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  1.  Not a bad price...but still disappointed


    As the title says the price was not bad, however the packaging is lousy and cheap, especially the boxes themselves, instead of coming in a folding out box (like the DVDs) or in four separate boxes (like the European separate releases) or even in one big box (like the Planet of the Apes box set) they put them in two double disc boxes, both with the same cover as the outer packaging. The special features are pretty mediocre, the "introduction" by Chevy and Quaid and others is for the 20th anniversary television broadcast, and not the 30th anniversary blu ray box set, also it's not an introduction, it doesn't introduce anything, it's in the special features menu. Also the (okay) documentary is not actually filmed for the blu ray (or even converted into HD), it's just a cheap Biography Channel program (granted, the actors all take part) on just the first movie, and not the following sequels.

    The transfers of the films seem to have been done pretty quickly, the cuts are very rough, the picture quality is very standard, and the audio is basically DVD quality. While the version of Christmas Vacation is the theatrical cut and not the UK TV cut (never released on DVD before) the box set is still overall, very weak. I was hoping for much better, it's a tremendous series that doesn't get the recognition it deserves.

  2.  Jaw dropping, emotional, THE perfect game.


    Well, NaughtyDog, you've done it again, you've outdone yourselves on so many levels, lets just get this out of the way; Uncharted is the single greatest video-game series on current gen consoles, they gave us everything we want when we buy a game. But if you were to take the best game in the Uncharted series (2: Among Thieves) and were to pit it against The Last Of Us, it would be far too hard to pick the best game out of the two. The characters are so well fleshed out and it's one of those games where you'll sit through every single cut scene and enjoy it no matter how long, you get emotionally attached to the characters very quickly making any tragedies extremely heartbreaking to the player. The violence is pretty necessary giving its a zombie/plague type situation, but it's not a Resident Evil type game, most of the time you'll find yourself with 4 bullets and ten "clickers" (infected people who's vision is based through sound, like sonar, which take 2-3 shots to kill) making stealth and quick kills the only options, and with that a whole bunch of suspense. The graphics are insanely good for the current generation and this game may be our first look at what we expect of next gen consoles.

    My only problem with the game is the loading time, but since its NaughtyDog they are notorious for making huge games without having to install the game to HDD, so you have to play off the disc, making for long 1-2 minute loading times. However I have about 3-4 hours play time and have yet to encounter a single glitch, which is breath of fresh air in the current final stage of the current gen of consoles. There was a bug on the first day of release which would prevent the autosave from functioning properly, but that turned out to be something to do with the NaughtyDog servers and was fixed within hours.

    Overall this game is supremely impressive, highly recommended for any gamer, if someone places a PS3 in a time capsule for future generations, two games that should be in there are Uncharted 2 and The Last Of Us, this truly demonstrates the full power of the PS3. Brilliant dramatic storytelling, emotional backgrounds, pulse pounding action sequences and stealth scenes that will have you on the edge of your seat, all-in-all one of the best games I have ever played.

    Graphics: 5/5
    Story: 5/5
    Gameplay: 5/5
    Bugs: 0 on current version (1.01)

  3.  The best Blu-ray transfer you've ever seen!


    Disney and their Pixar movies especially are renowned for their quality in both how good the film is and the quality of the blu-ray transfer, Finding Nemo has exceeded all expectations and is a truly remarkable achievement in every way possible. Of course this is the highest selling DVD of all time, unfortunately the blu-ray doesn't have some of the special features contained in the DVD set but it does contain some brand new features that are quite enjoyable. The film was a remarkable achievement upon release, it won Oscars and made a ton of money, the film was lauded for the advancements it made in animated cinema and computer generated imagery, but the magic really lay in Disney's ability to tell a good heart-warming story. If you haven't seen the film you need to, it's one of, if not the best animated films you'll ever see, every character is lovable, and the fact they could make an innocent little girl the evil villain was genius.

    The blu-ray itself is incredible, it's been a long time waiting for this to be released but it was so worth it. Every minute of the developers time seems to have been spent on analyzing every square inch of every single frame to remove any imperfection to give us the clearest, most colourful blu-ray experience to date. Pixar have produced some top quality blu-rays over the years and before this Toy Story 1-3 were incredible sets, they don't give us any of those generic menus (yes, that's you Universal) and pointless previews, the dynamic menus and colourful features really add to the regal look of the entire set. The film is colorful itself anyway, but the up-scaling and 1080p conversion has just made the film look even more magical, it's like a whole new experience. The only complaints I have on the blu-ray is that they didn't include many of the special features from the 2-disc DVD, but it seems like Disney/Pixar have put all of their time into developing the film transfer rather than the special features, which is fine by me.

  4.  Seriously Addictive


    I love Hitman, always have done, by far one of top 5 favourite video game series'. The latest installment is by far the very best, I would go as far as saying it's one of the best games on the PS3, period. The story is engaging right from the start, the gameplay has certainly improved significantly since Blood Money (see Hitman: HD Trilogy) and is one of the most fun stealth games out there. The Absolution mode (campaign) is brilliant, there are so many ways you can take out your target(s) and get away, the ranking mode has improved significantly with the new ranking system generated through points as opposed to the original shots fired, times spotted malarkey from the previous games.

