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  1.  Wouldn't Even Give It A 1 Star


    'Soccer' is exactly what it represents. Nothing to do with english football and has unrealistic story lines. Brought it played it once and now its gathering dust on my shelf. Other reviewers give it a 5 star thats there opinion but cant see where there coming from, not when you compare it to other PS2 management games like LMA. My opinion save your money and put it towards LMA.

  2.  Actually A Pretty Decent Game


    Not bad to waste abit of time if bored and its not one of those that are completed quickly. Worth gettin and for £3 doesnt matter if u only use it once.

  3.  Its Like Sports Without Going Out Doors


    Decent game that came with my Wii console. Many hours of fun and a variety of different games to try your hand at. Deffernatly worth creating your own Mii's to play with and to play against family and friends. In my opinion Golf & Tennis are the best 2, Though still doesnt warrent a 5 Star rating as like many games gets boring after awhile.

  4.  Simply Quality


    Such an amazing film with emotions at every level, Tim Robbins And Morgan Freeman are exceptional together and so are all the rest of the actors. Film shows a wrongly convivted Andy Duphrane ( Robbins ) who manages to escape Shawshank Prison and meet his friend Red ( Freeman ) again on the other side. Gripping film from start to finish 10/10

  5.  Poor and Boring


    Games like these in my opinion should not be amde for a console, just for computers. The controls are complecated and lacks enjoyment. Brought the game and only used it twice. Plus I rate Football Manager better for overall performance and addictivness.

  6. FIFA 08

    FIFA 08


    3 New from  £6.42  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.29

     Good Game , However . . .


    It still lacks something. The new mini games are enjoyable but nothing MASSIVE ever seems to happen in the Fifa games. Graphics are average and its only ever the top teams who have players that actually look like them. Perhaps EA Sports should go all out next year and make majority of the players look like each other and perhaps bring back playing indoors? or perhaps have a facility to pick a 5 a-side team for tournaments. But overall its still decent like all the other years and prefer it to PES

  7.  It Aint Over Till Its Over


    And thats exactly right ! brilliant all the way threw and did the other films justice, everypart of the film gives you a sense of fight and real rocky fever. And what a way to proclaim the Italian Stallion is Back !

  8.  Absolutly Brilliant


    What a film this is, saw it by the off chance on the TV, but rushed to the shops the next day to buy it on DVD. A laugh all the way threw, Lawerence & Robbins are exceptionally funny and like the previous reviewer said watch out for the scat man dance its hilarious a deffernet buy!

  9.  Decent Game Worth Getting For The PSP


    Dont no why people only give it a one star, i think its alot better than that. Brought it earlier this week and havnt been able to put it down, so addictivness is very good and the graphics are pretty gd aswell. The only problem i might find is occasionly it may go abit slow but not a major inconvience. I havnt had any Brothers In Arms games before so not sure what its like in comparison, though i would reccommend getting it if you want many hours of fun gameplay. Overall 6.5/10

  10.  One Of The Best Comedy Films In Years


    A Great comedy film saw it in cinema's and then brought it straight away on DVD. So many laughs throughout and can watch over and over again. For that price its a steal!