main inspiration for a movie that we plan to make one of these days, lol.
    As for the disc itself, I wasnt expecting much at all, but was pleasantly surprised to find both the audio & visual to be of a very high standard. The print has transferred to Blu-Ray very well, with rich colours and good level of detail at times. The sound is very good also, though as with most older/80's mixes, it doesnt seem to mastered loud enough at times! And the best thing is it's UNCUT! Rock on.

  5.  Classic Film, Decent Transfer....


    'Top gun' is one of my favorite films, especially as it being an 80's film, the best decade ever for films in my opinion.
    Anyways, picture transfer is very good, i was quite pleasantly surpised, although it doesnt boast that 3d blu-ray 'pop', it does have some moments where the picture excels....most notably the exterior daylight shots, while the night scenes boast some very deep inky blacks. Colours can be rich, while contrast is very good.
    Only bad points are that theres some noise in the opening scene (maybe intentional) and sometimes detail isnt quite as good as you hope. Audio on other hand is awesome, as it was on the recent 2-disk dvd. As i dont currently have a hdmi enabled amp/reciever, i can only stream the older audio tracks (dts, 5.1dd), but even so the sound is kickin' ass!
    Overall a worthy addition to the hd collection, hope this helps.
    Film - 5/5
    Picture - 3.5/5
    Sound - 4.5/5
    Extras - 4/5
    Overall - 4/5