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  1.  better than death race 2000 you must be joking?


    Paul W Anderson continues to lay to waste whatever dignity he has left as a film director as i find it hard to forgive him for ruining the resident evil franchise with three films with story lines and characters that bore no resemblence to the three computer games.

    But his tedious remake of death race 2000 a cult classic that starred David Carradine and Sly may contain a lot of action but none of the cheesy lines and comical fast forwards of cars knocking over pedastrians and spectacular crashes, while the film itself seems to be more like a poor sequel to Running Man.

    Whoever wrote the review and said its better than death race 2000 must be joking.

  2.  best film ive seen in ages


    Tropic thunder is a spoof take on vietnam war films such as platoon and hamburger hill with added black humour thrown in for good measure and a solid cast that manages to leave an impression especially Tom Cruise's cameo role which is redeeming enough since of all the whoplah with his scientology religion getting more of the headlines than his ability to act.

    Overall a feel good film

  3.  better to purchase the earbook and cd/dvd


    The standard 2cd set is not bad but its better to purhcase either the 2cd/dvd set which the dvd is a added bonus or the earbook as it contains a lot more in terms of songs and other added bonuses as this set is too similar to the xcess to all areas compilation.

  4.  dvd gives it a much harder edge


    Airbourne are more in the vein of Rose Tattoo than Aussie rock behemoths AC/DC which is a good thing than the usual tongue in cheek lyrics and sex boogie of Angus Young and co as the boys of Airbourne rock flat out on tracks like "Runnin Wild", "Blackjack" and "Too Much Too Young, too fast" which with the added bonus of a dvd showing them playing in front of a live crowd at the wacken festival and the awesome video's to "Diamond in the rough", "Too young, too much , too fast" and the cameo of Lemmy Kilminster appearing in "Runnin Wild" just gives their debut album a further boost.

  5.  the led zeppelin catalogue all in 1 box


    The led zeppelin - mini lp replicas box is represented in a neat black box which feature the four symbols of each member of such a legendary rock band that has influenced and set the foundations of what rock/heavy metal was going to sound and look like.

    The Lp's are the japanese import versions which comes in the standard lp slip case with the art work representing each of the iconic albums that have made their mark up till their disintegration when their drummer John Bonham passed away.

    Now that the reunion is in full swing this box set is a welcome xmas addition to any led zep fan old and new looking for a quick fix in completing their back catalogue with led zep classics.

  6.  punk era beatles white album


    A different kind of tension was the buzzcocks final swansong which the latter first half of the album contained some of their best songs like "Mad Mad Judy" which gives the ruts a run for their money and "You Known you can't help it" which is filled with the usual jaw jittering power pop whilst best of the bunch "Sitting round at home" evokes couch patoto psychosis whilst the other songs veer off the rails by none other than pete Shellys fragile personality which begins to grate away the quality of the albums other songs like "i don't know what to do with my life" and "Hollow inside" which showed he and the band in troubled waters which led upto their eventual split despite that and their reunion which sees him and diggle continuing to fly the flag for punk these three albums represent a nice little legacy which continues to be overlooked and re-issues like these will give them a little more recognition they deserve!

  7.  difficult second album


    Love bites is a decent if difficult second album which contains a number of good songs from letting the album veer off into mediocrity with tracks like the bonus single sides of love you more/noise annoys and promises/lipstick and of course the hit song "Ever fallen in love(with someone you shouldn'tve) whilst being let down slightly by tracks such as "Operators Manuel" which was more perfunctory than Euphoric and Love Lies despite that its an album thats undderrated and often overlooked in favour of the first and third.

  8.  a habit that sticks


    the beatles for a blank generation, The Buzzcocks career during the advent of punk was cut short by drugs and falling out within the band during the first three albums which Another music in a different kitchen showed why they where the guys who injected a bit of speed into pop especially on their debut album which is the most revved up argument for the end of the 12-bar boredom punk produced with its tracks on self loving "Orgasm Addict" and Pete Shelly singing the lyrics in a mocking falsetto on "Im Sixteen" whilst "autonomy" breathed new life into riff rock whilst moving away from the pulsebeat was trashcan krautrock.

    overall its a lovingly produced album backed up by a second disc of rarities of demo's live songs etc which is useful for the hardcore buzzcock fan but is irrelevent since disc 1 is worthy for its quality alone.

  9.  a must have for natalies vocals


    Cascada's debut album is irresistably catchy thanks to no other than natalies dreamy vocals which can switch from being sad to happy in an instant especially on tracks like "Miracle", whilst being pumped up for "Everytime we touch", and "Never ending dream" while also singing decently on covers such as Nik Kershaws track "Wouldn't it be good" and Savage Gardens "Truly, madly, deeply" and Kim Wilde's "Boys in america".

    Dance music can come in all shapes of peculiar forms bouncing from addictive to the downright annoying but Cascada is the one that stands out purely for the fact of Natalies vocals ALONE.

  10.  beats st anger heads down


    Death Magnetic may never be "kill em all", "ride the lightning" or "Master of puppets" but it does beat ST Anger heads down for the thing that was supposed to be on their and that was Kirk Hammets riffs which coupled with the thundering bass lines of Rob Trujillio and James Hatfields gutteral bark and not to forget Lars Ulrichs drumming which brings the best out of "The day that never comes" which at firsts starts off slowly then building upto a never ending climax of riffs and solos which makes the video to it a must watch which is a pity metallica have never released a cd/dvd edition on its own to complement the range of songs on the album as "Broken, Beat and scarred" carries off from where the song leads off which shows the band indulging in their talent for playing fast, bay area thrashing which applies totally through the song of "My Apocalypse" Death Magnetics final song.

    Which comes to show that no matter how many other novelty thrash acts are out there but when it comes to playing live its where Metallica reign.