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  1.  A load of tosh


    Just a horrible, self-indulgent mess. It's just too full of itself and thinks it's much better than it is. Emily Browning is good, but that's the only "saving" grace. I won't say don't watch it, given some of the reviews I've read, but I really hated it.

  2.  Galvanizing and brilliant


    So full of energy and happiness. I'm loving the new direction they've taken, but also loving how they haven't forgotten about their old sound (with tracks like "Up In Flames" and "Us Against The World". Chris Martin said during Coldplay's Glastonbury performance this year, when playing a new song: "You may not know them now, but one day they'll be your favourites". How right he was. Buy it now, you won't be disappointed.

  3.  Really, really creepy.


    As I said, genuinely frightening. It has a pretty decent plot, but what's more important is that it has a perfect mix of tense moments and jump scares, and the use of old-school horror strings over the credits work perfectly - at the start it sends us instantly into horror mode.

    Insidious is only marred by one certain 'workshop' scene (in my opinion) which gave the film the 'Jeepers Creepers effect' (copyrighted phrase :]). I don't want to give away the scene, but if you've seen both films you'll probably know what I mean.

    I love horror movies, but I hardly ever get scared by them. I'm not trying to sound all macho, it's just that at worse I usually get a little freaked out then forget about it. Insidious and Paranormal Activity are probably the only two which have given me a hard time getting to sleep right after watching. And if that's not enough to prove that it's scary, I discovered I have marks on either side of my chest from grabbing so hard during the tense moments!

    Fans of horror, take a look.

  4.  It's A Trap


    I'm a little surprised it's only got two and a half stars, compared with the four stars for the other two. I thought It's A Trap was the funniest of the lot. The other two are good, but they didn't make me laugh nearly as much as this one.

  5.  Halo: Reach


    Five stars for the campaign, which is brilliant. Great story, the cutscenes are phenomenal, and the ending is perfect. The reason I took a star off is for the multiplayer. I much prefer Halo 3 online to Reach, mainly because there are far less weapons here, and there isn't enough variation in the maps - a lot of them are variants of the Forge World map - which are just too similar to each other. Don't get me wrong it's still fun, just not nearly as fun as before.

    Oh, and I still love the theatre.

  6.  Hundred Millilon Suns


    I am a fan of Snow Patrol but I just found this album really dull and unimaginative. I found it hard to listen all the way through. They've definately lost something since Final Straw

  7.  Still very funny, but not brilliant


    Season 8 is really good, loads of funny bits just like classic family guy. Peter v Christian Bale, Peter, Chris and Meg working on a cartoon etc. I left out the last star though because it has flaws, like there are too many times where they revert to old jokes. Not that using a past joke is a bad thing, it can work really well, but they use so many jokes they have previously used in this season. Also there are moments that just go on too long, like the conway twitty thing, which is always funny but with this one they play the entire song....

    Still hilarious and worth buying, but not quite as good as previous seasons

  8.  Burn After Reading


    Just another great, funny Coen brother film. Definately worth watching

  9.  Good movie


    Honestly I can't believe some of the reviews I'm reading here, this is a quality bond movie. Yes it has gone in a different direction, and it is a bit like bourne, but that's a good thing! Plus all of the gadgets did get a bit ridiculous (like the invisible car in Die Another Day, what the hell is that all about?) Also, if you read the original Bond novels, this is what he is like.

    The action is epic, and unlike what a lot of people seem to be saying, it does have a good storyline. It's more intense and enjoyable than bond has been before. Casino Royale is still better, but this isn't far behind. You have to be willing to accept change and not just hate it because it's a bit different from the older bond movies. It's worth buying!

  10.  Splice


    I went into the cinema completely ignorant to what it was about, other than a guess judging by the title. And my guess was pretty much right - scientists splicing genes of different species together.

    I'll start with a positive. Adrien Brody's performance was very good (when isn't it?). I think he greatly helped the movie stay on its feet. But overall it didn't have enough of a structure to the plot. I couldn't really see where they were heading with it, and in the end I just didn't feel satisfied. It didn't lead to enough of a conclusion. I also thought the story was quite rushed, that it was just a step ahead of itself up until about the half way point, when it finally began to settle down. The sequence with the speeded up camera as they researched basically showed this in a literal way. It felt as if they were trying to hurry along to get to the "good" part.

    I thought the film was also very weird. Now I know that's not necessarily a reason to dislike it, but mutant sex/rape... that was just too strange. It wasn't like "oh my god, I can't watch that", more like ".....ew". So that was another thing that left me feeling unsatisfied. Of course, this is just my opinion and I'm sure some people will enjoy it. It is a grown up sci-fi movie with an interesting premise, I just don't think they pulled it off very well.