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  1.  F1


    i purchased this game about 5 days ago, the graphics are excellent and the game play is outstanding, i am on easy with all the driver assists switched on, its overall outstanding, im playing on the xbox steering wheel and pedals and its excellent, there is only one slight niggle, no matter where you are on track if another car drives into you it always seems to be your fault, but its only a slight niggle, i would not let it put anyone off buying the game. i simply cant stop playing the game and im onto season 2 after coming 7th in my first season. time to turn some assists off now.

  2.  ggrid


    in my opinion the best racing game ive played for playablility, brilliant online game a must for 10 quid!!

  3.  excellent


    wow! what an excellent game very realistic and enjoyable worth adding to your collection

  4.  a must 2 your collection


    The campaign is probally one of the most diffacult to complete that ive ever played(to get good star ratings ) but its the online mode that makes this game, i agree i would not play the campaign again but almost 2 and half years since buying and im still playing it online, a must for your collection. Online you can also create clans if this is your thing, you can fly helicopters, drive tanks multifire tanks jeeps and boats. Online is so good for an older game.

  5.  Buy it!!!


    This game is simply excellent, i cant really fault it, the squads comments are very entertaining, graphics are very good and its co op!! Online i found it to be good and fast flowing.

  6.  campaign is excellent but 2 short


    The campaign is very good -probally one of the best campaign games ive played but its just too short, the online mode sucks and is highly boring, to obtain certain online achevments some people put mini auto guns on spawn points and everyone plays as snipers to get the % rate above the req %, shame the online play isnt as good as the campaign, its really a poor mans cod4, the levels are very big! If you fly the jet planes its possible to jump on the wing and fly around with someone else flying looks funny. i would recomend if you want a good campaign game but there is no co op !! if you want an online game avoid it..

  7.  average


    Nothing to get exited about! Ok the cars drive realistic but it has a nasty cheep feel to it, also as its soo old i am yet to find anyone playing it online so ive got as far as i can gamerscore wise, if anyone plays this and wants to do the online acheviements please message me!!! I would certanly not pay 25 quid for it more like 7 -10 max its really not worht anymore than that.

  8.  worth buying!


    Overall a very good game, very nice graphics on hd!! As everyone else has mentioned its a bit poor on the way the other cars hit you and you spin out while they fly off. One thing i found was its a little too easy to start with it hasnt really challenged me until i got to the pro stages, but i would def recommend to buy.

  9.  not bad


    I dont no what people are moaning about this is a very old xbox 360 game, what do you expect for under 6 pounds with free delivery? Personally i think its not bad for its age. Its worth buying for an inbetween game. The graphics are average and the storey line is a little different but its ok. If you want a better story and better graphics go pay upwards of 35 pounds. You cant moan at this price.

  10.  u r 3


    Overall not a bad game, the graphics are not the best but there equally not bad, the speed of the game play is very good fast and fun, i have found it very enjoyable online and cop op, i would reccomend, as for no story line who need one its a shoot em up.kill kill kill lol good game to plug in and get going with out having to watch hours of scene plays. Worth adding to your collection.