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  1.  Excellent Game!!


    Got this game yesterday, was rather excited about it's arrival as being a fan of the original Sims game, I welcomed the said 'improved version' as the old one got very boring after incessant playing.

    The graphics are awesome, much better than the original, and the neighborhoods are bigger, meaning you can fit in more families either into the pre-made lots or attempt to build you own house!!

    Also for all those budding painter and decorators, most furniture items now come with a colour changer meaning that you can choose accordingly to go with you decor, optimising your satisfaction with your houses.

    The create a sim is also far more advanced, but is easy to spend hours perfecting the look (espcially if you are modelling on yourself) the only quarrel I have with this is that the outfits are a bit samey and so some more variation would have been nice!

    Other added features include aspiration points, completing tasks assigned by the game to earn points in exchange for items and fears, which in turn make you lose aspiration points. Interaction with friends is far more advanced with them occasionally ringing you to catch up.

    So in all so far, even though I have played the game for all of probably 2 hours, it is spectacular, much more advanced than the original, plus I cant wait to see my Sims age, marry, have children etc.

    A great buy, very pleased with it!

  2.  Excellent Product!!


    This is an excellent little mp3 player with impeccable sound quality and levels and is also very small and so can easily be popped in your pocket!!

    Perfect for me as I only use it on the daily commute and would rather not take a huge Ipod (which I'd be afraid of it being stolen) and the battery life is awesome!! Obviously you cant see what's playing, as it is very similar in program to the Ipod shuffle rather han the more tech savvy version!!

    Overall great value for money, I have 4 albums on it and that doesn't even take a quarter of the available memory!!

  3.  Not for the faint hearted!!


    For all those who have come to know Avenged Sevenfold by songs like 'Bat County' off their 3rd album, then you will be in shock when listening to this album.

    You will be amazed of the difference that a few years can make to a band as this album is raw. M.Shadows growls the lyrics of the songs with such verocity, it's definately one for the headbangers. Also the instrumental side is superb, fast, heavy, screaming at you and penetrating your eardrums.

    Labelled 'EMO' I strongly disagree, yes the lyrics are beautiful, but emo surely doesnt rock that hard??

  4.  Greatest Hits??


    Being a Korn fan I have got this greatest hits album in my collection. However and I think most other Korn fans will agree, this isn't so much an album of their bests songs, more an album of their most famous tracks with a few covers such as the illustrious Metallica 'One' and Pink Floyds 'Another Brick in the Wall'. Dont get me wrong, the tracks that are on there are fantastic and devoted Korn fans should definately purchase this if not for the bonus dvd, but other than that it would be one to buy for those casual Korn fans who only know the songs that have appeared on music television. But then again what is really expected from a greatest hits??

  5.  Another for the Unexpected


    I am a huge Korn fan and was therefore apprehensive about this album as unplugged didn't seem to be something that the hard hitting riffs of KoRn were capable off. However I was proved very very wrong.

    Jonathan Davis' voice accompanys the acoustics brilliantly, lingering through the chords creating quite a relaxing feel. Also the bongo drums used create another edge, creating a totally different sound to what we are used too.

    Also with duets with the Cure and Amy Lee the songs we all know and love are given a new life. A fantastic 'chill out' album so to speak for any avid Korn fan, will very much shock you if you are used to the other albums!

  6.  Tarantino Does it Again!!


    Tarantino well and truly does it again with this film!! A wonderful depiction of the relationships between a group of gangsters organising a heist. Truly captivating in the way that Tarantino shys away from conventional structure in the film, choosing not to elaborate hugely on the heist itself, but instead the run up and aftermath of the action. (Leaving a lot up to the imagination and ensuring a suspenseful, edge of your seat experience).

    Also the characterisation is tremendous, with each character having an individual personality, accute down to the very last details (such as the way they take a darg on a cigarette, the way they comb their hair etc).

    The soundtrack is also fitting to a Tarantino film, the iconic music signalling the start of the film (that once you hear it you will understand the thousands of parodies that you see in so many other films) and also 'Stuck in the Middle With You' playing a part in another iconic scene in which most film directors wouldnt even try to be so daring. But suprise...with Tarantino it always works.

    Another film with Tarantino's passion, a definate for the DVD collection!!

  7.  Superb!!


    Fits my Samsung L73 7.2 Megapixels Digital Camera With Face Detection Technology (Black) perfectly and without being bulky or unattractive!

    This case boasts a hard exo-skeleton with a nice spongey interior meaning the camera is safe from inevitable clumsy breakage!

    Plus there are 2 ways to carry with the included shoulder strap or belt clip!!

  8.  Excellent Purchase!!


    I bought this camera last week as after reading the specification and then seeing the price, I was impressed with the value for money. I did however previous to the purchase span the internet reading reviews for the camera and although they were mixed I thought I would give it a try.

    But it is a fantastic camera, excellent value for money. At first it can be hard to get to grips with the 'touch button' feature, but I mastered this in a matter of 5 minutes. Also with a wide variety of different functions available to fiddle with, you are sometimes spoilt for choice. At the moment I have primarily used the inbuilt programs for close-up, portrait shots etc, and they have provided me with fantastic pictures both times. Meaning this camera is ideal for someone with basic knowledge of photography, but the ability to adjust ICO and shutter speed etc really give it the edge that an intermediate photographer needs.

    The other good thing about this camera is that it is small and could easily fit in your pocket etc also contrary to the other reviews I have seen, the camera does not look cheap!!

    It also charges via USB meaning you dont have to pour out money on batteries (I was originally worried about this as wanting to take the camera on holiday I did ewonder how I was going to charge it if there were no computers available) however there is a small plug with USB port attached meaning you can charge the camera anywhere with a mains supply!!

    All in all at the moment I will very much suggest that if you are considering buying this camera...then you do so!! And I have not even used the face recognition yet!

  9.  Pure Class!


    An excellent series boasting a cast of strong characters who each play off one another to make the comedy eve more riveting!

    Literally will have you laughing till your sides hurt and some sort of liquid comes out of your nose, a must have for fans of Billy Bailey, The Mighty Boosh and the Office, it's like a delicious mix and adaptation of all those greats!!

    Plus the musical talent of these guys is awesome. Lyrical genius'

  10.  Excellent!!


    I first read this book in school when I was 13 years old, now 20 I re-discovered it on Play.com and snapped it up straight away.

    It focuses on a young boy whom is caught adminst an attack envolving a nuclear blast and about his struggle to survive and be strong through the hard times, both for himself and also taking responsibility for his young brother. That is all I can really say about the storyline without runing the book for you, but this is a must have!

    This book shys away from the conventional idiocy that is usually apparent in books created for this particular age group and therefore is inspiring and eye-opening for someone so young to a particularly dire situation. But although quite light to read at my age now it is still enthralling, thought provoking and generally captivating in many points emotional to the point that it literally brings tears to you eyes.

    One for the bookshelf!!