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  1.  Just Great


    This game is great. It combines all the previous things capable in the previous games with new things thrown into it. And this edition is even better with the artbook, soundtrack, and more for just an extra 7 pound ish.



    This is brilliant. Bought one for myself and one for a mate. And now I think i'll need to buy another one for someone else. I was laughing my head of with it for ages. ( Although you may not be as simple minded as me. ) But still worth it.

  3.  Supernatural does it again


    Brilliant yet again and getting better. The angel's are here and now everyone's terrified. A must buy for anyone who loves the 1-3 seasons of the program and also loves being amazed. In my opinion this is the best thing on the tv.

  4.  The dak knight


    This has to be the best film released in years worth watching over and over again.

  5.  Great book


    Now i'm going to be honest im not a very big book reader I have only read about 3 books in my life but this book I started to read one day and it was the first book I got to the end of because I liked the book. The book has alot in it fantasy / action / fairies. The only other books I like so far is the artemis fowl books great book i think this is up there with them.

  6.  Hmm


    Well i have to admit i try to like the final fantasy things and the other figures are good but this one. Don't get me wrong the detail is good and the size is ok but the staff does not come in its hand and you are supposed to take the bottom of the staff of and slide it in the hand of the figure and when i tried to do so the top of the staff broke off. oh and i still cant get the bottom off.



    I would get this straight away fantastic.I would advise it to anyone that likes funny and serious things.

  8.  Im speachless


    Orcered it, watched it, loved it. Only thing to say is ABSOLOUTLY FANTASTIC. James Nesbitt was born to play this part.

  9.  COOL


    This product is cool i'm not sure why the black one is more expensive than this one they bot do the same thing. But this product has great quality and lots of memory. Some people say that the memory is to much but if you think about it the hole point of getting a bigger memory is so you never have to get another one if you get one at say 80G and you fill it do you really want to have to buy another one for however much and some of you're songs will be on one and some on the other one.

  10.  30 days no sun light


    No sun light for 30 days live or die who knows. The film is great ( cast, crew, special effects. ) Worth watching again and again. I love supernatural films and out off the ordenary and I have to tell you that this film was not a let down. ( alot of blood guts gore and 1 discusting scene but reallistic none the less. ) Deffinatly worth a buy in my opinion.