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  1.  Hard to write a PG review.


    Like the title suggests this game caused me to swear a great deal, im not normally one to review games movies etc byt i felt obliged to this time around. For starters i've never played PES im a FIFA man or at least i was, this game was great the ai was smarter the likenesses were a bit better the manager mode had improved every thing was dandy that is until i tried to start a second season and the game completely froze, at first i just thought that was weird and restarted it same thing then i started to think my PS3 had died a death but i checked on the internet first and found i wasnt the only one. Many other people complaind of the same problem and EA announced on twitter that there was a problem with the software but they would be releasing a patch which would fix it that weekend (this was about wednesday) so i decided to wait for it and wait, and wait, and wait until on the monday it was announced it had been postponed for i think about two weeks (this was a while ago i only got round to writing ths now) finally it did arrive and i updated it and guess what it still didnt work for me anyway, i again checked on twitter and found some people saying it was working great others like me not so much. So anyway i got fed up and traded it in (in case you're wondering i played other games to check it is absolutely not my console) then a few weeks ago about two months after i traded it in i decided to rent it to see if it had been fixed UNBELIEVEABLY IT STILL DIDNT WORK!!!!!!! so that was it then the next day i gave it back and washed my hands of the series once and for all. I honestly can't believe EA got away with this second rate rubbish service.

  2.  Best Game Ever Made!!!!


    Wow what a brilliant game, amazing story brilliant characters everything you could ask for from a game and more. Your character John Marston is perfect for the dangerous but nice guy trying to bury his past to let his future flourish you'd have to be dead not to play this game go and get it NOW!!!!!!

  3.  Game Of The Year!!!


    Honestly the best game i played all year which is saying something considering i played Batman, Assasins Creed 2, Modern Warfare 2 etc, Nathan Drake is quickly turning into one of my favourite game characters ever what a game the story was brilliant the characters were great the graphics were amazing and Chloe was hot!!!!. Honestly if you buy any game buy this one.

  4.  Brilliant


    As the other reviews around me have pointed out this model is staggeringly detailed as a huge MGS fan i had to have this and i must say im not dissapointed definetly worth the money if its what youre into.

  5.  Not the best season but still pretty good


    Lets be honest the show was always gonna suffer after Michael Rosenbaum left taking a big chunk of the shows appeal with him Lex Luthor leaving was a complete disaster but life goes on (although there are rumors he will be back as a guest star in season 9) and Sam Witwers Doomsday was a good 1 season bad guy, overall the seasons best episodes as always are the first and last there is an episode called Legion about half way through you should avoid at sll costs it was rubbish however the rest is still good viewing check it out.

  6.  Brilliant Show


    Recently got into this when my mum bought me this season for my birthday and i must admit i was quite pleased, its a truly brilliant show Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are brilliant as Dean and Sam Winchester respectively for only a tenner you couldnt get a better deal get it now!

  7.  Top Game


    What a brilliant game then again its been in the pipeline for months its about time i popped it in the PS3 after Metal Gear Solid 4 its my favourite next generation game , The graphics are stunning the fighting is fluent and easy to control, the story is awesome and the characters especially Mark Hammills Joker is insanely fun. Its good to see (and in The Riddlers case hear) the old characters once again. Of course no game is perfect and this game is no exception sometimes its quite easy to get confused or lost which can be frustrating and the downloadable Joker is crap he only has one weapon a gun with one bullet still great game get playing.

  8.  The first is always the best


    To be honest this is one of the best films i ever watched, the slow pace let the story pan out considering they had a small budget they made incredible use of the money they had and the ending was chilling they coul make a hundred of these movies theyre that good i recommend all 5 to any1 who likes thrillers.

  9.  Quite dissapointing


    If it was an option i woulve given this game 3 1/2 stars because 3 isnt fair but 4 is too flattering, The biggest problem with this game is that it isnt scary the Resident Evil series has lived for over 10 years on scaring people but this one didnt even try, also the controls are quite frustrating when youre being chased by a Chainsaw wielding Manjini (zombie) the last thing you want to have to do is stop moving to shoot you should be able to run and shoot at the same time. overall though its definetly worth a go its been out a while now the price should be dropping a bit.

  10.  Wouldnt mind a sequel


    Just finished this game and i must say it was pretty good it was compared to infamous when it came out but having played and completed both i found that this was far better. So why not 5 stars you ask? I found that sometimes when youve been spotted by the military it can be really difficult to evade them, and sometimes completing the game can seem impossibe the missions toward the end are really hard to complete, even so its definetly worth your while playing.