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  1.  Great Sounding, Comfortable and Stylish


    After using Sennheiser, Sony, JVC, Alpha and Bose headphones, these are by far my favourite. The sound is about a 4/5 (if you wan't 5/5, spend at least 50 quid) and provides a good all round sound, not sacrificing base frequencies for price. While being by far the most comfortable headphones I've used, they tend to stick out around the side of the head a tiny bit more than the picture implies. While this may put some people off, the overall style definitely compensates. Additionally, the fold flat functionality is actually really useful, allowing them to stay flush to your neck when not in use.

  2.  A must see - just maybe not for children


    If you want a film to buy a child, pick Toy Story. Pick Star Trek. Basically anything except this film. Where The Wild Things Are is a beautifully made film by Spike Jonze but I feel will disappoint many children for it is too subtle for the mind of a 7 year old. The film captures the atmosphere of the book perfectly without betraying the characters, and was thoroughly enjoyable.

  3.  Very good film, even for guys...


    As a guy unschooled in the Twilight series of novels, I watched the first Twilight film with my girlfriend and was genuinely glad I did. Both films have a distinct atmosphere and style of cinematography, adding up to a memorable and well made series. Although not normally a fan of 'chick flicks', the Twilight series - New Moon included - should be enjoyed for what they are; just great films.

  4.  Mindless fun with Gervais' subtle humour


    Gervais is brilliant in his role as Bertram Pincus, an awkward idiot who, suprisingly, is a step away from the autobigraphical previous roles. This film may lack substance and is predictable throughout, but at the end of the day, Gervais' suble humour elevates the film from a rom-com to a soon-to-be cult classic!

  5.  More than just a little on the thin side


    Some films can take an average premise and turn it into a classic, but this is definitely not one of them. The plot wavers ridiculously throughout, offering no narrative help to audiences. As far as animations go, this is definitely one to avoid.

  6.  Don't let the promising beginning fool you...


    For a film with a fairly good premise to play with, this film manages to commit cinematic suicide fairly early on. Half of the film didn't contribute towards the narrative and the acting was well below par. And as for the ending.. well I would tell you but you'd probably fall asleep.

  7.  Good stuff for fans of the D


    A brilliant 2 disc DVD with not only a flawless concert by the D but with the most ridiculous and hilarious extras from HBO episodes to a first-period themed advert for their album. Truly the complete masterworks!

  8.  Only buy it if you upgrade regularly!


    Sure the phone is packed with decent features and the walkman built in is definitely a good one, but after about 10 months, the phone will literally fall apart in your hands. Everyone I know with this phone - myself included - has suffered from cracked keys, some buttons even falling out, the screen deciding it fancies a holiday and leaping out of the phone the first time you drop it and it being extremely tempermental when it comes to syncing it with the computer. Watch out long term buyers!

  9.  Better than some but nothing new


    Most feature length zombie films bring something new to the genre but Dead Set just rides the halloween hype without any real sense of innovation. It was fine on E4 as a programme but it won't even make a mark as a feature length DVD because it doesn't have anything to give that hasn't already been given.

  10.  Not at all soppy, but full of heart


    Personally I felt that this film was meant to be uplifting, not depressing and sad. I thought all involved pulled off great performances, althought Gerard Butler's Irish accent was definitely questionable.
    The film deviates greatly from the book, but I don't see that as a bad thing as the film has a greater heart and the characters I feel are more believable.