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  1.  Really Bad!!!


    I bought this just to give it a try and really not worth it its just another low budget move staring Steve Austin.Let's face it the only movie he was good in was the the commended all of his other one really suck and l'm not wasting any more of my time or money on another DVD staring Steve Austin.

  2.  Modern Warfare Fan Boys Stay AWAY


    I have been reading the reviews and it seems to me that all the negative ones are comming from Modern Warfare Fanboys ok the multiplayer is familar to MW2 but there are less noob perks like unlimited sprint , Heartbeat sensors , thermal , commando and quicker scoping unlike Black ops the multiplayer is less stressful and with better maps like Lanch Nuketown Jungle and the best of all Firerange ok so you do come across campers but thats just other players who just can't play like Kids but sony need the PSN back up and runing soon.The Campaign is the best in the Call of Duty series leaving MW2 to with the worst Campaign ever and so the graphics could be better as for the weapon noises are poor but it dosn't have mutch affect on the game so Modern Warfare fans should stay away from this one Because this is the best first Person Shooter on the market.

  3.  Medal Of Honor Is Back Better Than Ever.


    Why people stop leaving negitive reviews this is the best Medal Of Honor of the franchise the graphics are very well done as for the campaign very realistic thanks to EA involving Military input but it only has six hours of campaign ok it is short but bare in mind it is real events based in Afghanistan and really good stealth sniping missions.Danger Close really did an Excellent job of taking the game to a Modern Day.Online well l it's a shame Dice had to do online l dont even like Battlefield as its like a cheap clone. The Frostbite engine is not very well done Dice should have never had an input to ruin of what could have been an Epic online of MOH. If Danger close do a sequel they really do need to work on a new online Experience like never before.

  4.  Oh There You Are Zippy You Little Horn Monster.


    These in my opinion are better than the episodes as they get away with alot more. All of them great through out except weapons upgrade which is basically a repeat of the 2001 play. For me the first 2 are the best as they were wll better written and it was set in their flat. weapons upgrade was poorly written and a lame storyline, hooligans island was decent and the 2001 play. When especially rik forgets his lines its outrageous which adds to the plot. It would be great to see these 2 in bottom tour just one more time even if they are too old to act immature. Same for this one any bottom fan out there must own this.

  5.  Its No Wonder They're All Members Of The 12" Club.


    Since having these taped on a video tape i decided to buy the whole boxset. I decided to watch these again as it was a while ago i saw them. Every episode still makes you laugh to this day but some are better than others. Bottom was probably the highest comedy of the 90's and its a shame there isn't more series thanks to the bbc, typical. Hopefully these will be released on blue-ray someday. You can't help but laugh at the jokes and the violence with these 2 legends. Bottom woulden't be the same without rik mayall or ade. Any bottom fan has to own these.

  6.  Brilliant For Saw Fans...


    With been a saw fan l just had to buy this Puppet with tricycle as it may be worh something in the future as l have kept mine in the box but l did take it out of the box once and it took forever but worth it. Everything about it is great from the structure right down to the small detail but the pedals on the tricycle are pretty fragile as for the person below your wrong it does talk, theres a button to push for it to talk which is the best feature on it with the phrases from the films. You could easily scare your friends with this. A MUST FOR ANY SAW FAN.

  7.  People Stop Comparing This to Cod4!!!


    l'll tell you one thing the pepole think cod 4 is so great stop comparing it this is WW II game with propper History not mordenwar get over it. World at War is the best WW II game so far with perfect Graphics and gameplay also missions there more Addictive and quite difflcult even on easy its worth buying if your a call of duty fan or WW II. Modern warfare is so overrated people are so Brainwashed with it cod4 has nothing to do with WW II. l own all call of dutys and this is the best one yet 5/5

  8.  We're going to play a game


    I have been waiting so long to see this and thought it would'nt live up to saw. Wrong this is what l have been waiting for after the first saw it went sort of down hill but the fourth one was picking up.this one got a kick up the rear l just wish the two and three were all as good as this.for the fifth you would think its getting old but not its just getting better and better cant wait for saw vi l really hope its as good as this one.every saw fan must own this in there saw collection.pitty its only got five star l would have gave it a 10/10.

  9.  Resistance 2


    This is the best game on the ps3 and it is better than the first one.Graphics are mutch better and a good stroy to follow it is harder than the first fall of man it took me a while to compleate and it is a pain when you dont know whare to go but it did keep me at the Edge of my seat especially when you are in the dark and you can hardly see a thing.It looks to me there will be a third installment to follow the end of Resistance 2 l think will be sometime in 2010.This is the best Resistance game yet and the best ps3 Exclusive.

  10.  80's CLASSIC!!!!!!


    Rambo's are defently stallones best films all 4 are superb especially in blue-ray. Its defently a sharper picture and sound excellent quality for a classic 80's movie.