    Contracts mode however is where the game is seriously addictive, I can sit for hours just playing Contracts mode, making up contracts, trying to beat peoples scores, and I have to say I'm pretty good at it. The whole "multiple ways to take out your target" really comes into play in this mode when you can select anyone (literally ANYONE) from a crowd, mark them for assassination, and take them out in any way you see fit. The style you do it in determines how much cash you receive with which you can buy upgrades, costumes, new weapons etc. I once walked into China Town, picked up a fillet knife, threw it at the guys head and left without being spotted, got $300k for it...it's amazing.

    Thing is I can talk all day about how great this game is, basically you should just me the time and buy it.

  5.  The Best HD Transfer Ever...or, so far.


    These HD trilogies are coming thick and fast, and it looks like Ubi learnt a lot from Square Enix/Eidos on the Tomb Raider trilogy as in my personal opinion that was probably the best, until SC came out and I was blown away by the sheer magnitude of the HD up-scale. I was not expecting much as the games came out a very long time ago and were pre-Tomb Raider: Legend games, so I was thinking that the graphics and the sound wouldn't be as good as Tomb Raider. But boy was I wrong, the graphics are almost PS3-like, we all know Ubisoft are top of the range when it comes to making the most of technology and they've totally done everything they can to make this the best HD trilogy there is.

    The games are hard, no doubt, always have been, but these games are a thing of beauty. Once you get used to what you're doing and get into playing the game properly you have one of the best, if not THE best, stealth series' in video game history right in the palm of your hands.

    Graphics 4/5
    HD Transfer 5/5
    Audio 3/5 (some distortion in civilian/guard speech)
    Gameplay 4/5
    Story 5/5
    Overall 5/5

  6.  Stand Aside Kids, The Classics Have Arrived.


    I personally don't see what all the moaning is about, if you had played the games before you knew exactly what you were getting with them. Of course the controls are bad, of course the movement is blocky, of course the fire-fights are horrible, but what can you expect them to do? Remake the whole three games? Don't talk so wet.

    Hitman is a fantastic series, and I personally didn't buy it to be wowed by the HD up-scaling or the graphics and audio improvements, no...I bought this to play the games I loved on PS2 on my PS3. Frankly I enjoyed these games more now than I did before, sure, the levels are hard as hell, but they aren't impossible. I've already completed Silent Assassin and am now halfway through Contracts. The game runs smoothly compared to some HD transfers (yes I'm looking at you Metal Gear Solid and Devil May Cry) but you must remember to save your game regularly, as I found out the hard way, that there is no auto-save function.

    All in all it's an enjoyable retro game, for retro fans...if you think it looks too old and tacky and dated, good, it's supposed to, you want something up-to-date, by a new game. Bottom line is these games are called 'classics' for a reason.

  7.  Must Buy! Hottest game of Q1


    I had very high expectations for this game and it's fair to say I was not let down, not even in the slightest. As everyone knows this is an origin story for Lara Croft, but it's certainly not what you'd expect, the game is gritty, violent, and packed with excellent cut scenes, pulse pounding action sequences and a fair share of bad language from even Lara herself. I've played and completed every single TR game to date (yes even the travesties of Angel of Darkness and Guardian of Light) and I think it would be a safe bet that this could top the lot of them, a highly entertaining game. If you're a fan of the series this is a must buy, if you're not a fan of the series...it's still a must buy, the game is pulse pounding from start to finish. If you're looking for comparisons, I'd say Uncharted with a hint of Hitman and some of the older TR entries stuffed in there as well, an excellent buy and is a sure-fire candidate for Game of the Year, certainly Game of the Quarter.

  8.  WWE Home Video at it's best


    Randy Orton is one of my favourite superstars in the WWE right now so when this was released I was quick to snap it up. I was not left disappointed, the documentary is one of the best WWE Home Video have put out along with the Bret Hart one and the Stone Cold one. The match collection is fantastic too and it's great that they put his match with Punk from WMXVII on as it was a great match, disappointed his match vs Benoit at Summerslam wasn't on but I wasn't surprise since WWE don't show anything to do with Chris now. But if you have the money invest in the bluray version as it has some excellent exclusive...either way you will not be disappointed.

  9.  Brilliant concept, brilliant game


    This game is so ridiculous but fun at the same time, I love the high flying bouncy, utterly stupid gameplay. It's like those old WrestleFest style arcade games, some Legends missing like Bulldog and Owen Hart and Diesel but other than that a good roster. I think the main focus was really the Ultimate Warrior so that's probably why the roster is limited.

    Definitely well worth a look for any WWE fan.

  10.  Glitchy but addictive


    If you're a WWE fan you should own this game, the modes are really top notch (with the exception of Road to Wrestlemania which features only 3 playable stories unlike the 5-6 stories in past games) and the roster is amazing. You should really invest in the DLC's if you have a PSN account since they really add something to the game.

    But the bugs and glitches in the game are ridiculous, there are so many it's unbelievable. If you have custom soundtracks/entrance themes you'll find that sometimes they play throughout your entire match and you can't stop them, you will NEVER get into Community Creations online, it's impossible, and there are so many others its unreal.

    Other than that it is one of my favourite games and once you get used to the glitches you don't even notice them anymore. I'd recommend it.