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  1.  What went wrong?


    This game can be described in 3 words: What went wrong?

    The first major flaw is the graphics. They look like they've been pulled straight from the Nintendo 64 - good graphics for their time, but not for these days. I think we're past the immobile faces and block hands. The gameplay graphics are ok, but the cut-scene graphics are terrible - I think the graphics have actually regressed.

    Also, the split screen idea on tv is terrible - you have to share the screen between the menu and the actual gameplay. These go no bigger than half the screen each - not even that, really. You have a border around the edge that cuts down on the size of the screens again. Not even the cut-scenes are full screen! You can barely read or see what you are doing.

    To play multiplayer - which is the main reason why I brought this game because the previous CC game was brilliant for playing with friends - you need a DS INCLUDING DS CC Echoes of Time Game. Notice that it never states that you need the DS game anywhere on the packaging.

    The reason why I gave this game 2 stars instead of 1, is because the storyline is ok. It warrants at least one star.

    If you want a CC game, invest in the gamecube version and a gamecube controller/Gameboy Advance [or SP]. The graphics seem to be BETTER in the older game, the story is more interesting, and you can actually play multi-player without having to buy a £30 DS game.

  2.  Good game although all Bleach fans will die from the phrases


    Good game but can be difficult to pick up. I would suggest that you GET this game if you don't mind your ears being burned off due to the bad dubbing and catch phrases. *shiver* Really, only the phrases and slightly annoying clashes let it down. If you get it, you'll see what I mean. hint: Ulquiorra calls EVERYTHING trash. All fans should get it for the novelty.